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    Wow!! Nice looking set up matey!
    I'm only using a 7ah alarm battery as wanna keep it as light as possible, saying that. ..I took it out for its first proper outdoor test today...ITS HEAVY!
    Good news however is it sounds brilliant outside and after another couple of weeks practice. ..I'm off to the streets with it!!

    That is very cool. If you could get it all into a streamlined package, I'll bet you could market it!! If I didn't have a re-chargeable amp I'd be asking you to make me one :)

    Thankyou for the comment.
    I don't know how much it would cost to do from scratch, as I upcycled the solar panel, the alarm battery and the suitcase. Also as you say would need streamlining and polishing up so would be looking between £50-100 depending on the panel.
    I only really made this as I saw someone busking tekno in town centre but they were using a rechargeable battery pack (£80 from halfords) and I thought I could do it cheaper. ...and I did!!
    Can I ask, how much was your rechargeable amp?? What wattage is it? And how long does it last(average)?

    Sorry to the mods if this is in the wrong place, but I wanted to put it in at least 3 different sections and decided here was best,...
    Hi All,
    Not been on here for ages so thought I'd come check it out again and show you a little something I made:

    This vid^^ shows what it all is and how it works.

    This vid^^ is a solar powered tekno jam.
    Made the whole thing at a cost of £35, could of been cheaper but I'm incredibly impatient :-D
    The sound isnt brilliant simply because it was recorded on my phone, but sounds great in real life!!
    Some feedback would be great! Any questions that I can answer I will and if anyone out there has any solar tips please tell me All.
    Thanks for looking.
    And a big hippy hello to anyone I know on here. back to the sunshine!!

    Hey Ima D Aura,

    Im 30 and my partner was 22 when we hit the road a year ago in our van, I also don't have a full license and my 22 year old partner had a claim 3 years ago!! SO not good for looking for camper van was insured with me as the main driver and the OH as a named was insured as a van (private light goods) as on log book but got pulled and had all details thoroughly checked(took them an hour) by the :plod::filth:plod:: and all came back rosey, Im not saying this is RIGHT but it works, was insured through Gladiator and from confused van I think or one o them sites. We really tried to get on campervan insurance as is cheaper and the "right" cover but they wont touch under 25's as far as I could find. Also I wonder if the vans registered as a private light goods and you get camper insurance if it would then be invalid IF it is the other way round??? Only reason my van hasn't been changed is has no water/plumbing so hadn't been changed.
    Hope this helps.........

    also found this on another old thread
    "We've found an organic toilet fluid produced by Elsan. We get it from Chertsey Camping and Caravanning Club site, but I'm sure you can find it online if you're not nearby? It goes in the top and bottom tanks of our cassette toilet which is convenient (no need for more than one bottle of fluid).
    The other option we have considered is a system called SOG. It is a little pricey (150 GBP I think) and involves a DIY adaptation to your toilet, but it means you don't use any chemicals at all. You'd be best off googling it, but briefly, you install an automatic fan with a charcoal filter onto your loo. The fan turns on when you open the loo and fans the fumes out a vent on the side of your van (or boat I guess). The charcoal filter apparently absorbs the smells. We haven't got one because we aren't quite convinced it would work. And if it doesn't you'd be fanning your poo at your neighbour! Worth investigation though, because it does mean no need for chemicals at all.
    Hope you find something that works for you!"

    am sure theres plenty more to shit to read through also these guys are THE POO CREW

    I used to have CB in the 90's and loved it, is easy to set up just hook to battery or plug into battery pack, put a lil mag mount on the roof and it's done. I've heard alot o people say there still used in Europe and further afield so is worth having. All the HAM rigs I've seen look really complicated and never got into it but am sure it's easy enough with the training. I'd love to see CBs take off again, used to have a (illegal) booster on my homerig could get about 25 miles away!!

    On another note I was wondering if all the radio stations switch to DAB and stop broadcasting on FM does that leave the whole FM band open for anyone to transmit on? Cos it'll still be there? Will they leave the masts up? Could it become the new Citizen Ban? ANYONE KNOW?

    Hi Cloudsurfer:waves:
    I would go for a van everytime especialy as I'm selling mine…20-Selling-due-to-illness and I'm in Cambridge at the moment, we lived in the van all last summer and it was good fun verging on easy to find park-ups, though depends on how picky you are, i.e. If you don't mind lay-bys on main roads then its really easy! I would stick with a van as it's so much easier, my mate was in a caravan and he took FOREVER to get goin when it was time to move, we put the kettle away and were ready to roll, you can always have an awning for longer periods then more room(I left mine at glasto...swapped it for 3 bags o food!!) We didnt really need one as you've got a van for sleeping and cooking and the outside world for walking, what else do ya need? As for this area I slept in the Lay-bys along the A10, there are a couple with toilets, for longer term, phone farmers and warehouse/storage owners theres plenty about! I didn't use a campsite at all but charged up at the festies we were working at or at friends houses(extension cable through letter box)............................If you wanna come chat about living in vans I'm indoors(S.Cambs) all day everyday at the moment and will gladly make you tea and tell you what I know! PM me. Good Luck, check out my van for sale too!!;)

    check out the Natural Event guys, find em on google, they do good compost toilets at festivals, they're pleasent to use. much nicer than poxy chemical bogs.
    Go for it and embrace the waste

    What if you mixed red with white??? would the red dye still dominate it? Can you get done for pink fuel? I've never been pulled and tested and our van can smoke at times.
    Looked into running on veg oil alot and pretty much everyone seems to say make sure you have a BOSCH fuel pump or change the pump as others are not up to it and can soon seize with the gunk.

    :hug: to y'all, BUT remember you have the life most people dream about, yes there are really shitty bits, when we were living in the van this summer and working at Green Man in Wales it pissed down so hard that the roof leaked on the bed so after a 12 hour night shift in the rain we had a wet bed to sleep in!! But was better off than the poor peeps in their tents:p
    At reading the water pump went and cost us everything we'd earnt to get it fixed plus was in a garage for 3 days meaning we were homeless for the first night!!(slept on garage forecourt after) BUT even though all that shite goes wrong even though it's cold and wet sometimes you dont have the hassle of living in a horrible house!! We're renting atm as I'm recovering from an op and my girly is at uni and I hate it!! The guy we live with is dirty and the house is a state constantly, theres nothing to do other than watch TV(which I dislike) the central heating gives me a constant "have i got a cold?" feeling. I have to put up with having neighbours and a local shop, I cant really change my view or go out and find wood or for a country walk or drive, everything costs so much more to live indoors and it's just rent(not your own owned house like a boat or vehicle). Living in a house sucks ass always has for me, yeah theres problems with living in a vehicle but if everything was perfect we'd have nothing to complain about?!?!?!? I for one would be screwed without something to bitch about. Hope alls well with fire lighting and if your anywhere near Cambridge maybe we could house swap for a week?? :D

    I thought the video was really funny, not very informative but may be thought provoking to some(it seems to of sparked discussion here) I still couldnt help laughing when people went pop!!
    Aside from my bad sense of humour I'm all for lowering carbon emmissions and am surprised and a bit worried about some of the opinions in this thread about it, Why does it matter if the climate science is wrong?
    Forgive me but I really really hate pollution and plastic bags and people leaving the fuckin tap on when brushing their teeth!! like REALLY hate it, I as all people am a consumer of the planets resources and try to use little and return as much as possible but know many people don't and alot of them because they don't belive in global warming or climate change but IF these people started using renewable energies because of this kinda advertising or whatever it takes then I for one would be a happier man, wouldn't all of you???

    I had been wondering the same things last winter and then this year whilst living in my van for the first time(partly thanks to your advice) and working at glasto I met a very very nice and knowledgable man who said to try to pay no more than about £1.40 per watt....which makes that 500 watt panal sound very expensive, he also knew ALL about working out what watt does watt etc... it is confusing stuff but all the info you need will be on most of your electrical equipment, take your laptop and look at the underneath or the charger/battery and it will say summin like 19V - 3.4A this is the power your lappy needs to work, so then go round all your equipment and find these numbers make a list and do some sums OR ask someone on here to(I'll be happy to) then you have a wattage panal to look for.
    I also have the number of the glasto man who sources and fits panals of all kinds for a decent price....
    so will PM you that if you've got no issue with ringin a stranger I met in a field :rofl:
    Anyways hope this helps and adds to the fantastic advive alredy given.
    p.s. many thanks for all the pointers last year, managed to work 7 festivals and have met loads o people to work all the more next year.