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UKHippy is a long running online community and of likeminded people exploring all interpretations on what it means to be living an alternative lifestyle -- we welcome discussions on everything related to sustainability, the environment, alternative spirituality, music, festivals, politics and more -- membership of this website is free but supported by the community.

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    If you wanna keep the capitals then cool, if you want to go back to lower case then happy to change it for you.

    Welcome back -- I've adjusted your account permissions to what they were before you left. ;)

    Protein doesn't create energy efficiently -- protein only really creates energy if there isn't enough energy coming from carbohydrate and fat; protein is primarily meant for building and maintaining muscle etc.

    I've now been vegan for over 6 years and vegetarian for 15 years -- I get about 100 grams of protein per day (I weigh 72 kilos) and go to a gym three times a week (or at least I would if I hadn't hurt my shoulders by lifting too heavy last week!)

    If I didn't go to a gym I'd drop my protein down to 60 grams, which is really very easy to achieve without missing any amino acids.

    Everyone has a different starting point, but we're all the same species so all have pretty similar nutrient requirements -- if you desire to work it out then you will work it out.

    I would like to think that Facebook has had its day, but it does have a lot of good things going for it.

    The problem I have on FB is that I can't post freely, I'm constantly being irritated by people I don't see eye to eye with, and I find it difficult to sift through content from people with some real crazy ideas - including long term friends and family members who I can't just get rid of.

    Even though my name is Paul, and a few people have me as FB friends, there's still something freeing in a more anonymous world where I can choose the content I read, sections I follow and don't have to think about the sensitivities of certain people (such as my family members) seeing my posts.

    However, FB have big money to throw at making their system work properly, and I can't compete with the way they've swallowed everything up. I can compete on the level of integrity though, because I don't use data to monitor people's shopping habits and I don't manipulate people's opinions by deciding which people get bumped to the top.

    Plus, I will never ever force people to use their legal names.

    Wouldn't it be great if we could return to a world where smaller, independent, specialist forums, could flourish again?

    For a long while now its been on my mind, is it time to go veggie?

    Yes, because it's easier than you think -- and as others have said, frozen veg is often just as healthy as fresh veg.

    My own opinion is that vegetarian is a bit of a half-measure, and that the real benefits come from a well planned vegan diet (and lifestyle), thus avoiding all animal products.

    This will mean finding other ways to take care of Vitamin B12, Vitamin D3 and iodine levels, because these are typically the things that cause problems and are harder to source given our current food supply. Iron doesn't need to be a problem unless you have a diet high in junk food.

    If you're already supplementing it may be worth switching to something specially formulated, such as this, which may seem expensive but it's a 6 month supply:

    It's worth bearing in mind that most livestock is supplemented with vitamins, because the quality of soil is so bad that the animals no longer get the nutrients they need. Many meat eaters get their dietary needs from supplements that have been fed to animals first.

    Anyway, these links might also help.

    Just to make sure I'm not misunderstood; I have no objection to anyone, from anywhere in the world, coming to London to either visit, or to become a 'Londoner'.

    But, I think the only way we will make progress in investing in technology -- we need to change the food system, we need to change and move towards greener power and we need to look into affordable green transport that doesn't affect individual freedom and privacy.

    A big problem with the above, is that for the last 40 years we've been influenced and controlled by neoliberal conservatives (including New Labour) that have sold off our own resources and infrastructure, thus forcing us into the pockets of globalist corporations -- and they are the ones who should be targeted, rather than ordinary working class people.

    File Uploads

    I've added some software settings to allow large file uploads -- originally I was worried about server space and bandwidth, but while that may be an issue in the future, it's more important that people can use this site more easily from mobile devices.

    So now, if you have more than 40 posts (or have donated) you will be able to upload attachments of up to 4mb, that will be reduced in size by the forum software -- there's still a restriction on people with fewer than 40 posts, largely to encourage activity and also for member safety.

    Other New Features

    Since a lot of you last visited, I have added the ability to change your username (40 posts+) or even delete your account.

    Also there is the ability to hide entire threads and forums from view (40 posts+) -- something especially helpful if you find a particular topic unhelpful or annoying.

    I will update some instructions on how to use these features, along with anything I've forgotten, although you should be able to discover most of them by clicking around.

    Support Forum

    I appreciate people contacting me directly when they encounter issues, but it's much better for the community of people can use the Support Forum for problems.

    In that way, if I find a solution, it will also help other people encountering similar problems -- or alternatively, members of the community may have the solution themselves if I don't get to answer immediately.

    Right, I'm off to the seaside! :)

    Welcome back :)

    With the influx of old timers and a handful of new faces, we can restore this to a positive place again :)

    That's exactly what the fox hunters/farmers say about people going into the countryside to disrupt their lives :/

    Maybe so, but it's a different issue -- however, the hunt sabs are like many other animal rights groups who focus on the plight of one species while not considering the general human attitude towards all species -- like, you'll rarely see them disrupting anglers for example, which is largely a working class pursuit and arguably way more popular.

    In the case of XR, we have a largely middle class group of people (nothing wrong with being middle class btw) from outside of London, getting in the way of everyone from cab drivers, bus drivers, couriers, tradesmen, emergency services and anyone using public transport -- there's no discernment and a seeming lack of understanding of how our infrastructure works and who relies on it for their livelihood.

    Apart from my objection to "outsiders" coming into London to mess up our city, I also think it's incredibly misguided campaign -- not to undermine the importance of the issue, more that I don't think this is a solution.

    The only way the governments would be able to implement radical changes would be to heavily tax transport and fuel use, which would drastically affect the lives of ordinary people, more so if they are on reduced incomes.

    So, protesting for higher taxes on behalf of the establishment seems a bit topsy turvey -- the history of protest is very anti-establishment, and this seems to buy right into austerity.

    Also, using an emotionally disturbed autistic girl calling for everyone to panic, in the way that her disorders cause her to panic. Something not quite right with all of that :/

    I tend to agree with almost all of the 'Spiked Online' take on things...

    The cult of Greta Thunberg

    Extinction Rebellion: enemies of the working class

    An establishment rebellion

    Stop scaring kids stiff about climate change

    The main job is to get people to visit and use the site -- especially people who might feel a bit enthusiastic about this place -- that's more important than anything.

    Today I'm running some scripts in the hope it will fix the search functionality -- so if anything runs a bit slow it's because stuff is being indexed in the background.

    Some things that would help me that I can't do myself...

    1. If anyone sees a UKH email in their junk folder, could you please mark it as 'safe' or 'not junk' and move it to your inbox -- especially if you use hotmail, live, yahoo or gmail.

    2. If you don't want email, please use your account settings rather than report it as spam -- people doing this have contributed to the IP address being blacklisted.

    3. Update your own email address if you have abandoned your old one.

    4. Share this site with ex users who may also have abandoned their email addresses (I have at least 2000 messages bounce back to me whenever I send a mail-out).


    Appreciate tis in transition phase but will we be getting back the articles, groups and blogs back?

    Blogs, probably in time - although I doubt I will be able to restore old blog content as the platform was so different.

    Articles are possible -- just whether people can commit to writing them or not.

    Groups -- I'm not sure how on this platform but could certainly look into it.

    I need to watch the site and see if we can encourage some serious activity - right now I'm just happy to see some old faces coming back and posting in the forum :)

    I will be using this thread to post updates about the site...

    The story so far, if anyone doesn't know.

    A year or so back I got rid of UKHippy as its popularity had severely waned, and I was simply fed up with the ongoing negativity (admittedly some of it was mine). It isn't easy separating personal opinions from moderation, while trying to compete with social media and other websites etc.

    I think I just needed a break tbh.

    But, rather than sacrifice years of hard work (and years of contributions from members) I tried to re brand it as a site geared towards nomadic living (hence

    The database was the same, the graphics were slightly different, the niche was more focused --- so after I swapped the name to 'classifiedcampers' I trimmed and merged a lot of content in order to streamline things.

    Members who never ever posted got removed, and so did a lot of irrelevant content -- members who didn't like the new ethos were welcome to delete their accounts, and quite a few did. I did everything in accordance with the new GDPR laws.

    Needless to say, the venture didn't work, I lost my own enthusiasm and was on the verge of killing it completely!

    A couple of people convinced me to change my mind, and instead I have brought back UKHippy! :eek:

    I think the break did me some good; it's given me a fresh set of eyes and I'm feeling positive about getting this moving again. I intend to keep this website as a positive experience the best I can.

    However, restoring old content is going to take a bit of time.

    Some of it is lost, but nothing important is lost -- so, old forums like 'The Lizard Lounge', 'Animal Welfare', 'Planet Earth' and so on will be back, but it'll take me a while to sift through old content and reorganise it.

    I'm going to do my best to be as fast as I can with this, but please bear with me.


    The site hosting is currently costing about £45 a month including VAT, domain registration, software licences etc. It rests on a UK based cloud server with a pretty high tolerance for forum software.

    I'm not going to excessively nag people for donations, instead I will let people choose their own level of appreciation and support -- if you're happy then you'll tell me, if you're not then you'll tell me. A day at a time I will do my best.

    If anything changes with the running costs I will let you know -- but I prefer giving people freedom to choose rather than charging a regular fee -- doing that in the Classified Campers 'project' never sat well with me - I want everyone to have a similar experience regardless of their means.


    I am currently the only person moderating and administering this site -- last time around the two remaining moderators abandoned ship without any warning and that's how its been since.

    But, if the traffic builds up I may invite some people to help me; we shall see. My own values are about individual freedom and self-expression within a managed infrastructure (i.e. the forum layout).

    I don't like heavy handed moderation and will avoid (as far as is practical) being overly dictatorial, so long as people play nice and don't try to deliberately disrupt the site or anyone else's enjoyment.


    There undoubtedly will be issues -- this site is cloth-eared, ragged around the edges and runs on fairy dust --- so if you find any issues then please use the suggestions and feedback forum rather than reporting them to me directly.

    Welcome back; thanks for popping by :flowerpower: