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    Thanks for the welcome back my lovelies. I think I went to ground a little while I got used to my new life and delt with the fall out from leaving the old one. Its not over yet but I'm getting there.
    I've started writing about what I do and see, its a new thing for me, I've never kept a diary.
    I think living with nature is where I belong. Its tough sometimes but worth while. When I'm struugling a bit there always seems to be something beautiful to make me happy again.
    When I get some time on line with power I will put some of it on here.
    I'm looking forwards to the Dovedale gathering this year, there are some new people comming, and some are women my age which will be fantastic. I love talking to people any age, but I do find many travelling people are younger than me and at a different phase in their lives. Hope to see some of you in a field this year, I'll have to get me a UKH car sticker so you will know to come for a chat and a cuppa x

    Hi there my lovlies, I've not been on here for a while since moving into my van, and I didn't realise how much I missed UKH. So hi to the folks I know already and hi to all the new people I've not met yet. Its great to be back :waves:

    Yep, I now have a multifuel burner, which is great as I need to use coal to keep it in over night. Also winter has shown me where the drafts are, the fact that I need thicker curtains, and I have insulated the box over the cab. When its cold out and the burner is on, I get loads of condensation up there.

    Hi pyke13, I have to say I use a pub camp site as a base quite a bit. It gives a feeling of security when things feel a bit scarey. Also I've found a small community here of boaters and van dwellers, its a whole new life for me. I think my tips would be, always have enough fuel for the burner and water for a cuppa, be brave, sometimes if you just park and stay quiet people assume no one is in the van. Smokeless coal helps, its hard to see the burner is alight. Don't block entrances to fields etc, the police find it hard to find a reason to move you if you are not breaking any laws and you smile and be all polite.
    Last tip, DO IT NOW, LIFE WON'T WAIT :)

    Mckilt, you are so right, when I go to visit family in east London I have real problems parking up. I have one place in Brentwood Essex thats OK for a night or two but thats it really. Car parks all have barriers and anywhere green and leafy has trees planted or wooden bollards on the verges.The answer is.......come to sunny Wiltshire, its awesome.

    I need to update these pics, the first cupboards were from an old caravan, and just wacked in to get it passed by the DVLA as a camper. The finish is better now and there is colour and lovliness.

    Hi everyone, I thought I'd post a quick update while I have internet.
    1. I am still alive, winter has not killed me but has made me quite muddy :eek:
    2. Cornwall is awesome, I've been all round the coast, found a few good places to park and seen beautiful things.
    3. I love living with the moon and stars, even when its bloody freezing, I just don't care, I love it.
    4. I now have the ability to poo anywhere :D quite a skill if you ask me ! Please don't ask :p
    5. I am happy happy happy :)

    Thanks for the good wishes everyone.:)
    I am based in Wiltshire at the moment, using a pub campsite a lot of the time. There is a nice community there of vans and canal boats. I'm making new friends and seeing so much beauty in the area.
    My tip would be, get a burner, its August and some nights have been cold already.
    My van is stealth, no hippy stuff on show, but I have still been questioned by a very nice policeman, who told me a local had said I had been parked up for two weeks. I had been there one night. All was ok, he said 'you're not breaking any laws here, just don't stay too long '
    Last tip, DO IT :reddevil:

    Well at risk of getting ripped to shreds , hear it is. In my house we get a weird smell, its a bit like baked beans (not its not a secret fart) its accompanied by the air in the room becoming sort of thick and heavy to breathe and there is a feeling of agitation with it. It appears from no where and goes just as quickly if you tell it to leave.

    I've seen it and experienced it in the NHS, I can't say I've ever seen it dealt with well. Living through cancer sorted me right out, I now take no prisoners which came as quite a surprise to a few people in the office.

    I have put in a pop up caravan vent in my high top transit, but I need the door open on a hot day to get the air to shift through. Its a lot better now the roof and walls are insulated and a few windows blacked out and insulated too, it doesn't get as hot in the first place. I think I'll try an adjustable floor vent, for security at night.