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    A couple of small updates...

    Users can now export their personal data as per new data protection requirements and also delete their accounts should they wish to leave. this is all done via the Account Administration Panel. Personal data is not forum content or messages, but includes things like your email address, IP address logs, submitted birthdate and so on.

    If it isn't in the download, it isn't in the system. The file you will get can be opened in a web browser or text viewer, but will look like machine readable code rather than anything printable.

    Deleting an account will irreversibly remove any personal information we have on you, including email addresses and IP logs and any upgrades or user privileges -- but it will not remove posts or other submitted content. Think carefully if you wish to go as I cannot undo this request once it is done -- deletion means deletion and you will need a new account should you wish to return.

    If there is any personally identifying material in a post that anyone wants deleting then send me a direct link to the content and I'll remove it manually as I always have done - merely changing your mind about an opinion doesn't count, there has to be a good reason.

    Hopefully this will make people feel safer about their data and the way I store it. :)

    Yeah most Amazon Prime videos start off with an advert.

    I've temporarily ditched Netflix for a while as I've adjusted my body clock to go to bed earlier - but I've kept Prime for the music / free delivery benefits.

    I have no issue with Donald Trump visiting the UK - I don't agree with much of what he says, but he's here to talk business, and given Theresa May's shitshow over Brexit, leverage is certainly important.

    I also think that much of what is said about him really is "fake news" and as such I have no faith in anything coming from the mainstream media.

    That's a very fair point Paul, only the other day I read a story claiming he has dropped the ban on importing ivory to the US - I have not been able to find any corroboration at all (the US being part of the convention on banning ivory).

    I think it's true, but Trump was personally against the decision and referred to hunting as a "horror show". I believe (without looking it up) that he tried to overturn the plan but was defeated.

    That's interesting - I didn't know that. I was thinking about the children were separated from their mothers on arrival at concentration camps.

    This is why I find it hard to be 100% anti-Trump -- there's a lot he gets wrong and he certainly puts his mouth into gear way too quickly, but the US liberal left love finding things to blame him for that weren't necessarily his doing.

    Yeah thats what i was suggesting.... Stay indoors and cover up while you're naked sunbathing in your back garden?...

    'cos if she's undressed on a nudist beach she'd clearly be asking for it...

    I see that but would ask if nipple ,navel and any other piercings would be deemed offensive? , my point is that a nudist beach may be the only place to display such adornments(being by its very nature a place to get naked)

    It's not really about offensiveness, but because they're performance enhancing devices, they're more about sexual signalling.

    Although I'm not exactly sure what wearing a cock ring is supposed to signify, as it seems like a public admission of erectile dysfunction. :/

    All I'm saying is that if you're young and attractive and want to be naked in what is essentially usually a public place, you shouldn't make a fuss if people look at you.

    I agree with that -- but reacting like it's a sexual signal isn't exactly good behaviour.

    would you also prefer people with tatoos stay away?

    There's a difference between a permanent marking and a removable piece of jewellery that's designed to enhance sexual performance. :/

    So yesterday I went on a nudist beach -- I've never felt the need to call myself a naturist or anything like that, I'm just not that hung up about being naked.

    However, there was a really old guy who kept wandering up and down the beach in nothing but a cock ring, which was glistening in the sun as he sauntered up and down and kinda distracting!

    Why would anyone wear a cock ring to the beach? :/

    I have my views Paul and you have yours. Some people eat meat, some smoke, some do crosswords! We all have an opinion.

    It's not about opinion it's about presentation -- if you refer to muslims as "muslimes" then you're being unnecessarily insulting.

    Stereotyping all the members of a particular faith as the same, and using that as a justification for hatred, then it's in the same league as racism, homophobia, sexism and pretty much every other prejudice.

    The so-called "muslim ban" was on specific parts of the middle east where Isis were operating, and didn't include Islamic countries like Indonesia, Malaysia etc.

    I think acknowledging problems with Islam as it's practiced in some areas doesn't mean you "dislike" all muslims in general -- perpetuating this idea that it's merely irrational Islamophobia isn't helpful on either side of the argument.

    Trump is not a politician, as in he throws ideas out there without thinking them through, and he often lands himself in hot water about them -- he has knee-jerk reactions that are badly thought out, but that doesn't make him the next Hitler.

    I do find the first point very insulting and offensive and very close to overstepping the mark

    Yes I agree, but for the large part I'd rather it visible and unsanitised for everyone to make their own judgements - just so long as we don't get overrun with racism or other behaviour that makes this an unsafe place for anyone who happens to follow that path.

    I'm not that bothered about Trump -- he's a whole lot better than Clinton would have been and nowhere near as bad as Bush was.

    Considering some of the unsavoury characters we have welcomed here, I find this mass protesting all a bit farcical.

    The other thing I find farcical is the way the left are trying to pin things on him that he isn't guilty of -- I get it that he's a climate change denier and a bit of a knob, but half the protests are about stuff that either isn't true or presented out of context.

    I want to see this...…alloon-to-fly-over-london


    what are you looking for and what are the deal breakers?

    The ideal woman for me would be drug-free, vegan and childless, without being closed down to the idea of having them at some point -- so ideally younger than me too.

    However, if you're in good shape and a decent human being then I'm open to surprises.

    Loyalty and monogamy go without saying.

    Height, skin colour, social class and income are all secondary to me.

    Biggest deal breaker would be intersectional or radical feminism - or viewing everything through a Marxist lens of privilege vs oppression - so if you're trying to "smash the patriarchy" or like to remind people to "check their privilege" then I'd rather shove rusty nails up my arse. :eek: