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    I thought the forum had closed. Now I see you are still open. Last time I was on the forum I noticed the lack of older members. I didn't click with the new members . I was unwell so didn't come back for a while . I'd love to see the forum as active and supportive as it was. Organising gatherings and chatting as we use to. You can't get that on Facebook.

    Mine was on Butchers off cuts and big bones. All raw . She was very healthy on it. Vet always said how well she was and it was free :)

    I went to a new GP today. Fibromyalgia has been very bad . My last GP had been unhelpful and uncaring . Any way I ended up In tears telling her how bad things are. Don't know how it came about as had no idea I was that stressed . She was good about it . With the pregnancy there is not much she can do. She is going to try getting me a Blue Badge and is going to send me to a pain clinic . I'm very emmbarrased now . She must think I'm a bit crazy ;(

    Not so much for Christmmas but I'm now helping my Local Foodbank. I completed training last week :D I've helped with a collection at the local supermarket and have been advertising it and trying to get new volunteers . After my terrible time last yr I decided to give something back

    It was a shock and its not ideal. But as long as all is well then we will be happy. My sister said its something good that came from a terrible thing. She is right .

    Well I've been comfortable with the discussion & from the start should have realized it would be no more than a bashing exercise for none meat eaters towards meat eater. However over the last 24 hours I have questioned my own views and beliefs. I did reflect on the animals I have killed and more so on my personal feelings before, during & immediately after killing those animals. I can honestly say, that every animal i have killed has had a emotional effect of me at some level. Obviously I have put these feelings to the back of my mind and dismissed them as a weakness at worse or a valid human emotion/empathy, which should be natural reaction/emotion in a balanced adult human. When I was young, about 9 years old. My dad made me shoot birds to feed our working ferrets. I remember shooting a Robin by mistake. This really upset me. I took myself off to the bedroom in tears ( not daring to let my father or brother see me) I wrote a poem a bout that robin, while I was still distressed. My brother found the poem later that day and took the piss out of me. So there you have it. I do eat meat but I also care & blanket respect all animals wild/domesticated or farmed. I also trap/kill rats & mice in & around the home. Am I to afford these the same compassion as vegetarian would to a farmed animal?

    That's a very sad and touching post . I think these discussions do make you think. We did at one point cut out meat. Sadly it was just not doable .

    The thread was why do you eat meat ? Now those that responded are challenged. Maybe if it was posted as a debate ? But personally I'm comfortable with my choice . My point is this will end in bad feeling and old members left due to debates like this. I feel people's choices need to be respected . If you want to make a point think about how you make it. Calling an animal a baby and trying to guilt trip will not make a meat eater think differently it just annoys . As I said in my last post I don't agree with mass importing of food . I like my food to be grown locally so that's what I'll stick to

    Well it seems during my court case I got very unwell with the stress. Result is I'm now about 10-11 weeks pregnant . Was going to tell every one after my scan but I'm very worried. I don't feel pregnant . My scan is on Thursday so we will see. That's if I go as I'm paranoid right now so might hide

    Why do vegetarians/vegans have this "holier than thou" attitude towards meat eaters. I respect their dietary choice, have no wish to persuade them that they should be eating meat, but equally would ask that they accept other peoples' dietary choices.

    Unfortunately this is one of the reasons a lot of old members left.
    As for baby lambs as they are being called this farmer kills them around 1yr sometimes 18m . They are shot it is painless. I know this as have seen it more then once. A lot better then the slouter house. A spent time in one yrs back . All the talk of baby animals and such is pointless on on.

    My family eats meat. I'm Gluten free so limited on food. My main reason is I like to buy as much local food and goods as I can. My Lamb comes from a local man who has free roaming sheep. He kills and butchers them him self. Other meats are from local farms. I think there are pitfalls for each diet . Every one has a right to choose what works best for there family. Unfortunately every choice has an impact on the environment .