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    oh wow!!! :D they're gorgeoooous.
    I particularly love Stirling and Kai....I have a soft spot for whippets:wub:
    Here's me and my whippet dog daughter, Ruby :)

    Powerful and protective, Diana embodies the moon's fertility and the sun's protective, nurturing power over the earth's wilderness and creatures. Diana's power brings abundance to the world. She is the huntress who provides us with spiritual "food".




    • I am open to abundance
    • I am protected, I am safe
    • I embrace life in its absolute fullness
    • I reach out and take hold of this moment
    • Today I choose to do what I can, and I can do anything
    • On the day of my death I will know that I laughed lovingly, fully and well

    ESSENCE: Goddessence ATHENA 100% pure essential oil blend
    GEMSTONES: Moonstone, lapis lazuli, dark aquamarine

    MORE ABOUT DIANA Diana is a Roman goddess - nature, fertility, children, providence and harvest are other attributes relating to her. She is often depicted with her hunting dogs, deer and an archer's bow. Her short skirt is not for attracting male attention, but is a symbol of freedom - she remains free to leap through the forests and touch the sky with her outstretched fingers.
    Her father, Zeus, gave her the gift of eternal chastity, which we can choose to interpret as the ability to never fall victim to force, persuasion or misplaced guilt.

    If my hooves were 3 sizes smaller I'd be straight in there for the tan boots! Very good taste in footwear if I may say so Miss Ethereal! :D

    I completely understand how you feel Ethereal..... I dont think the pain will ever leave you, as you know I have felt that rawness too...I think that the only way to cope with it is to let it out, whether thats howling and getting angry, or just acknowledging it inside yourself and allowing yourself time to can help to share the pain, and perhaps be able to talk about it with people who truly understand what that feels like. :hug:

    Wow, gorgeous pics Tom :D

    I love the gargoyles?....aren't they awesome?...your pics remind me quite a bit of Exeter Cathedral....another cool one (happy student memories there for Misty)

    Lovely clothes Ethereal :) ....if only I was a bit daintier....I'd do a swop with ya!...those white trousers are GORGEOUS!!! (your little mans coat is especially lovely too...very funky)

    Hope you get some lovely pink and purple sparkly bits coming your way :D

    I dont have one for you Mooncheese, but just wanted to suggest phoning around all the charity shops near you, and maybe the cash-convertors too to see if they have one?....

    Car Boot sales often seem to have stuff like that for sale too.....(maybe ebay as well)

    Hope you find one, I think you must be very clever making all these cool things (first the nephews car, now the custom guitars!) :D:thumbup:

    I'm sure he's a nice guy, :eek: but I still wouldn't want to come face to face with him on a dark night (or a light evening for that matter!)

    ive done quite a bit of charity work and worked for volentry organisations around here :pp my life isnt worth any more or any less then anyone elses but if i did have cancer then that would just mean im a statistic the same as every other cancer person out there!

    is that how we judge peoples right to live nope it was just my opinion of her when she was alive just because shes dead doesnt mean im gunna change that opinion that would be called hypicritical otherwise!

    Fair point I reckon Markie ;) :thumbup:

    No, but i was damn close a few years ago. Being depressed and reading TAB/Chat ETC did not help in the slightest. I convinced myself that if i walked out of the door one of these horrible stories was gonna happen to me. I fronted it out, kind of, but walking round the estate (it was a bad one, but far from the wprst i'd lived on or known of) i was paranoid as fuck, it was fucking awful. And it didn't get better through keep forcing myself, i only felt alright when i was with my friends in this safe pub. Of course that opened up a whole other can of worms.

    Urgh. :(

    Still, better now. Kind of. Think that's mostly by making myself ignore it. I'm good at that haha.

    Oh, :clap::D :reddevil: I know I shouldn't laugh, but your descriptions of reading TAB & Chat and getting paranoid as fuck afterwards did make me smile!!!

    I know the TAB effect well! Some many depressing stories of people "turning evil" or "neighbours from hell", its enough to make anyone fearful of their local community, lol.

    Yeah, if I did it again it would only be in my own business.

    I worked in another book shop a few years back and this lovely man used to come in who'd been a fighter pilot in WW2. He'd been after a really obscure book for years that was written by someone that he flew with. I found it online in my own time and bought it for him - he was soooo happy and grateful. It's a really good feeling knowing that you've contributed towards that. So yes, working in a retail environment can be rewarding if you can stay focused on those special moments!

    Thats a lovely story Whirler :D

    Hi Truth. I have suffered with bouts of agrophobia in the past, although I am pleased to be able to say that right now I am happy, well, and enjoying life :).

    For me the agrophobia seemed to stem from anxiety and depression. I had a lot of stress and worries in my life at the time (events out of my control) and I felt so tired and weak that the outside world became a scary place that I didn't want to interact with.

    How about you, do you understand if there is a trigger/root cause for your agrophobia? long have you felt agrophobic?

    To me cats and dogs are both wonderful animals. They're friends, sometimes you want different qualities in different friends and I find the same with cats and dogs. Though I must say we live on the cats terms, see her when SHE feels like it etc :p

    I agree Spoz :) I like both cats and dogs, both are appealing in their own ways. I have had both cat and dog *friends* over the years, I am currently the proud mama of a whippet :D Like humans, both cats and dogs have their own personalities, some are lovelier and make better companions than others...dogs tend to be more interactive than cats, I guess it depends what sort of *animal friendship* you are looking for.

    I like your view Greenfellow :thumbup: :D (nice to see a fellow Bristolian by the way ;))

    Hi Suze, thanks for sharing what you heard :)
    If the Govt are placing orders for bread tokens, it does make you wonder what else may lie ahead. Potentially scary times, me thinks! I'm glad to say that my store cupboard has been well stocked with dried foods and tins for some time. I always like to think for myself, and be prepared! Thanks again for sharing. Mistyxx