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    As I implied above, take a look at the German constitution and see how they do it. After all, we wrote the thing. ;)

    France has had no royal family for 100's of years, but they still get millions of revenue from tourism from their royal estates!

    So I say, bye bye queenie! :D

    France offers one alternative, where the President is head of state and the government (Sarkozy).

    Germany offers another. There the President really is only a figurehead, the real power resting with the Chancellor and the regions. This is as mandated by their post WW2 constitution, so it might be worth asking whoever wrote that constitution how it could apply here.

    And who did write that constitution? We did.:whistle:

    Normally Save the Whales type campaigns pass me by, but sheer pointless (ok, greed induced) cruelty of this one has got my gander. This is an Avaaz petition.

    Poor Hugo... so brave until he met one of the local cats yesterday, this time in broad daylight and without the chance to surprise by looming out of the darkness. Lost the resulting staring match and spent the rest of the day skulking around the house trying to avoid his sister...:(

    At least it kept him out of mischief :D

    I've taken out the carry boxes I'll be using to take my two to the vet tomorrow so they can get used to them (too big now to fit in the same one!). They're having a great time at the moment, though I don't think they'll be happy in the morning.

    Be careful the next time you use those boxes; they have suprisingly good memories for things like that.

    I think polling has shown fairly consistently that support for Scottish independence lags some way behind support for the SNP. The SNP were rewarded for a good run as a minority administration, and were helped by a lacklustre (at best) campaign by Labour who treated the SNP as though they were some kind of novelty act. Also Alex Salmond is one of the few politicians around with more charisma than a soggy paper bag.

    well theres the famouse conspiracy theroy that he worked for the CIA, BUT they wont have dumped his body at sea at least not all of him they've just said that to pleas the religon groupes ;)

    When he was with the jolly freedom loving mujahideen fighting to rid Afghanistan of the evil Soviet menace he most probably did work with them. The CIA funded the resistance, and much of that money would have been spent building up al-Quaeeda.

    Dora has had a really strange day. I caught on the work top in the kitchen this morning (something she often does when I am around and so I gently remove her) and she suddenly panicked, and jumping down ran past me and up the nearest curtain to sit on the rail squashed against the ceiling. I climbed up and helped her down whereupon she scuttled off all fluffy tailed and arch backed, hissed at Hugo who continued on his merry way and vanished upstairs. But when I came home this evening she was fine.

    Hugo however doesn't let his sister's eccentricities phase him so long as he gets his purring sessions. He is so laid back it's a wonder he can actually walk. Bloody hippy.:hippy:

    pre op pussy's, awwww bless there going to get spayed on Friday. Im dreading it, having to leave my babies then i just know they will be angry with me when i collect them.

    Yup, mine have that coming up in just under a month. And given the riot when I took them for thier second round of injections this could be er interesting.

    For now though they are trying to repeat what they did in the OP, but have been foiled in their attempt and are now giving me stares of pure evil. And they were nice as pie when they were waiting to be fed...;)