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    I learned the real basics from my dad which gave me the confidence to try stuff on my own. I found Haynes manuals invaluable. There really detailed and easy to follow. I found confidence is a big part, once I did one job on my own I was less afraid of the next one and so on… I'll give most jobs a try now unless I know i'm out of my depth.

    I'm a news addict, I have to have my morning fix, yet i come to the same conclusion every morning, its all doom and gloom. I have it on in the back ground in the morning now incase something important comes up, but i can't give it the attention I used to. It's simply too depressing. Now days I use online sources much more and try to keep an eye on the good stuff. 99% of the doom and gloom that comes through on mainstream news I can't do anything about, which add's the overwhelming sense of grey that the beeb are so good at painting. You get the odd good news story but know where near enough. I think the news should be split up, good stuff, bad stuff and the sport…SPORT! WHY IS SPORT ON THE NEWS!? At serious risk of a rant hear, i'll leave it there, lol.

    Nice man :) I went through a stage of drawing with biro, stage? I still do, any who.... I especially like the technique where you don't take the pen off the page till your done, I wish I had kept those ones!

    As far as I'm concerned it's just a load of blokes kicking a pigs bladder round a field, whats the point? There are far better, more challenging competitor sports, not that I watch any of them but I can understand sportsmanship and competition. At the end of the day it is primeval, who's the best man, thats part of the human condition and it needs to vent some where, especially in the modern world. Instead of wilder beast it's a football. Thats how I justify it anyway, lol.

    I'm in a similar situation, I've just gone on citalopram. It's been 2 days and i'm bouncing off the walls, it comes in waves, I'm not sure off it yet, i keep getting sleepy and my concentration is all over the place but I'm gonna ride it out as it is helping me. Hopefully i'll be able to come off them relatively quickly, I like control of my own brain. Best of luck with your endeavours.

    It's tough at the moment. I don't know how much help the job advisers will be but its worth a shot. The long distance does help but it can make it worse at times. I'm seriously considering the antidepressants, gonna go to the doc's tomorrow and see what they say.

    There is but my head needs a seeing to by a shrink, I've spoken to advisors and councillors plenty of times. They just tell me what I already know. I've been fighting the urge to go on anti depressants for 4 years but I think it's time to consider it, I don't want to but I can't see any other options at the moment. I can't go off for six months to get my head together, I have a degree to do.

    Thanks for replying.

    Since i've been with my girlfriend I've poured a lot of my self into helping her out, she's not the most confident person and has a lot of issues. I've tried extremely hard to help her, partly to keep our relationship afloat. She was a very negative person and comes from a very negative family and I've tried to boost her confidence and get her out in the world. She seems to have responded well to this and is a lot happier in herself now. Unfortunately for me I feel as though now I haven't got enough left for me and she isn't yet at a point where she can support me (partly because her family rearly ensile confidence in anyone and partly because she hasn't been through the same things I have. I talk with her and she effectively regurgitates what I have told her (I don't think she knows what else to say) It's so fucking hard.
    My second issue is that I've lived in my own bubble for the last 20 years and now it's popped, I'm an adult now and i'm really struggling to deal with it. I hate the real world, there are so many things in it that make me sad and I just want to run away from it all and live in a cave. I've spoken to a few people who've known me for years that say 'your just not designed for this world ben' it's true.
    I often think whats the point in it all, why can't we all just get along and be happy, why do we have to force our selves up in the morning to go to a job we hate to make money for someone else. I don't want it. I just want to write music and play it to people, thats all I want and the chances of me having that are slim to non. I feel empty, I don't know who I am anymore, I based so much of my personality on who I used to be and that person just dosnt feel relevant anymore. I'm trying so hard to keep my head up and look to the future, look for the good things but my enthusiasm is seeping away at an alarming rate. I want to be happy, but I don't want to be ignorant to the world around me like so many people.

    Apologies if I sound like a moany teenager, but my heads fucked, it's like a black hole sucking in everything around me and twisting me up inside. I just want a light at the end of the tunnel and somebody to say it will be alright (and actually have the ability to believe them) This has all been brewing for sometime, I'm trying to keep my shit together so I can get though uni but its getting tougher.

    Seeing as most of the stuff mentioned here came out before I was born my contribution is somewhat different, lol. I can remember everybody starting to get home PC's and being desperately jealous, even though I didn’t really know what they were for. The first computer I used was an Acorn in primary school, all we had were maths games and I recall them being on the middle size floppy disc's. We then got a RM pc running 98 which was massive, that was the first computer I used to go online with, Ask Jeeves was a revelation to my 9 yr old brain. Our first home PC was a green screen Amstrad which we used all of 3 times because the printer broke, it was so old we couldn’t replace it (forgive me eco worriers but I believe my dad through in the bonfire) Our first home PC was a Packard bell. 518 ram, diddy hardrive and dial up. I will never forget that god awful noise.

    It's great news but I'm crapping myself. I'm doing the same subject (Creative Music Tech) I changed because the course at Anglia Ruskin suited my needs better, plus its closer to home (London) I'm excited but quite terrified if the truth be told. I'll be going into the second year in a totally new place with new people and need to find a room with decent peep's (the people I lived with last year were douche bags) I've always thrown myself in at the deep end with stuff like this so hopefully it will turn out ok :panic:

    I had a great time last year (bar the hoohaa with the band I was with at the time) It was a lovely site and the vibe was really nice. I hope I can make it as a punter this year.

    I replied yesterday but it dosnt appear to of gone through.

    My bad, I was posting at 2 in the morning, lol. My names all over the place on band pages, networking...pah! Anywhooo, my middles names James, because my dad thought it would be cool to call me BJ!! Fail. I digress, I would very much like an anagram :)

    My first name really isn’t that interesting, Benjamin, the biblical meaning is 'God's right hand' which means bugger all to me, but I do like my first name. My surname however 'Sharp' is a bit more interesting, supposedly its meant to mean quick witted and intelligent, we don't have an 'e' on the end which my dad reckons means its French (possible, we have pointy noses) The research I’ve done suggests it could be, Irish (possible, we have Irish somewhere in the family) or olde English, according to it was a popular name in the south and greater London which makes sense. That version of the name has a nice motto ‘Dum Spiro Spero’ Which I believe means ‘While I breathe, I hope’ I know next to nothing about my dad's side of the family so its mostly guess work. I shant mention my middle name but I considered changing by dpoll to Cornelius because it sounded fancy.

    In a heartbeat if the person deserved it, I believe in justice, sadly our police don’t seem so concerned these days. When I got mugged I told the police, the gang came after me twice and beat me up, the police, well they were just great, they didn’t put the paper work through from the beatings until the next day so it didn’t add up in court, case gets thrown out. The idiot who robbed me also robbed a load of other kids; luckily they got him on that. But still, what incompetent twat of custody officer. (Enough police bashing, there not all bad) I've always had a deep sense of right and wrong, if somebody does wrong they deserve what they get, this is of course subjective, obviously I wouldn’t call the fuzz if my mate sparked up a joint. Muggers, murders, thieves and general bastards of that ilk I’d grass in a second. If you grass for silly little things then that just childish and a waste of time, all factors must be taken in. If I was a witness I’d make sure I had some bloody good protection first, learnt from that one!

    We had half a lesson on it at school. I think it would be great if it was properly introduced, especially seeing as its strongly connected to this country and we have so many artefacts and sites (Henge's and such) I also think in secondary schools it would be fun to teach, (I don't wish to generalise here but most boys don't pay much attention in RE if I recall) If you tell a bunch of 15 year old boys that when you got to a certain age, at the spring solstice you got to get pissed and chase girls around in order to mate I think they would remember, lol. Personally I find that far more interesting than having christianity repeatedly rammed down my neck, didn't help that our teacher was christian, for a little while we had a war vet who fought in nam, that man was a legend, in a round about way he said, there is no god, you only have your self and the people you love to look after you, that really stuck with me.

    But for how long??? Seems like a lot of us used to shave vast areas of our bodies, but now can't be bothered and like the natural way of things.

    Its up to her, she doesn't like body hair and has shaved for a long time, if she changes her mind, well fair enough, I'll just have to get over it, lol.

    I don’t mind a little bit but I prefer trimmed or nothing, I tried shaving my nether regions in the thinking, well she does it so its only fair I do, NEVER AGAIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I asked my girlfriend how she deals with the itching and the occasional slip up's, her reply was 'man up' (plus I also found the old chap got rather chilly with out its coat) To my benefit she happily prefers to shave the lot. As much as I’d like to truly appreciate the o'natural look, I really cant, major turn off. A bit of armpit or leg hair is cool but the downstairs needs to be all clear, lol.

    I see both side of this, I don’t feel comfortable smoking in doorways, it’s not nice for other people, but you can’t complain about people smoking in beer gardens, it’s the only place we have! I smoke roll up's because they don’t stink up the place so much, and they don’t mess up my chest, I find the smell of straights revolting, even as I kid I hated it but I loved the smell of roll ups. I don’t think there can be much done about it, the government makes far to much tax to ban it completely. Maybe a specific smoking area in beer gardens or in public places would be a good idea; I must admit I hate to see butts everywhere and hate being around people smoking straights.

    A very emotive image, really speaks to me. My girlfriend used to, we've talked about it and she goes to counselling but sometimes I find out she's had a another go. I hate it but it’s her way of dealing with certain issues and I cant stop her, believe me there's some serious stuff going on up there. This pic reminds me of her, strong but damaged, she should never have been put through such hard times. Heavy stuff man. Its rarely about attention, there a lot more to it than that, I’ve been tempted but I cant physically injure myself, my mind just twists and whirl’s instead, spitting out reactions through music and introversion, lol.

    I'm not a parent but when i do have kids i don't want to send them to state or private school, i'd rather do it at home miss out on learning important social skills and how people behave in the real world, i know few a fully home schooled people, there nice people but a little odd and sheltered, but i guess that is kinda subjective, personally i'd send em off to a state school, as long as the schools stats are good and the place is nice, i was fully state schooled, a lot of it was horrid but i came out all right with good grades and good friends. Once again maybe a little subjective but i don't believe in private education, it breeds prejudice and out dated toffery in a lot of young minds , since i went to uni i've met loads of privately schooled people and 90% of them are opinionated toffs, that said there are a few nice ones but most are immovable douche bags (I'm basing all this on my experiences, could be wrong, lol) At a very young age i think home schooling is good, you can teach kids things they'll never learn at school but when it comes to juniors and seniors i think state is the best way, kids learn the social graces (although some not so nice) that i believe are crucial to becoming a rounded person.