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    I'm of the same opinion as Starpoi, I love dogs and cats equally, I have 2 dogs and 4 cats. My cats come running when I call them by name, they so obviously love us and follow us around, and are very affectionate, they each have very individual personalities and quirks, same as the dogs. I love all animals.

    I am exactly the same as you Starpoi, I can quit cigarettes/alcohol/whatever and never get cravings/desire/desperation so I'd say I am immune. Have never taken hard drugs though so don't know about that, but I have no intention of trying any either.

    I think addictive personalities are more common as I haven't met anyone else who can just quit without relapsing.

    Thanks for the link Fleure, I got it! Yes, I agree with everything you said, the ignorance and outdated knowledge is appalling. It's great when you meet a professional who is open-minded though, my doctor knows I am married to an Aspie guy and he kept me talking in his office when I went back for my check up, asking me lots, we ended up talking about all sorts from Asperger's to introversion and selective mutism, he told me he found me "intelligent, articulate and absolutely fascinating" and that he had learnt a lot from me :omg: Usually I feel so shit about myself and think I'm a total dummy so that really made me feel good, for once :sunsmile:

    Well done Fleurie!!! And a big :congrats:on getting your diagnosis! It's great to have something finally confirmed! Love the're so much like me........I'm diagnosed with a whole bunch of things, Generalized Anxiety Disorder, Avoidant Personality with "traits of Asperger's" amongst them. I really want to watch your other vids but the link doesn't work for me, would you mind sending me your Youtube channel so I can subscribe?

    Ethereal x

    Thanks DJ, yes, I had my follow-up appointment a few days ago and one of my doctor's nurses said it was amazing that it didn't show up on the scans, I had 3 ultrasounds each one performed by a different person, she said what happened to me was horrendous, she was there when I was bleeding and in pain.

    Indigo_Mummy and MacHeath, those are neat stories, I hope that things work out for me too, I am terrified of it happening to me again :( I'm an emotional mess right now, I cannot bear to see or be near a pregnant woman, it makes me want to scream from the depths of my soul.

    Love everything about this thread, for such a good cause too, I think you are so naturally beautiful, your clothes are lovely too.

    Agreed :):thumbup: Wonderful stuff Fleurie, I've started drawing again, I'm crap but it relaxes me and when I'm anguished I can produce a picture that that's not too bad.

    Thank you Scarlett for replying :) you've described exactly what I am beginning to feel. Hardly anyone knows so I haven't had any of those moronic comments yet :rolleyes: anyone that says anything remotely ignorant and insulting is likely to get punched.

    I thought I had food poisoning too at first because I had gastrointestinal problems and felt quite ill with very painful stomach cramps, they eased off but came and went over the next 2 weeks and at the same time I realized my period was a week late but I was having abnormal scant bleeding, that's when I did a HPT and it was positive. Doctor suspected ectopic especially as I was high risk anyway from having previous miscarriage and that's why they sent me for so many scans but they couldn't see the baby in my tube on the ultrasounds.

    I really am feeling so mixed up :(

    To cut a very long story very short, a few weeks ago I found out I was pregnant, but it wasn't right from the start with abnormal bleeding and bad pain that came and went. 3 ultrasounds showed NOTHING in my uterus except a very thickened womb lining, but my repeated blood test results showed that the levels of pregnancy hormone were going up and up, from 5,000 to 10,000 to 19,000, it was all very confusing.

    Whilst at one of my doctor appointments I suddenly started gushing bright red blood right there in the doctor's office, I was in a lot of pain. Doctor thought it was the start of a miscarriage and I had a D&C the next day. The doctor thought the baby never formed and it was in all the tissue they took out of my uterus, he told me to call in 2 days for the lab results. The next day I got a call from the doctor calling me in urgently, the doctor had put a rush on the results and they checked them pregnancy found. I was than rushed into emergency surgery which saved my life.

    They found the baby in my left fallopian tube which had already semi-ruptured, they got to me just in time. They had to take out my left fallopian tube but I am thankful to be alive and I still have my right tube, I am lucky not to have lost my ovaries, they didn't know what they might have to take out until they opened me up.

    My gynacologist is a wonderful man who did everything possible for me and saved my life. I am recovering from the physical effects of all the surgery but I know the emotional effects have not yet hit me, I am only just beginning to think about the baby I have lost, my poor baby never had a chance of survival :cry::cry: I am starting to feel weird, like in shock, the tears have not come yet, I have been on auto-pilot just to get through.

    Has anyone else experienced an ectopic pregnancy? It would be helpful for me to hear from another who knows what I am going through :(:(:(

    Well Misty is out, husband doesn't like it. Suzanna, I'll try that, but how do you know it's not your own subconscious thoughts putting a name in your head? And what if it is the dog telling me her name and she says......."my name is..........."Tootsie!" :eek:

    More suggestions please people! No-one gonna help me out? She's arriving on sunday.

    I never thought I'd own another dog again but bizarre happenings have led to me being offered a rescue dog. She is amazing, she has an incredible temperament, is around 6 years old and is a beautiful border collie, she is just right for me. However her name is "Tootsie" and I hate that name! I want to change it to something similar with the "e" sound on the end so it's not too different sounding for her but can't think of anything I like. Can you help with some suggestions, anyone, please?

    I'm unsure if I have some kind of eating disorder or not. I am definitely NOT bulimic or anorexic, I know that I am very thin and have never ever thought I was fat unlike anorexics. Ironically, because I have always been very thin (naturally so, born with very light slender bones) I think it was all the hurtful comments that have possibly contributed to my low self image and affected my eating patterns (maybe)

    I got all the insults such as "scrawny ugly bitch" "she must be anorexic!" "Stick insect" "bag of bones" and so on. Being so ridiculously super-sensitive it hurt me so much because I just wanted to look normal, like everyone else. I wanted to be half-way attractive enough to be able to get a boyfriend.

    I've never been able to eat a big meal in one go, my stomach is small and I am simply not made that way, it is physically impossible for me (that was also backed up by the research on a programme I watched, which said that naturally very skinny people like me just CANNOT consume a lot of food in one sitting) I graze throughout the day.

    When I am very anxious I cannot eat at all, I survive on very little food and often rarely eat over the course of a few days. I also greatly dislike feeling stuffed full of food. I am also very very picky but that is due to sensory issues. I used to deprive myself of food when my self esteem was particularly low because I felt like I didn't deserve to eat, I wanted to punish myself. I am not so bad now, but I think I use food as a means of control when there is so many aspects of my life that are completely out of control.

    Brilliant post and I whole-heartedly agree :thumbup: I've taken pills in the past meant to "help" me, anti-anxiety drugs etc but all they did was zombify me and make me feel incredibly physically ill, never EVER again will I take anything like that! I don't think they treat the problem at all, they merely mask it. The medical profession is handing out pills like candy, medicating people to be able to cope with problems that life throws at you. I'm still really struggling and have horrific bad days but I set goals for myself (sometimes very small goals) and will stop at nothing until I achieve them.

    This all sounds awful! I think not knowing what's actually wrong with you is soooooooooo frustrating especially when you're dealing with idiot doctors who aren't doing all the tests needed to get to the bottom of it! I've read about this happening a lot, you need to be really tough and not back down, very very hard to do when you're in so much pain, but get your guy and all your friends to back you up, I hope you get your answers very soon,

    Ethereal x


    Extremely explosive temper, way too quick to anger.

    Far too critical of just about everything, especially people.

    Prone to being a lazy couch potato.

    Very indecisive.

    Too self-absorbed and selfish.

    Very often irritable and bite people's heads off.

    Unpredictable, I frighten people.

    Gorgeous kitties, great photos. I wish I could have a cat sanctuary!!! Where I live there are thousands of unwanted cats, so many that people give away siamese cats for free!!! The humane society is always overflowing with cats. I have 5 that we found abandoned, I can't really afford to keep them all yet no-one will want them :(

    Maybe we could shrink wrap the cat :whistle: If I wasn't allergic I would have one in a minute. I discoverd when I was at shorny's that I was fine with his 2 cats which was the first time ever, had them on my knee and was stroking them and not even a wheeze, maybe its only some cats?

    Yes, with some people it is only some cats. I am allergic but am fine with some and sneezing, itchy eyes and snuffling, itching and hives around others. Longhairs and black cats are the ones most likely to trigger a reaction I read. Having said that, I am allergic to my white cats, but it is a mild-moderate allergy so I just put up with it. You'd be best to spend some time with a cat and see what happens.

    I had very severe morning (well, all morning, noon and night sickness) with both pregnancies. The second I opened my eyes in the morning, if I moved, I'd hurl :vomit:

    Right next to my bed I had a packet of crackers (plain jacobs crackers) and a packet of ginger biscuits, I had to eat several before I could get out of bed.

    Pear drops too, and fizzy drinks, especially lemonade and ginger ale.

    I am not religious, religion is man-made, I am very spiritual, I believe in Christ and I belong to him. I do not preach or try to convert people though. If someone is genuinely interested then of course I am happy to talk about it, though I am pretty bad at articulating and explaining it, that is not my gift.

    Hi Ness (great to to see you back! :)) I'd really really love the second pink chiffony top, the jacket and the GORGEOUS long skirt please if they're still available, I have such a hard time finding clothes that fit and suit me and I love your stuff!

    What kind of things do you want to swap for?