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    In the early 1990s I went out with a girl who I saw for nearly a year before parting ways.

    Anyway, ten years later after having no contact, my phone rang with her number on my display --- I was like "WTF?" --- I didn't have a mobile when we were seeing each other, and she shouldn't have had the number.

    I immediately answered "Hello; how the hell are you? It's been ages!"

    The answer was "I'm just the same as I was when I saw you an hour ago!" :shock:

    At the end of the phone was my current girlfriend (of the time), who was moonlighting as a cab controller -- apparently the taxi firm had taken over my ex's number! :shock:

    1. Have you ever gone to a packed house? What was the film and cinema?

    The last completely packed cinema I went to was Jurassic Park (I think)

    2. Have you ever seen a new release film that turned out to be a classi?

    Blade Runner, when it first came out. Star Wars the same.

    3. What film(s) have you seen more than once at the cinema?

    Star Wars when I was about 11

    4. What is the longest film you have seen at the cinema?

    I can think of a few that felt like they were longer than they were!

    5. What is the lasrgest cinama you have been to?

    Imax in Greenwich I think.

    6. Have you ever been to a double billing that widened oyu interest in cinema?


    7. Have you ever seen to a foreign language film at the cinema?

    Yes, some Spanish flick last year - cannot remember what it was called though :/

    I can't work out whether modern feminism is a problem, whether student feminists are a problem, or whether it's just all the nonsense we hear online.

    I can't say I'm an anti-feminist, as I certainly agree with equal opportunity for everyone regardless of biology or genetics -- but for some people that's not enough, and because I don't tow the marxist/intersectional line, I'm somehow regarded as a privileged mansplaining shitlord, or something :D

    It's a weird thing really, because, while I haven't touched alcohol for over thirty years -- within the "dogma" that is Alcoholics Anonymous (etc.) I'm going to be an alcoholic until I die.

    I don't agree with that btw. I choose not to drink, I believe there will be consequences if I do, but I don't think I have an illness.

    I do enjoy the occasional bottle of San Miguel 0,0 though. :)

    I was watching Prime Suspect 1973 last week and found myself getting over-irritated by the misnaming of Hackney Hospital (Homerton Hospital didn't exist until the 1980s). Her eyebrows looked wrong too.

    So, what, if any, inaccuracies have you noticed in TV shows? Does it bother you?

    proven to being used as an offensive wepeon, i can carry a pen or pencil down the street ,and use it as a tool on someone

    It's bizarre that, just because the blade length varies, it automatically assumes your intentions.

    Like, if you have a blade 2.98 inches long, it no longer constitutes an offensive weapon. :/

    I can only remember "smokey" for cops.

    We used to call the striped Rover SD1 / 800s "jam sandwiches" but that wasn't CB talk.

    If you've got a spare couple of hours....

    Jordan B. Peterson and Stephen Fry debate political correctness and Identity politics with Michelle Goldberg and Michael Eric Dyson (I hadn't heard of either of the opponents before this)

    (starts at around 7 minutes 30)

    I've already got my opinions, so won't post them here just yet, but found this a thoroughly enjoyable and heated debate.

    When I had mine done I did a massive "readathon" of the privacy policy and relevant laws to see how my DNA can be used.

    I'm not so paranoid to believe it'll be deliberately misused, but yes of course it's a possibility -- in my opinion the benefits to my family tree / ancestry research outweighed the risks.

    Of course, it's also an advantage that I've got master race genetics :pp

    There seems to be a problem in the left nowadays, especially with the more radical left - everyone who isn't far enough to the left is branded a Nazi, and everyone they don't agree with is a contender for de-platforming.

    Ultimately, the working classes seem to be getting thrown under the bus in favour of identity politics, with the middle class academics calling out "white privilege" as a means of shutting people out of any conversation.

    Am I wrong to be concerned about this? If so, then why?

    I watched with interest the "Day for Freedom" event - something the press and various anti-fascist groups were branding as "far right" and a "day of hate". Fair enough that Tommy Robinson founded the EDL - but I think of them more of a misguided group of troublemakers than proper Nazis, and besides he distanced himself from them some time ago.

    Lauren Southern was given a videolink platform - she is definitely right wing and banned from the UK, but still not a Nazi. Same for Milo Yiannopoulos - inflammatory and conservative sure, but considering he's gay, half Jewish and married to a black man, he's hardly a contender for the next Reich. :/

    Then we had Carl Benjamin, AKA Sargon of Akkad, who is left of centre and calls out the Alt Right as much has he mocks the overly woke left.

    Oh and entertainment courtesy of drag artist Vanity Von Glow - hardly entertainment fitting of a white supremacist group.

    Followed by Count Dankula, the comedian recently fined for training his dog to do Nazi salutes - who describes himself as a "classical communist". This was his speech:

    It seems strange that people complaining about losing their freedom of speech were allowed to speak in the most public part of London possible -- but on the other side, I do see the de-platforming from certain media and University campuses as something to be concerned about.

    I'm not sure where I'm going with this, but, if the left wing doesn't wake up and stop mislabelling the working classes, it's going to get very messy. :/

    Logged into Ancestry to catch up on mine, and they've updated them to show more detail:

    Ireland/Scotland/Wales 38% (Father's name was Irish)

    Scandinavia 32% (My name (maternal surname) is Norse)

    Iberian Peninsula 10% (Stories of mixed race ancestry in our family, so this could be Moorish)

    Great Britain 6% (So I'm not very Anglo Saxon)

    Europe South 4%

    Europe West 4%

    Europe East 2%

    Africa North 1%

    African Hunter Gatherer <1%

    Benin/Togo <1%

    Middle East <1%

    I was arrested and charged for carrying one of these in the 1980s - I was found not guilty in court when I explained I had it for camping.

    Never got it back though. :/

    A small house with character close to the sea; nothing too big as that would mean maintenance. Close to green rolling hills would be nice, and not too far from civilisation - and by civilisation I mean a town with all the modern stuff.

    Create ten new threads and then reply to ten others that haven't been posted in for a while.

    It is quiet, but it's up to everyone to unquiet it :p

    It seems that Britain is no longer a safe place to be, if you're a potato :shock:


    Scott Walker, 39, appeared before the Dunfermline Sheriff Court Monday, where he was charged under Criminal Law Act 1995 for carrying “an article which had a blade or which was sharply pointed, namely a potato peeler,” the Dunfermline Press reported.

    The man faces up to four years in prison for carrying the kitchen utensil in public without good reason.…r-wielding-potato-peeler/

    I've always seen them as a massive waste - although I have to admit they do provide a level of convenience when camping etc.

    Seems like a good idea though - it'll teach us not to be so lazy.