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    Hi there

    I am looking to hand paint my old Merc 507d live in van. She has already been hand painted white in the past and needs a new coat. Could someone advise on what the best paint to use would be?

    Many thanks

    Im getting so confused when looking it up on the internet.

    There is so mnay people providing certificates for like 20quid online, unsure if these have any legal standing.

    Its also not clear if you actually need one for serving tea and coffee.

    Were thinking of going up to Avebury this year.

    Anyone known about the parking situation with livein vans???

    I know you cant park in the main car park, but is there anywhere lse to park??


    Looking like were be going now, will be running the cinema space in the campaigns field! Cant wait sunrise is always my favourite festival...

    Ive noticed the rain started last night, fingers crossed!


    Wouldn't it be great if everyone voted SOMETHING OTHER than labour or conservative??!! Just for once! Other parties don't get a look in. People are far too fearful of any other government leading the country other than one of the two main parties. Truth is, they're all pretty much as bad as each other. I hate the way they try score votes by slagging off & doing down the opposition. There are ways of showing strength. That isn't one of them.
    Just for once, it'd be great if another less favourable party got in, so they had a chance for change. Only, would you like to run the country?! Can't say i would, you'd never please all of the people, no matter how hard you tried in each sector, housing, education etc.... The country must be bound by certain guidelines, or it'd go to pot...(not literally)! It's an incredibly tough job, and i guess they all try hard to please the people of England.

    Some of the minority parties would get in if we had a fair and proportionate voting system, look at the europeans and ondon assembly elections

    Good to see the animals fighting back.

    Ever heard of what comes around goes around. Good to see old Tilikum pulled this one off during a full stadium.

    Lets hope this makes that shit hole sea life prison go bust.

    My personal take on it would be a society with no law- just our morals so maybe a tribal law but nothing more. no one to enforce it other than ourselves. everyone livin in their own space with their own laws. such a nice idea, yet an impossible reality... still i wait for it to happen lol.

    But no more impossible than the crazy way in which society is run as we known it...

    Millions starving...
    Economic systems collapsing
    Global warming
    nation states ever onward thrust towards further growth and wealth at the expense of the many.
    MAd sicko leaders with nuclear wepons that could destroy our earth.

    all these notions are perpetuated by nation states and multinational companies, all are run by a small group of powerful people who act on their own slefish interestes in order to oppress and maintain their positions of authority.

    We forget in our cosy houses in the english country side that outside our protected existance that there is a world of chaos, which most Daily Mail readers if they could only see beyond their pages would probally accociated with an anachist society.

    I was trying to give an idea of what I feel anarchism is to me, not trying to provide a universial definition in a paragraph.

    Even in the most tight knit anarchist circles none of erm argee in what it actually means. lol

    Anarchism is the people living autonomous and self organised lives without interference from the authority of the state...

    It’s about communities cooperating together for the mutual benefit of society.

    It’s about a society whose health is not measured by economic growth but by the social wealth and common respect that all people deserve.

    It is about breaking down hierarchy and authority in whatever form it exists. Be it developed nations over the developing, men over women, heterosexuals over homosexuals, white over black, rich over poor, human over animal, human's over the earth.

    It is not about a lawlessness or chaos, in fact anarchsist communities thrive on rules, regulation and desicion making. The diffrence is that these rules stem from common desicion making by the people. Rather than a corrupt distance parliament which is class based, has been voted in by a system that ensures the rulers maintain their power.

    My Merc 207d, 2.4L [long wheel base] motorhome does about 20mpg around town and possibly 25mpg on a long run :eek:...

    Thats interesting coz my 507D (I would imagion significantly heavier) is also 2.4L, anyone got an idea of how this will effects fuel economy?

    My Merc 507D 2.4engine does about 25mpg when cruising around 55 to 60mph. More like 15mpg in the city.

    COz its in KM on the counter I worked it out that a litre of fuel goes about 9km's... I think

    Has anyone got experiance of the larger merc's/long wheel base? Do the larger engines/bodies drink more fuel? Im concidering upgrading to like a 508D/608D with the long wheel based (does the larger engines run better?) as my short wheel base is a bit cramped with me the partner two does and all are tat!


    I was also reading somewere tat in the EU they have increased the standarding driving licence limit to 4tonn to take into concideration improvements in vechile safety etc... however this is not in UK law yet??

    when i bought my five and a half tonne bus i could legally drive it on my 3.5t license but after living in it a year or so it then became illegal for me to drive it. fortunately i found a way around that one as it is over 30 years old, but it is still a grey area.

    Could you expand on this Stardust, sorry caught my eye as im in process of taking C driving licence... I would be more than happy to at a vechile pre 1980 if that meant advoiding the test...

    cheers for any advice

    Hi there fellow Hippies

    I am looking to buy a wood burner, looked on Windy Smithy and finding them a bit pricey!

    I have seen basic DIY converter gas bottle burners, does anyone know where to buy these or any where else I might be able to get a cheap burner for me van?

    Maybe someone has one they wanna sell, or I could comission someone to make me a gas bottle one if anyone wants to make sum extra cash.

    Hope ya all enjoying the fire works