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    Quote from Firinne

    How does she get on with other rabbits?

    I tried bonding her with my two (male and female) and she wasn't that keen, but that was just a few months after her spay, its now been 6-9 months (I'll check the date later) and she's a lot calmer. It didn't work with mine, but she should be ok with others.

    What do you have already?

    I'm also getting her back teeth burred soon, and the front ones removed, as they are a bit of a problem, but shouldn't grow back so wont be a problem for long. It will only be the second time her back ones will be burred in nearly a year, and they aren't that bad, so she might need an opp every year to 18 months the vet says, which is good.

    We are in Portsmouth and she is ok with dogs. She gets a little worried if they bark but not too much, she loves my dog, and he loves her (but mainly coz he like to eat her poo's). As of yet she has never gone to attack or chase a dog.

    Quote from AnnieAnne

    Is she used to living inside your house, or in the garden?

    She is an indoor rabbit, and its best she stays that way as she doesn't have a bunny friend to snuggle up to when its cold or shes lonely.

    Forgot to add that she is litter trained, has never chewed a wire, and is fine on carpets and lino, drinks from a bottle and in her cage she has 2 blankets and her litter tray so cheap and easy to clean out. Oh and she is already spayed and vaccenated, and would come with a sack of dry food (shes on science selective atm) which will last ages as she only has 20 ish pellets a day.

    Quote from Firinne

    I'm tempted, where would she need to be picked up from and how big's her cage?

    She's in a 42 inch dog crate (about 3 and a half foot) which is fine for here as shes out of it most of the time anyway. And as for picking her up, we can arrange a rabbit run, so you wouldnt have to go far.

    I have to rehome a rabbit of mine, due to me being poor and crap, and though I'd try here. She is a lovely and very tame black and white dutch, and would come with her cage and stuff to go in it. She cant go with other rabbits, cuz she tries to beat them up, and isn't keen on cats either.
    She loves people, and comes when called. I am asking for a tenner for her, just cuz then she wont end up as snake food, but thats with the cage.

    Quote from Sarah

    It also depends where you shop.. Asda's and the Co-op's fairtrade own brand instant coffee is really nice :) infact asda seems to be leading the way on providing decent "smart-price" ranges that are tasty and nutritious and don't have all the crap in them that the branded stuff does but then you have to offset that fact against the fact they are part of Wallmart .. tricky stuff...i personally love asda cos it makes my shopping trips shorter than they are in any other supermarket cos i don't have to check all the ingredients - i can now rely on the smart-price ranges to be free from crap that makes me boy ill :)

    I get asda stuff most of the time, I like their cheep soya milk, and peanuts are peanuts weather they are smart price or not, other stuff they do is good too (have you seen their apple crisps? great!)

    Quote from Zee

    dude i never mentioned your sister! :p

    and i made no comparison between rape and eating meat. i was making a point about the subjectivity of the word 'normal'

    PMed ya.

    Quote from John

    Actually, it wasn't a direct comparison between meat eating and rape but merely an example to show the meaninglessness of the word "normal" in debates about morality. It was a little extreme though :eek:

    Yeah just a tad.

    I always think that guide dogs should get some time off, and go play with other dogs, usually they aren't allowed to even sniff another dog when they are working. They need time to be dogs.

    Nah I've actually sorted a nice deal with the pet shop lady, and my bunnies have different types of hay, and loads of other stuff. They are a pain in the arse!

    Wish someone would pay me in hay, I want to my pet shop today and they had teeny tiny bags that will last 10 mins with my bunnies. I have got them to order loads of stuff for me though!

    Bearing in mind im not a vet!!!! If they say he needs skin scrapes and stuff then, they know more then me, but I personally wouldn't worrie too much if they say its a fungal infection.

    I'm not too sure about ring worm, but I cant think of anything else it might be, with the dark circle and then the baldness it does look like a fungal infection. The treatment for any fungal infection is the same anyway, the only real way of telling what one it is is skin scrapes, which are very expencive and unessariy (sp) I think anyway!

    You'll be fine, one of my bunnies had ringworm, and I didnt get it, so you'll be fine me dear! let us know what happens at the vets though.

    Probably ringworm, she needs XENO 450 and antibiotic and painkiller. And have told her that pigs can die from things like this, because the scratching can cause heart attacks!! Guinea pigs are hard work!

    Hopefully this little piggy is going to the vets! Nanie should be calling them now, and he'll be a happy popcorning piggy soon!

    One sec, ive asked my guinea pig friends there might be some herbs and stuff you can give, let me just get the info.

    Quote from Naeni

    I'm really put off going to vets especially with small animals as they don't seem to have a clue and then you charge you all your money for it. Last time I went they killed Rummie through lack of knowledge

    Yeah but they know how to give an animal a painkiller, please take it to the vets.