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    My little has his own sofa, with a blanket and its right infront of the window so he can watch the cars, and protect us from the paper boy (hes evil). he has his dinner way before us cuz we all eat really late, he sleeps with my mum and dad,he has more friends than I do and he likes to watch trains when we go over bridges. I think he thinks he is a person.

    I dont think he is very spritual and I dont think he is dumb, apart from when he chases his leg. Hes just a cute family doggy, that smells a bit.

    maybe I should just use kiddie paint, thats pretty safe isn't it? And it comes in loads of colours.

    I'll leave that for you to ponder about. the stuff in my hair hasnt dried yet, neither has the stuff on the wall, how long does it take?

    I tried nail brush and soap, two showers, clensing lotion. my skin is still grey, I have orange under my arms, and black in my hair. this is not good.

    Its in my hair, I'm not playing paint-fight at 4am again. The wall looks good though.

    Thank you ashers, you save the day, like super man...

    Lying on your back with your legs up in the air against a wall and open and close them, it sounds a bit crazy but it has something to do with blood flow getting to the right places. Oh and breathing like you are in labour helps too.

    A bannana, some apple or orange juice, 1/2 mango. Mmmmmm.
    Strawberries and bannana work well too, with apple juice.
    Papaya and mango with pineapple juice works well- but not with heartburn.... that just hurts.

    I think that if I could kill an animal then I would eat it, but if it killed me I'd be ok with that too. Chances are the animal would win though as I'd not be using any tools, eg gun, because that animals not using tools.

    I hope that me and wiggy have babies at the same time or close at least, cuz I know I'd be able to get a few hours kip and my baby wouldn't get hungary, or have a nice long bath or something. I MIGHT let her do the same, hehe.

    Good, now give them to the man/lady that is doing the MOT and the will be in the best mood ever, and pass every car they see that day.

    Second thoughts, don't! Could be really bad cars...