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    Quote from Bee Sew Glad

    hhe hee i also got one of those videos and i cant keep up with it and then all the people in the video know the moves and routine amking it look so easy..its not until youve done it about 10 times...aaaarggg!!!!!!:happydanc

    I done it way more then 10 times!! so i know the moves pretty well, the music on it is great though, really cheesy- boyzone 'when the going gets tough!' its just sad really, isn't it?

    I walk the dog most days, and walk to and from work and im always running around at work. I also try to run up and down the stairs 10 times as many times a week as i can (be bothered) and thats really really good exersise! I also do one of those bloody work out videos, but its a fun (ish) one!

    Quote from wiggy

    I want a air-con type thing but I have a air cooler!!!! It works alrite - that and a fan and im cool literally

    I must admit though I do like to stand in shops that have air-con and just walk around them 'browsing'

    Yup like blockbuster the other day, we spent about an hour in there buying 2 videos and ice cream. It was great.

    Another bad thing about it is when you leave the air-conned shop/office/ house, the heat outside seems 10 times worse!!

    I have a new addition. This is Turanga leela, I got her on fathers day as a present to myself. Shes the cutest hamster ever, the pictrues are crap cuz trying to get a hyper hamster to stay still isn't easy. Anyways here she is freash from a mud bath...


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    Quote from dragonz

    you can also get condoms free from family planning places

    Ask for the varity pack, they are fun!

    When I first got my two guineas I was told they were both boys, and had been put in with their dad and brothers. I noticed that one of them was getting a little chunky so I seperated them, thinking chip might be a girl, and toby might be a daddy. a few days later toby was making weird noises, so I told him to shut up, cuz her sister needed her rest. He didn't shut up, so I had a look and toby was having babies, they are sooo gross when they are comming out! Two days later chip had two babies. all 4 babies were boys, and not the pregnant kind like mine!

    Quote from wiggy

    but I wasnt having any of it lol - had a little (big) breakdown type thing there lol.

    Then we went to the pub, to make her feel better, it was a good day really.

    Day 1....

    Well I survived the first of the partys with minor injuries. At first we were a little worried that no one would turn up as it was me, wiggy a very not english guy (still dont know his name) and a pregnant lady. And as much fun as that was I was more than happy when the others turned up! We spent most of our time sitting in the kitchen, drinking our body weights in beet, cider and loads of vodkat.
    One bloke Mark decided that midnight was a great time to try out my drum kit, it really wasn't. I think I'll be hearing from the guys next door soon. Thanks Mark!
    At around 3am ish, me and Ross decided to go for a poppers run to his house, we got a little destracted on the way back and ended up, with me making him brake intro something, and do loads of the poppers on a speed boat, that had to be my favorite part of day one. Apart from on the way home I fell a little, Ross had to half carry me home and I've woken up today unable to walk. Stairs are evil.
    Wiggy has woken up in a state of half drunk, half hungover. So decided to have a pint of water then a bottle of stella, well done wig!
    My little bro came in my room telling me he thinks he might have pissed himself during the night, but it might have been the stella he cuddled up to. I am so proud of my family.
    My stalker crawled into bed with me at 8ish this morning, he was told to get the fook out within a few seconds, he is downstairs playing x-box and cooking brekkie for everyone that stayed over, I smell garlic so I'll investigate that in a mo, as I don't think we have any garlic in the house, oh well...
    I'm not sure if wiggs will survive the night ahead, but some bloke is gonna steal us some subways tonight, which might help her. I'll post an update of the Day 2 antics whenever I crawl out of bed tomorrow!

    I hope you find him soooo much, my little kitten has been missing for over a year, and the stupid part of me is still hopefull that she'll come back, but its very unlikely. I like to think she followed a butterfly or something and just lost her way home.

    We are having a football party (its an excuse for a party, even though we dont care that much aboot football) and pepole can come if ya wanna! We've got enough room for people to sleep an stuff. and there will be food and booze of some sort. And a bunch of people from portsmouth that are usually pissed.

    Its on the 23rd-25th.

    Any takers?

    I had a really f*cked up dream a few days ago, it was to do with a little girl that my parents were looking after 9she might have been a dream sister, maybe). I think she was about 5/6 years old, anyways she told me about a nasty man that was touching and that she didn't like it. So.. I told my parents, and they didn't care at all. They just nodded and said stuff along the lines of ' yeah we know, we let him in the house everyday'. Then I had to get the little girl out of the house and far away from everyone else, as she was only safe with me, I think we got a train to somewhere.

    Any interpretations(sp!) on this would be great, I cant get the bloody dream out of my head!!!

    Quote from scarlettdee

    but it's better to shoot the animal when still than in flight...something to do with the chemicals released when it is running that makes it taste less palatable.

    Its also something to do with the stress on the animal that makes it retain the blood, and cuz blood goes off quicker than meat if the animal hasn't been startled the meat will last longer. And.... if it is still you are much more likely to get a better shot on it, so that you can kill it instantly- and like wiggy said not cause any pain. So in short, be sneeky.

    I'm a shit vegetarian.

    Quote from Chazz

    Damm I was fine, perfectly happy.....and then someone goes and mentions James Blunt

    You have to use his full name= James Blunt rhymes with. Thats his real name.

    Another good reason to learn to cook is that sometimes mummies dont get that we also dont want our dinner cooked in the meaty pans and on the meaty grills. My mum always used to cook the pork type sauasages then mine, took me ages to convince her to do it the other way round, my silly mummie!!

    Quote from Paul

    I've never had a tattoo because of my attention span ... I'd probably get bored before the tattooist was even finished doing it.

    Yep same here, there is no way I'd sit still long enough to have a tattoo done, I might get something pierced though, dunno what yet.

    I think I remember my mum saying the same to me when I was a kid, (been veggie since I was 11 I think) So I just stopped eating meat and anything with animal products in. She realised that I was serious about it so slowly started to buy veggie stuff, and food with loads of protein in cuz I got a little bit sick cuz I wasn't getting any. That was my way around it, it might work on your mum too:p

    Quote from *Star*Lass*

    Yeh me too... everyones looking attractive all of a sudden :p How long has it been since u came off it? Cos i was wondering if these feelings would fade, and i'd be back to the way i was next week.

    Still am now, came off a few weeks ago. kinda getting used to the fact I want to hump every man I see now though.

    Okkkkk, graphic detail comming up....

    The last few days of my period is way too light to use tampons, due to dryness (they hurt getting them in!) so would a mooncup be the same? I don't like the pain, I'm a wuss. So I usually use sanitry towels, for most of it, but I feel soo guilty changing them!

    I have also come off it, its an evil feeling. Iam considering men I wouldn't usually consider. Even a bit of ex-sex. which is bad I usually talk myself out of contacting the ex's though! I understand what your going through!