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    Well, for a start I'd be a bit clearer on what an "essential service" is -- like, I'm pretty sure my local council didn't need to be cutting the grass at 8am today! :/

    The way I view it is, this is a general coronavirus thread, and as such all related information is relevant.

    If people go widely off-topic in other threads, then I'll do my best to separate them (so long as I spot it).

    Tensions are high all-round right now, for reasons that extend beyond the personal risk of catching this bug -- financial pressures, worries about freedom, housing, loved ones and so on.

    I just want people, no matter how much they disagree with each other, to not make this personal or to attack individuals -- because, to some extent, we're all stabbing around in the unknown and I'm reasonably sure that nobody really wishes any harm on anyone.

    Maybe it's time for me to move on as IMO there's so many saddos on here spouting negative vibes that it's starting to make me wish they'd cop a packet and give positive vibes a chance to blossom. You and fn Zen should up your fn meds or even better, get a life you sad bstard. To put your shitty views into perspective on this thread, a 13 yr old has just crossed the rainbow bridge, no underlying problems, just a kid.

    Might I suggest that you and the other retards who are so full of shit just start your own poisonous threads and let decent hippies breath a little. I've had a belly-full of serving Lizzie and peeps like you, the best part of whom dribbled down your mummies leg at conception just really piss me off.

    Bit aggressive that one dude! :/

    I agree that we need more positivity - but there are half a dozen coronavirus threads now, and I'm not going to insist we're all love and flowers about it.

    I just wish people would be a bit more deliberate about where they're posting -- there's enough room here for every angle, and the more we break it down, the more we can choose the parts we want to give our attention to.

    Age of population plays a big part in the fatality stats.

    As does the criteria for testing -- if the entire symptomatic population were tested, I think the percentages would probably level out.

    Not sure what difference it makes, but the British aren't typically known for large cross-generational families living under the same roof -- but it is more common in Asian and Latin families.

    I wonder if this partly explains the high death toll in Spain and Italy, and (considering the Asian population) the increasing death toll facing London and other British cities.

    I'd say a big issue with the UK and USA could be the Hollywood influenced idiots, who probably believe some good looking superhero will step out of nowhere and save everyone, just like in the movies.

    Discussion is fine -- but please respect the request of the opening post, to use this thread to congratulate and 'big up' our frontline workers.

    If you want to discuss topical issues, please choose appropriate parts of the website -- no topic is off limits; so long as people respect each other.

    Besides, it's good for this website to have lots of different discussions.

    I'm going to *attempt* to fork the above discussion into another thread.

    When I was a kid, every time I got ill my grandparents would dose me up on vitamin C -- 3 grams a day as a way to boost my immune system, and it always seemed to help -- my grandmother worked at a local chemist during WW2, so I guess she knew more than most.

    However, for the last couple of weeks, Facebook has been blocking posts about the use of Vitamin C against coronavirus ... they've been calling it 'fake news', pseudoscience and unproven.

    But, in spite of that, hospitals are picking up on it and starting to use ultra high doses to treat people who are critically ill...


    Doctors throughout New York state are giving their critically ill coronavirus patients massive doses of vitamin C, a tactic said to have helped those hit the hardest in China.

    Dr Andrew Weber, a Long Island based pulmonologist and critical-care specialist with Northwell Health, shared that he has been immediately giving his intensive-care patients 1,500 milligrams of intravenous vitamin C.…milligrams-VITAMIN-C.html

    Personally, because I've been ill recently, I've been upping my own dose and currently doing 3000mg a day +

    What is absolutely insane, is that the media are stirring up a panic, and then shaming people when they actually start panicking.

    I can quite understand why, people with families, will be worried about making weekly or daily trips to the shop, when they're crowded and potentially unsafe -- who would want to do that if they could get it all in one hit?

    Not that it's not selfish -- it is, but most people will understandably put the ones they love first.

    I just hope that the stores get on top of it soon, for the sake of the people whose means are limited. :/

    There's a lesson here - when the shit hits the fan, it's the working classes (like shelf stackers) who have to step up to the mark!

    What's annoying me more are the people cashing in on this -- I saw toilet paper for £10 in a video yesterday, and FFP3 masks, that normally go for a couple of quid, are currently selling at £15 or higher on ebay! :o

    I would say this whole episode has caused everyone to have heightened anxiety; if you're a naturally anxious person, it'll only make it worse.

    Right now, I'm also in fight or flight mode, largely because of a pre-existing bug and a stressful few months -- so I just need to stay still, not go out too much and focus as much as I can on strengthening my immunity.

    But, as long as we are alive and breathing today, then we just have to be vigilant and try not to do things that make us panic more.

    This is really a lesson in putting things in perspective, right sizing the issues, and keeping things in the day.

    (and not watching the news repeatedly or hunting for scary information)

    Here's a youtube channel, designed to smooth over our fears with a bit of a cosmic meditation vibe..…gKDm7TGu8Hp6AiqW4A/videos

    Almost every pandemic has come from our relationship with and attitude towards animals and nature -- most of them passed on through the food chain, but some because of insanitary conditions.

    No need for a conspiracy -- it's been coming for a long time.

    This lecture was in 2008 and pretty much predicted it...

    I know i post a bit dark but this video may help if you think you have symptoms.

    Strange he mentions November -- China didn't inform the WHO until late December. If he didn't have two separate conditions, it'll mean it's been going on for a lot longer.

    Well iam convinced i ve had this bloody virus, its been a scary ride, i seem to get better then you have an intense spell of feeling crap, the last phase that we ve been told is the first is the cough,

    The cough is like a nothing cough, its not a satisfying cough like when you haulk up a good deal of flem, its a non productive cough like a dusty cough like i used to get if id been cutting kingspan all day horrible, then when you breathe in its like sharp.

    I had something similar to this at the start of Feb -- I wish they were testing in the community so it could at least put our minds at rest. It isn't / wasn't a completely dry cough though, more like a catarrh that didn't want to shift.

    No discernable fever or aches though -- fever usually makes me shiver and want to wrap up, instead I needed the balcony door open so I could feel the breeze coming in.

    At the moment my breathing is still slightly squiffy, but I did see my GP a week ago, and he couldn't hear anything on my lungs -- as opposed to three weeks ago when he definitely could.

    Considering the first UK case was at the end of Jan, there's every chance what I had was just a nasty seasonal thing. :/

    Someone I went shopping with last night has developed a fever -- so I guess I'm now in the lockdown club!

    I think they have an anxiety induced cold though, as they're sniffling rather than coughing -- so gonna check in over the next couple of days and see how they turn out. :/

    I am still in the camp that this virus has either started naturally from bats to humans

    Many (if not all) pandemics were caused by animals being consumed by humans, or our relationship to them -- including, historically the cold and flu viruses.

    We didn't have big germ warfare labs or 5g or any of the stuff being suggested by conspiracy theorists during the Spanish Flu outbreak of 1918.

    age is one of the most major factors to consider.

    I think that everyone knows someone who is vulnerable, and as such we're all going to need to be a bit responsible.

    Also, from what I gather, even with a good survival rate, there's no guarantee you won't be seriously ill!

    6 degrees of separation etc.

    Can you get someone to give you a lift back?

    I think so -- I asked someone earlier, and they told me I was being a bit too over-anxious ... but rather safe than sorry I say.

    I'll need to make my own way to pick up the van (also a train, but only 20 minutes and mostly overground) -- and maybe get someone to pick me up after the handover up in North London.

    I do have a couple of masks, but I've been saving them for when things get really scary.

    So, I do a bit of part time work for a campervan hire company.

    They called me today to ask if I could deliver a van to a customer who wants to bug out to the hills for a month -- but that's gonna mean me risking public transport to return from the delivery location. I'd refuse it, but I need to keep my relationship with them intact. :/

    I also tried to buy a freezer from Currys, but it seems that they've been panic buying those too! :o

    I'm not normally an anxious person, but it's all a little bit scary at the moment!

    A close friend's girlfriend is Italian, and returned from Milan in time for Valentines day -- they've both had 'colds' but weren't tested.

    Thankfully I haven't seen her since the 8th Feb.

    My friend is in self-isolation, partly convinced that she's already had it -- but her Italian gf is currently working at a London Gallery, much to my friend's disgust.

    Some people are irresponsible turnips!

    that probably shouldn't mean that the rest should stop living life.

    I'd say yes and no to that -- for example, one of my best friends makes use of a mobility scooter due to arthritis, along with COPD, heart disease and asthma.

    He lives alone, doesn't get out much, isn't very internet savvy, can't afford to stockpile and still needs to go out for basics -- like topping up his electric!

    All it would take is a meeting with someone unknowingly affected, who happens to be "carrying on as normal" and he'll be fucked. :/

    this virus is strong, resistant to most currently available antibiotics

    They may help with secondary infections, but antibiotics don't do anything for viruses anyway.