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    no no no, don't use hair spray whatever you do! That stuff horibble and cus you can rarely wash em it will leave your hair all rank!
    'I'm in the same situe i find washing my hair with soap and vigerously drying to a matt and then donning a knitted hat really helps also loads of rubbing tooo,

    Backcombing really damages them althought it does help?!

    well my hair isn't curly{at all} but when i do wash it i end up with one huge matt, lol

    someone else recommended just wrapping them and leaing it for a few weeks (under a woolie hat) Might try that. Got me a new hat today soo What not.!!

    cheers for all your advice and you may even recieve a Pm if all goes sardine-shaped..


    erm right-t-o, don't want any space mutants here please.

    Gonna try the more laid back approach

    *now furisly doing nothing, dreads forming*

    All sound a bit well Girly too me [not being of that orientation]

    Definatly reccomend it to a few G.Friends of mine,


    The Pursuit Of Oblivion looks good may have to place an order, only if you promise to pack it with a smile lol

    So i was thinking of getting some dreads but not too sur if my hair quite long enought yet..

    its probly bout 4''ish now. Do i have to wait longer?

    know of the best way to get narliey dreads?
    any advice would be greatly appreciated!!

    peace and love

    Rowan+ :hippy: