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    I think its just me, you and my wiggy, I'm sure we can have our own fun. What we will do is wait for wiggy (and spike) to go to sleep then out comes the grown-up toys...

    PP you shouldn't use soap!!! It drys your skin out sooo much, evil I tell ya! Ok, I dont shave my face, but for other areas I make sure my skin is wet and warm as heat opens up the pores, which makes it easyer ant better, I use a moisterising body foam, and a lubed razor (the ones with the little stripps of lube type stuff) wash off all the gunk, and pat dry dont rub.

    Quote from Earth Whirler

    Some twat emailed BBC breakfast news this morning saying that 'if the horses didn't like jumping they wouldn't do it'.

    I herd someone say that at least the horses die doing something they love. Now thats a true twat.

    McDonalds is a crappy excuse for food, its barely better than dog food. The only reason they get good press is because they pay shit loads for their adverts. And the good comments come from their websites, they aren't going to slag themselves off on their own websites. Thats like Dok and Paul saying this site's crappy (which its not, I love you!) I don't see them doing that anytime soon.

    McDondalds=crud off the bottom of my shoe.

    That my 'the roo' hes great isn't he. He's only just got out of bed and is making his way downstairs, probably for a poo.

    When my little brother was little(er), my mum had to buy him plastic guns because he was always using sticks as guns when he played with his friends. He'd get cuts from trying to get the right sticks, and splinters and stab himself on the sharp bits, so it was less dangerouse to buy a plastic one for him. I think it is ok as long as a child doesn't show a strange amount of intrest in 'killing' and the whole gun thing.

    I was told (a few days ago) by a little sod that I was dead, bang bang. Nice kid. I think when a child is 4 and playing killing its a little worrying.

    Quote from Exedous

    The first pic, is that you and wiggy??


    Yeah I changed it explain what they are of.

    And more...

    These are my cat 'the roo', because he is cuter the the others I took 2 pictures of him, and there's wibber again, wibber is really old.


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    Here are more...

    Its milo, hes a little bit pissed off today, so is hiding. then some of the fishes. then wibber (the black and white one) and rose (the one that ran away) kissing.

    There are taken on my phone so are not great, but still fun.Here is the first few...

    Its me and my wiggy, on a night out, then lauren and luke, then my wiggys cat. She is the evil one the kills the mice's.

    I think if there was a creator then he/she didn't get it 100% right, because I think that people were made too stupid in someways, but too intelligent in others. I think we are too stupid because the world is as a whole it pretty fucked up and its people that have done most of it, and I think we are all just a bit dopey. But I also think we are celver, because we ask questions like 'If there was a creator' instead of just excepting that there is one, like we are usually told from an early age.

    By the way I have no idea if that makes sence, it kind of does in my mind.

    I like to have two brekkies, I had beans on toast today with two fried eggs, then for second brekki I had yoghurt and bannanaaaaa, with some grapes, yummy. Oh and I have one cup of tea most days.

    Hehe good boy ghost, I used to but never log on to it now, I still window shop there though. Although I never knew they had fur.
    Serious question, Why would any want to wear someone/ somethings elses skin? If you think about it literally its gross.