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    Chainsaw sounds like fun, maybe film it too!

    PS I am kidding about the chainsaw, that might be going a wee bit too far! Try the washing machiene thing tho, it might just be the thing that works.

    Nanie there is a mean thing we do in rabbit land, that also works with guineas. You have to be cruel to be kind, put both guineas in a scary situation and they will go to each other for comfort, scary places are in a cat box in front of the washing machiene, or for a ride in the car. Most people who bond their pets do this as the last step, as it enforces the bond. I think your guineas sound like they will be fine, as long as they are not trying to kill each other straight away when you put them together.

    Such a shame when they get sick, but you have to think that you have given her a great life, and dont worry too much about her friend, they do ok on their own, as long as your there to play with her and spoil her rotten with treats and toys!!!

    I think she is very brave to admit that she has done wrong, like everyone else

    In the past she has said that she has had troubles getting the basics for her animals, ie hay. And yet she kept adding to her pets, i understand wanting to help, but as she is well aware, im sure, guinea pigs will die without hay. I think she did very wrong by getting more guines pigs.

    nanie did you once breed your guinea pigs? im sure there are baby pig pics somewhere on here....

    Wiggy is right Naeni, if you dont have time to properly care for your pets then you shouldn't have them. Its good that you have realised this and they would proberly be a lot happyer with someone that does have time to give them the care they deserve.

    And I dont want to sound all motherly and telling you off, but what are you doing online if you have sick pets, time to be reading fourms but not enough to care for animals???

    Well done laney!!!! I have poo problems too so I know how great it is when its right! I have foung that eating fruit and fibre cereal really works, on a bad day I have 2 large bowls of the stuff, and loads of bron rice, brown bread and loads of fruit and veg. My bowels are great at the mo, but a bit stinky.

    I just read on another thread of yours that cuz of your dog moneys a bit tight, you can get rabbits done cheaper too. I ask wiggy for the info of how she help me get mine done for £20 each (i think) and i'll get back to you.

    Quote from starpoi

    Rabbit fighting is terrifying!

    Yup, mine never drew blood and only had 3 fights, but its still bloody scary. I'm really worried about putting these two back together but, they will be happyer when its done.

    I had mine done a bit late, so they were all very hormonal for a while after, so they had to be seperated. But as the hormones have died down alot now I'm planing on re-bonding. If you try the same wait till both your boys are done then wait about a month, do you know anything about bonding rabbits? If you dont, read up as much info as you can get (or ask me), if its done right you'll have happy healthy bunnies, if its done wrong, they'll probably fight to the death.

    He'll be fine, mine were done last month, and they have forgiven me already. They are so much happier now then before.

    Make sure the vet gives him painkillers tho, or he might not ever forgive you, ever ever ever!!!

    My wabbits, you can only really see marley, nunzeo is a little camera shy....


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    Oooo update for all you worried peeps there, shes up at the hospital playing with the gas and air (she loves that stuff, does our wiggs) and having renal checks last I heard. If I find out stuff, I'll let ya knows!!!

    Hehehe, pet shops make a killing over christmas. I've spent loads on my two bunnies, and spent loads more today buying wood and chicken wire, cuz they chose today to start fighting and I''ve had to separate them, bloody animals!!!

    I also got some beef jerkie for my mum as a present from the dog, I'm sure he would have picked it himself for mum.

    I really like the sound of the IUS thing as a contraceptive, but to get that you have to have had a baby, the reason I want it is so that I dont have a baby...

    Its a weird world!

    Quote from wiggy

    I have another suggestion but its gonna sound wierd write to a zoo or something like that and pay for lion poo!!!! If you get some kind of bigger cat poo then they wont go anywhere near your piggys

    but I have no idea how you would put that letter!!!!

    Damn you, i was just about to say that.

    On tarrent on tv a while ago the had an extreme shows from around the world thing (as usual) one of which showed a 3 (ish) year old girl with a boob job, they blurred out the boobs in respect to the toddler. That has to be one of the only things on tv that has turned my stomach.

    One of my boys is nearly litter trained, i'm soooooo happy!!!! Just the other one now, and he doesn't have a bloody clue, they have a huge dog bed to pee in and he has decided thats not good enough for him, so he'll just go anywhere. bloody thing!!!

    How tame are other peoples rabbits? mine wont let me stroke them, or pick them up (not that i do try to), but they will eat from my hand. they are about 4 months old.