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    "In other research, [Emily] Oster raises the provocative idea - with some supporting evidence - that fewer people in sub-Saharan Africa are changing their sexual behaviour because of a simple benefit-cost calculation by low-income people facing a much higher than expected mortality from other diseases such as malaria."

    This is not only bad English but it's actually rather offensive. How can you talk about a "simple benefit-cost calculation" in the context of fatal diseases? Using all these abstract, Latinate words just trivialises and de-personalises the whole issue.

    Been a bit slack in the daily doodle lately, instead I've been taking lots of photos and started on a painting which will take a few days. I've posted a "work in progress" on doodle-a-day but it still needs a lot of work. Some lovely stuff been coming up lately though, this thread is really rockin'

    Francis Wheen once said that to be a writer you need to be a "gregarious loner" - you have to like people and get on with them, but also have the inner resources to be happy with your own company and motivate yourself to work hard without anyone standing over you cracking the whip. That applies pretty well to my job as a university lecturer - I do enjoy interacting with my students and some of my colleagues, but most of my working time is actually spent alone in my office, the library or at home preparing lessons, marking, doing various kinds of research or just general reading to keep up with developments in my area.

    This is so off topic,but thats not true.

    It's also not true that St Nicholas came from Germany: according to he was born in the province of Lycia in Asia Minor.

    But who's to say what's on- or off-topic when this thread has been moved into a forum that has nothing to do with the subject of the original post? BTW I see that previous references to this thread being moved have been silently deleted.

    3. If the lib dems insist on PR then labour and tories would probably chose to protect the 2 party system. They will form a coalition (cameron-milliband?), muddle on for a few years, have an early election and hope 1 of them gets a majority.

    It's now almost forgotten that Labour's 1997 election manifesto included a commitment to a referendum on electoral reform. This got no further than Roy Jenkins being commissioned to write a report, which did indeed bolster the two party system - it would have had 80-85% of MPs elected under the current system with the rest allocated according to "top up" votes. Of course that's all been erased from popular memory by Labour's more recent and more spectular lies which led us into joining the US's imperial adventures in the Middle East.

    I suspect the Tories will win this time - it's all part of the governmental tennis game. Tories to Labour to Tories to Labour to Tories...... the Tories got voted in at the end of the 70s because of the horrors of Labour, Labour got voted in in the 90s because of the horrors of the Tories and now we're back to square one.

    It's not quite as simple as that.

    Labour lost the 79 election largely because of the "Winter of Discontent" when there really were piles of uncollected rubbish in the streets and hospital patients were facing even longer delays than usual in their treatment. But that came about thanks to Jim Callaghan, who had alienated the unions by giving the impression there would be an election in October 2008 so he would have an easy time at the party conference, and only announcing afterwards that it wouldn't happen until the next year. I can still remember the widespread anger and incredulity that followed his announcement.

    And Labour only regained power after virtually ditching their principles, including the commitment to public ownership of industry that had been enshrined in Clause 4 of their constitution, and putting all their efforts into what was effectively a slick marketing campaign. Tony Blair, former anti-European member of the Tribune Group and CND, was transformed by Peter Mandelson into a business-friendly charmer who nobody in the City need have any fear of.

    Will we see history repeating itself, only this time as farce? Now it's the Tories who are led by a slick young charmer and Labour who are stuck with the worn-out characterless loser presiding over a sleazy gang of spivs and shysters.

    Anarchist writers tend to be gentle souls who imagine that everyone would be as kind and benevolent as them if the shackles of law and order were removed. I once saw the late George Woodcock being interviewed on TV; when asked if he thought his writings had been influential he said he hoped not, he would hate to interfere with anyone's freedom to make up their own mind (or words to that effect).

    Actually that's just one stream within anarchism, there are of course others who advocate acts of violence to destabilise the system.

    I would imagine so too... but possibly here (Briton, Britain, England, Scotland, Wales, British Isles, UK...) Christianity would have been the first religion to reach these shores other than Druidism?

    Not at all, the Romans were here before the Church and they would have brought Mithraism etc with them. Unless you believe that Joseph of Aramathea built the first church at Glastonbury ;)

    Could you not manage to work out I was talking about discrimnation on grounds of religious doctrine in keeping with the context of the discussion?

    OK. So you tihink it's fine to make judgments on the balance of probabilities outside the religious sphere? Why the difference?

    When I get a bit of time I'll take two random buildings ... and I bet I can find loads of interesting things on the straight line in between them ... including hills, rivers, trees, churches and all sorts.

    You're backpedalling already - at first you were going to pick two important buildings and find other important buildings on the straight line between them ...

    And it may not. I don't think it's right to discriminate on maybes, or most likely not's.

    Well you won't get very far in life then. Most decisions we have to make are based on incomplete knowledge - absolute certainty is very rare, perhaps non-existent. Will that car pull out in front of me? Well it might do, but most likely it won't unless the driver is blind, drunk, incompetent or suicidal. So it's probably safe to proceed.