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    I'm so sorry to hear that :hug: I agree with everyone else that it's totally understandable that you'd be upset.

    The thing that occurred to me was that because you 'only' knew her online, I don't suppose you'll have a chance to go to her funeral. It seems to me that rituals are an important way of processing a loss, so I was going to suggest that you might like to come up with some sort of little ritual or ceremony for yourself that you can do. Someone suggested started a thread on the gaming forum for people to pay their respects - that might be a good one - or anything else that feels helpful to you - maybe writing or talking to her, or lighting a candle or something. Just a thought? xx

    Hey Gillyflower,

    I reckon we could probably put up a poster or flyers for your group if you like, at the Oxfam bookstore where I volunteer - it's the one on East Street. Good luck with it :)

    Poor you, that sounds really awful :( I agree it sounds serious and to keep pestering the doctors. These are the things that sprang to my mind:

    Are you eating live yoghurt or taking friendly bacteria supplements? Apparently l. sporogenes is the best strain to take (tablets) - as it won't die off in transit or storage like most strains. I also remember reading a while ago about a 'friendly' type of yeast you can take, but I can't find it on google I'm afraid.

    Could you have some reiki treatments? Might help on some sort of non-specific 'energetic' level? Most people I've come across who do it are lovely and like to help so they will often do it for free if you haven't got much money.

    I've looked in my aromatherapy book and it suggests applying either vitamin E ointment or KY Jelly with 2 drops of essential oil added to 1 teaspoon of it. Any from: german chamomile, yarrow, marjoram, cajeput, eucalyptus, lavender, geranium, rosemary, tea tree, myrhh, thyme, patchouli. It also recommends that your partner takes the friendly bacteria and cuts out sugar etc as well. There's actually loads more about it in that chapter, not going to type it all out now but maybe another time if you want.

    General massages anywhere on your body, with any of those essential oils (in a base oil) might help as well, as the oils will get into the bloodstream that way.

    I hope you feel better soon. x

    I think that I personally would have been better off not going to a 'normal' school - a small home-ed collective kinda thing probably would have been better for me, plus going to groups and stuff. But every child is different and school might be best for some.

    I agree with Kaiya about the social side of school - just because you're with other children all day, doesn't necessarily mean that you'll feel more socially integrated or at ease. It depends on whether you feel accepted and supported by the people in the school. Sadly, school can be a place where you learn to feel lonely and unable to connect in the crowd.

    I've thought about this quite a bit over the years. It's a tough one.

    We have a cat who we feed normal meaty cat food. I'm not really happy with that - I don't think it's right to kill a load of other nameless, faceless animals to support my one 'pet' one at home. I don't really feel that I'm entitled to do that.

    But that is what she needs, and when we got her we committed to take care of her and fulfil her needs, since when you take an animal out of 'nature' you take away its ability to fulfil its needs itself. So it wouldn't be fair to feed her inadequately just because of my beliefs.

    (Or at least, I thought that cats needed meat - I'm really surprised to hear about the veggie cat food PTM - what's it called? I heard that they need taurine which is only found in meat, and without it they will go blind? Unlike dogs who I've heard can be veggie without it causing any health problems.)

    Maybe 'ethical' meat would be better - I might think about this - although it's not me who pays for it so it's not really up to me! Although, to me that's still not great as I disagree with the whole idea of rearing animals to kill them.

    So... I would really think twice about getting a cat of my own in the future, because of this. I really do love cats though, so it's a dilemma :( I think I'll probably have a house rabbit or a guinea pig for my next pet since they're veggie and really cute! It would be nice not to feel guilty about feeding my pet.

    I'm an atheist. The idea of a God just doesn't seem feasible to me.

    Plus, I don't see how people can take religious texts like the Bible, Koran, Torah etc as factual accounts of God's commands and how God wants us to live, when they were written by human beings. I see them more as accounts of the values and ways of life that different societies held at the time, like circumcision, not eating certain 'unclean' foods, etc.

    I think that by and large, religions function as agents of social control. Sometimes with what I consider to be good results, sometimes bad. But not 'right' or 'true' in themselves.

    I do feel very strongly that it is wrong for Christianity to be presented as fact in schools, during prayers in assembly etc, rather than presented as simply the opinion or belief of some people. I think the French system of the separation of church and state is better - I think there is a similar principle in America too?

    I also feel that I would much rather consider questions of what is right and what is wrong on my own, and come to my own conclusions, and then attempt to live by those, rather than follow a pre-existing set of rules written by someone else. It just seems more meaningful to me.

    I had a bottle of wine from the Co-op the other day that said clearly on the label that it was vegetarian. So they seem to be better than most at labelling whether it is or not.

    Quote from princesstigermouse

    That's not weird - I feel like that when I rinse my sea pearls out.

    A note: having been forced to use sanitary towels (which I despise) for the past couple of weeks I appreciate my lovely washable tampons all the more... I really can't wait 'til I can go back to using them.

    I'm thinking of trying the sea sponges myself, since I can't use a Mooncup anymore :( - I take it you would recommend them then? How long do you find they last?

    Hormones are strange, complicated things :)

    I found this chart thing a while ago which I like, about which brands of Pill are likely to increase or decrease certain hormonally-related things like depression, acne, weight gain. The only drawback is that all the brand names are American - but you can always look them up on google/wiki etc to see if there is a UK version.

    Erm, right, how do I do links?

    Hi Gillyflower,

    You can get these milkshake things on prescription called Ensure Plus - my dad gets them as he is underweight due to medical conditions. They are high in calories and have lots of vitamins and minerals in them. Lots of nutrition in a small amount of liquid.

    They come in various different flavours and also as soups and juice drinks, I think.

    Might be worth looking into?

    x Keely

    Yeah, I tried Microgynon once and it made me feel awful - not in my right mind at all. I felt like I was 12/13 again on it - horrible mood swings and really sore, spotty, oily skin (nice!)

    My sister on the other hand has been on Microgynon for years with no problems at all, so it seems that different people react differently.

    I was on Dianette for a couple of years and that was good - helped my skin as well.

    Hello, just seen this and wanted to wish you luck and positive vibes :) You always seem so positive and confident so I'm sure you'll cope really well. It's so exciting that you'll get to meet your baby soon! :) x

    There's an interesting thing on Channel 5 at the moment about people who've had brain injuries and suddenly have an overwhelming compulsion to be artistic (and also a woman who suddenly developed a sex addiction too).