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    Hi Karla,

    Can i buy this please, and can i ask how you would like payment, i am up in Shetland so you may want to check and send me though an idea of how you wouold like payment.

    Many thanks,


    Hi, Just to chip in, i painted my last two landys wiht ex army paine i.e nato paint. Think i got it form anchor supplies in ripley derbyshire, they have a maiol order web site got som,e in green but they did sand/stone and black at one point. easy to use and not a bad finish if you just take a bit of care.

    Hi Arlia, if possible could you knit some of thoses with legs in for my little nephew, no rush hes almost 1 but quite tall , if you can i can try and get mesurments if you let me know what you need. Not worried aboutt he cost he would look great in a pair

    Cheers Clint

    Its all going to depend how much time your going to spend in it, but seriously consider size over most other htings, youve got to be comfy and live in it if the goig gets bad and the weather turns you dont want to be huddles up in a small van, and once you get int o the swing of it trundelling the country side is a dream , who wants to rush any way, just chill and go wiht it slow or not. Go for size you can never have to much.

    Good luck with it i hope it workls well for you:hippy:

    :DBlessings all,

    Im a Druid in north Derbyshire, ill be celerbrating up on Barbrook moor with the wild stags at one of my fave stone circles or at doll tor, if any ones about would love to meet up for the festivities and a special time

    Hi Fella,

    Good luck to you, when you get to sheffield give me a shout, i ahve the worlds smallest sofa but its all yours for a while if you need it, also i may ahve my bus fitted out by then, thees also some great places around the peak district i can reccommend. Hope you get thwat you need to get started soon. All the best and keep us informed

    Cheers for all the advice folks, im thinking of getting an old coach of a good sizw, any one have any advise where the best place to buy form i dont want any thing to new pref to stick wiht osme hting wiht osme age and less electrical gizmos lol

    Hello to you all,

    Ive been following the forums for a while now as ive been planning a big hange in my life style from every day 9-5 office worker to somehting i really want to do and experience and that is to live a free'er and more agreable life.

    As ive got to the grand old age of the wrong side of 30 my life has changed my ex has run offf wiht the milk man (well almost) and ive taken the time alone to figure a few things out and live the life i want.

    Any way im rambelling now, the problem is for a year now ive been considering buying a bus and going for it but there are so many questions and wjhat seam like barriers.

    1) Is it totaly possible full time,

    2) where hte hell an i park it, i still plan to work just on a differnt sale

    3) absolultly every ting eles you can help wiht form buying to advice and a bit of encouragement would be grand.

    Well i am sure i will find a few of you with words of wisdom, and i look forward to getting to know a whole load of you a lot better.

    Take care