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    the only place you can be put into a safe drug inhanced trance is in hospital any other place is open to outside influences
    name one person who is qualified to administer drugs for trance work

    sorry to pop peoples bubbles but shamanism is not a game
    it a way of life
    forget workshops they only there to take your money
    as stated before it a way of life and you have to work at it yourself nobody can teach you
    the word shaman comes from Siberia so it does not apply to any where else in the world each culture has their own words for their eldars,witchdoctors, wiseman/woman, druid, volga,

    true ayahuasca can kill read Harmers book it not sometyhing to play with
    if you cant go into trance without a drug then you not ready

    make your own
    you dont need all the fancy stuff the books tell you
    got 3 gall blackberry and 2 gall rosehip mead on the go at moment

    simple recipe
    carton of any juice
    2lb suger
    yeast i use bakers yeast it a lot cheaper but fizzes up a lot at the start

    in a demi john add
    4 pints boiling water
    stir well and leave to cool
    when cool add teaspoon of the yeast
    fit airlock
    after initial fizzing has calmed down top up with cooled boiled water
    ferment out
    can be ready for drinking within 2 months

    crewed at a few festivals mostly on the gates, worst i been to is the ecofest in lincolnshire, loads of 40 gallon drums around the site for rubbish people just dropped it where they stood, mid-night on the sat it was a sea of discarded bottles in front of the stage, i think some people just switch their brains off when the word festival is mentioned