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    Garlic capsules. I swear by them. I started taking them two years ago, because I used to get every cold going. And I've only had about three in the two years since. And they have been shorter and less annoying.

    Well I don't wanna go against anything the doctor has said or recommend anything that's wrong for her skin but after the hospital dressings come off I used this:…ream-bp-500g_1_10968.html

    And you know those elastic tube bandages? I'd get one and wear it a lot because it's like your massaging the skin which helps stop it scarring so much. I did that too.

    If all else fails, remind her that scars are interesting!!!

    I burnt myself really badly a few years back when I was working in a kitchen. On the outside of my leg. If she's worried about scarring then tell her mine is really hardly there at all. But the hair grows a little thicker on that patch!

    Watching all the fucking fan boys drooling over Dream Theater last night. Jesus guy they are fucking boring! I was given a free ticket so I shouldn't moan, and Opeth where fucking amazing as per normal.


    Portnoy I'll admit is awesome. But the bass player is boring, the keyboard player loses any respect I might have had for him by using an Iphone application in not one but SEVERAL songs and quite frankly Mr Petrucci, we know you can play Lydian and Harmonic Minor very very fast. Please put on another record both literally and figuratively. And the less said about that tone deaf old fart they let play with a mike the better....:curse:


    Highlight of the night was the two guys behind me yelling "fuck off" every time they got even cheesier. Just when you thought they couldn't as well.

    I don't know if I totally understand the tribalism side of it. But I think more than anything it's just a part of the terminology/language that's grown up around football and other sports. I say "we" a lot. Without really believing I'm involved. It's just the way you say it. It's a means of refering to the fact that you support a team. Saying "we beat you" is much easier than saying "Spurs beat Liverpool and I support Spurs and you support Liverpool" isn't it?

    I find that attitude, the "It wasn't you" thing to be REALLY annoying. It's pedantic nit picking. But on the other hand I don't go out of my way to mention sports to people who I know are not interested.

    I do a load of work with kids, and I have to do a Disclosure Scotland for each and everyone one. It's mind numbing and as Julian says, pointless because it only means you've not been caught.

    Really.You understand the complexities of determining gender then do you? Because its a whole lot more complicated than oo its got a willie its a boy,believe it or not.Nature isnt that neat.This person had been legally and medically defined as a woman.her birth certificate says female.Who are you to say thats wrong?

    The manslaughter involved 'provocation from a male partner',the rape was 'attempted'.The woman will still be in prison and likely still in segregated conditions.Throwing those words about without any context is knee jerk bollocks.


    the attack on the 14 yr old girl in scotland just shows the influence films and computer games can have

    I still think that's largely nonsense. The video game in question has very little to do with what they were doing, so I think that's a nice easy cope out answer. "Must be the games and TV".

    This sort of thing has been happening forever, well before the invention of such distractions. Do you think people went about blaming painters for depicting violence?