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    How can we expect returning forum users or new comers to continue to log in on a regular basis, when no one can be arsed to post new threads or contribute by posting their views/thoughts to existing threads.

    We can't.

    The same people who complain about Facebook taking away their freedom, monitoring their privacy and so on, are the same people addicted to it.

    Unless something changes in the world of social networking and mobile tech, then we'll just keep plodding along like a wheezing dog.

    Remember the enthusiasm when I rebranded, and remember the enthusiasm when I returned us to UKH ... I have no idea what happened to that enthusiasm tbh, and I'm not gonna rebrand every few months just to generate some excitement :D

    I also don't know what 'identity politics ideology" means in the above context.

    It's a continuation of the more radical left from the past, but instead of focusing on equality, they focus more on race and gender in terms of continuing oppression.

    So, by using 'intersectional' theory, they will assign privilege according to characteristics -- therefore, all white men are 'privileged', and part of white supremacy and have no voice in any argument because of their immutable characteristics -- unless of course you're an ally, which usually means you have humbly accepted your inherited privilege (regardless of whether you're piss poor, homeless or whatever), and so on.

    It's not that the theory is always incorrect, it's more that it falls short and fails to take individuality into account, and is used to make accusations towards (and silence) people who would otherwise be on the same side -- such as JK Rowling in her recent gender argument.

    There's a dangerous trend on social media, where it's been taken over by the new 'hashtag' loving woke brigade -- and people who've been on the side of social justice for decades are now thrown under the bus for not buying the identity politics ideology.

    I just don't know what to do about it.

    Social media is king nowadays, and yet everyone moans about lack of freedom, and how they get censored by the Silicon Valley superpowers.

    But in days gone by when forums were king, if we didn't like the rules we could quickly find elsewhere to go.

    I personally only ever delete material if it's illegal or threatening, or move elsewhere it for the sake of organisation -- and while that doesn't imply perfect freedom of speech (which I accept) I do strive to allow it within the remit of keeping things afloat and safe.

    The internet microcosm just demonstrates how small government is way better than big governments. :/

    We have always been hunter gatherers.

    As far as I know, we haven't always been hunter gatherers in the way we commonly understand it -- we've mostly been scavenger-gatherers, moving to larger animals as a means to survive various ice ages.

    We're not hunter gatherers now either, as we don't really go hunting with a Tesco on the corner.

    But the disgusting mass production of cheap available meat has lead to the exploitation and abuse of innocent animals.

    And how is any other form of unecessary meat eating not exploitation? If you can choose an alternative, and you still opt for the death, then surely you're still exploiting?

    digestive systems are actually designed for

    Well, we may not have been designed at all -- but our digestive systems have not really evolved for meat consumption. Animals that are meant to eat flesh have a very short intestine, so it doesn't rot inside their guts.

    I had free school meals myself when I was a kid -- we used to get tickets that we'd hand in, in return for some grub.

    When I look back that singled us out for attention somewhat, but in fairness nobody ever got laughed at or ridiculed for being poor -- pretty surprising considering how evil kids can be to each other.

    I’ll chuck you a DVD set when the carboot sales open again.

    Already seen it :D

    My objection is second-guessing -- usually done by a certain demographic of people who believe they know what's best for everyone else -- second guessing who is offended, second guessing who needs protecting, promoting victimhood and disempowering everyone in the process.

    Also, the social justice definition has been changed to suit an agenda -- in the past 'racism' just meant hating or judging people from a different race, nowadays the same woke people believe that the only kind of racism is institutional, and because of the divide in power, white people can't experience racism. (which somehow seems to dismiss centuries of Jewish and Irish prejudice).

    I hate the woke sjw liberal types -- all they do is throw people under the bus who could otherwise be on the same side.

    It's bollocks, and mostly coming from the new liberal wokes who are behaving like they've just discovered racism for the first time!

    It's also a sad state of affairs when white people need to rely on black dudes like this to fight our corner for us...

    This women makes so much sense

    I've been following Candace Owens for a couple of years now -- I disagree with a lot of things she says, but there's a sad 'intersectional' victim narrative infecting the left that only serves to alienate people who would otherwise be on the same side.

    The modern left has lost the plot, unfortunately.

    all bloody lives matter

    Yes they do, but the BLM movement is about racial injustice -- it's a reminder that racism still affects many people's lives.

    I don't agree with the marxist agenda of Antifa or the BLM movement, but it's not rocket science to see individuals and groups that use their power to enact on their ingrained prejudices.

    Racism is real and cops do shit things, but rioting during a pandemic -- that apparently affects minorities more -- seems a bit bloody crazy.

    My thoughts are that black lives do matter, but black lives do not matter to Black Lives Matter -- and maybe that's because they're actually a neo marxist pressure movement using race as a way of forwarding their agenda.

    In the words of Malcolm X "The white liberal is the worst enemy to America, and the worst enemy to the black man."

    Vitamin D is linked to respiratory conditions so it may be relevant -- but I also know that excessive vitamin D can replicate the symptoms its supposed to alleviate.

    I was pretty shocked when they shut the country down as I always believed that the capitalist machine/economy came first and its work force were just disposable like a battery.

    Boris Johnson isn't a Thatcherite Tory - Thatcherism / neoliberalism was very much about the individual, where private investment would only pay for the infrastructure when it absolutely had to, and at a profit.

    Johnson subscribes to 'One Nationism' which is probably more left wing than Blairism - and his choice of cabinet partially reflects this. (although Matt Handjob is a fucking idiot)

    However, he's still made a complete mess of everything -- partly because, even with his reformed views and overly optimistic attitude, he still has a party full of oldschool tory arseholes to contend with.

    Of course, the cynical side of me might think that the government regrets the furlough scheme and would rather sacrifice a few more people to save the economy -- and the easing of the lockdown simply means more hospital beds are available to cope with an increased death toll.

    So it's now like this...

    You should go to work, even if it means mixing with people whose lives you know nothing about, as this is now considered safe.

    Just don't travel using public transport, as that's not safe as you'll be mixing with people you don't know.

    However, mixing with people from your own family, who you trust, isn't safe unless you live together.

    Also, you can drive to a national park 200 miles away and go hiking, as a mountaineering accident won't put any pressure on the system at all.

    But don't get too close to anyone, especially not mountain rescue, as that could get you a bigger fine.

    It's all as clear as mud. :/

    OK, let's try this again. I apologise if I missed stuff or deleted the wrong stuff -- I was somewhat distracted at the time I was alerted to a post report.

    I'm going to open this again, and ask that, if I fucked up, that you forgive me, and you please resist the urge to insult or fight during this stressful period of our existence.


    Well your idea of removing the "nastiness" which removed my innocuous post is pretty laughable considering the vitriol still on show. But it's your website, censor away.

    Well pardon me for failing to clean up everyone else's mess properly.

    I think I've removed the nastiness -- this thread is now open again, but please keep to the topic and refrain from making direct and personal attacks on other members.