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    I've no idea who "Winston S" is, but found this on Indymedia:

    Especially the racism... Some white lads tried to start a fight with my sister's mixed race boyfriend the other day because "coloureds" were the ones doing the rioting, so that means it's somehow his fault. :rolleyes:

    Those same lads are presumably unlikely to be able to get their heads around the idea that "coloureds" are the ones who have probably suffered the most as a result of the rioting. Starting with the four who have been murdered (one in Croydon, three in Birmingham), and so many of the smaller businesses that were trashed were run by first or second generation immigrants. You can't help but wonder if some of these premises were targeted because of their owner's race.:(

    From the BBC newswire, beyond London, Manchester and Birmingham:


    2307: Four men have been arrested in Milton Keynes in connection with what police called "minor disorder" incidents.
    Thames Valley Police said the incidents took place on estates around central Milton Keynes, with officers being deployed to Eaglestone, Garraways, Coffee Hall, Bean Hill and Netherfield.


    Leicestershire Police have said on their Twitter account that their officers were attempting to disperse a group of youths in Leicester city centre and deal with those "responsible for criminal acts".


    2236: More on the incident in the Bootle area of Merseyside - a man has been arrested on suspicion of vehicle theft after allegedly using a dumper truck to break into a Post Office. Only shutters were damaged, police say.


    A police station in Nottingham has been firebombed by a group of 30 to 40 men, according to Nottinghamshire Police. No injuries were reported.

    i actually think we're beyond help when i hear things like the rubbish spouted by a couple of rioting teenage girls, from the bbc news website. when asked why they were doing this to their own community, they said it was 'cos of the rich people'. really? yet young people seem to idolise semi-literate footballers earning £100,000 a week, or the latest style-over-substance 'rent-a-rapper' idiots in stupid clothes... yet you want to burn down the shops of people who work very hard, often on a very moderate income? these people - your neighbours - are the enemy now? god help us all. :S

    Because they are the easiest targets. They don't have state of the art security, the goods are portable and can be sold on easily if needed. Newsagents are often the first targets as they are the ones most likely to carry cash.

    They've been closing stores early in Carmarthen on police advice. Carmarthen?!! :rolleyes:

    The rioting might reach there one day once they've got over the Great Turnip Riots of 1879.:pp

    Left work early, as apparently things are supposed to be kicking off in Nottingham too (there were riots in the St Anns area last night, and an attempt to ram raid one of the main shopping centres foiled).

    Went through the main square on my way to the bus where several windows were being boarded up (that must be a good racket to get into just now). The "Nottingham on Sea" setup that is in Market Square for the summer holidays had been closed early and the flammable parts given a good hosing down. Big police presence there, and a hell of a lot of folks hanging around there waiting for something to happen.:panic:

    That's beautiful...

    ... but when I first saw the thread title for some reason I thought "She's now taking commissions from the church!" :S

    Stubbornly refusing to learn how to use that all-singing all-dancing new catflap they've just had installed. It's fine if daddy wants to hold it open for us (but we'd rather he didn't push us up the arse as we do know where "out" is), but it is very undignified pushing your little furry head against a plastic flap.


    Poor old boy...:( I remember him at a Cardiff gathering him commenting to me at length about something, probably about why I shouldn't have crashed just where he wanted to...

    And just when you thought it was safe to go to bed

    So sad all this backbiting:whistle: and I suspect anyone who paid to fly commercial (= business or economy?) and found themselves sat next to old Rupe doing his perpetual prune impression would want an upgrade.

    Yes, I think that apart from the select committee appearances and any further phonehacking victims being identified, much of the running will come from investigations in the US.

    From Avaaz:


    But this is the tip of the iceberg -- Murdoch is a global problem. He's famous for dictating editorial positions to his papers. He corrupts and controls democracies by pushing politicians to back his extremist ideas on war, torture and a host of other planetary ills, and destroying careers with smear campaigns unless they do his bidding. In the US, he helped elect George W. Bush and has most of the Republican presidential candidates on his payroll (see sources). His Fox News Network spread lies to promote the war in Iraq, pushed resentment of Muslims and immigrants and spawned the right-wing tea party. Maybe worst of all, he has helped block critical global action on climate change.

    So now NotW is gone, the News International bid for the whole of BSkyB has been withdrawn and the Murdochs have agreed to present themselves before the relevant Select Committee next Tuesday, is anyone prepared to guess what will happen next?

    Will another mighty Xanadu fall? :p

    *whispers* Rosebud

    So last night I got invited to a talk by author Diana Cooper hosted by the London College of Spirituality.

    So, according to her (or her spirit guide), all the animals come from other planets, Atlantis was powered by psychic energy, the Earth is hollow, kangaroos come from Mars, guinea pigs from Venus, unicorns live in the New Forest, there are over 16 million angels protecting us, orbs are manifestations of them, and in 2012 Glastonbury will be a major portal into the new age - and that's the real reason there's no festival there then. :eek:

    Ever since as an archaeology student I had to explain to people just why von Daniken was writing utter crap and no, there isn't something in it (apart from lots of cash for him), I tend to back away very quickly from anyone who thinks that civilisation or other species came from other planets. There are too many arguements there that cannot be won, as is usually the way when one party is arguing from a rational/logical point of view and the other from an emotional/spiritual one.

    She may be onto something with the portal appearing at Glastonbury though, albeit on a dodgy line. She should have been told that there would be insufficent numbers of portaloos available what with the Olympics, so it's a simple error of communication.;)

    The reason for keeping her is that once she is gone, the next person in the firing line, the next up the chain of command, is James Murdoch. So until the Murdoch junior has himself properly covered, they'll let her cook to a crisp.

    But at least Rebekah Brooks won't be out looking for work:


    Wade, now Brooks, was appointed in 2000, launching a campaign to name and shame paedophiles that was heavily criticised for leading to mobs target people they suspected of being offenders – including, in one case, a paediatrician. The then chief constable of Gloucestershire, Tony Butler, labelled it "grossly irresponsible" journalism.