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    But is it really vegan? It has meat cell origins, but apparently grown without cruelty in labs, so okay in that way, and even foreseen in 1960's science fiction.

    The Vegan Society definition of Veganism is:

    "A philosophy and way of living which seeks to exclude—as far as is possible and practicable—all forms of exploitation of, and cruelty to, animals for food, clothing or any other purpose; and by extension, promotes the development and use of animal-free alternatives for the benefit of animals, humans and the environment. In dietary terms it denotes the practice of dispensing with all products derived wholly or partly from animals."

    It's actually 75 years since the founders invented the word "vegan", but in my mind that gives them the right to define the word and its correct meaning.

    That means it wouldn't be vegan because, even though it's less cruel, it's still considered to be a form of exploitation -- I guess it all depends on whether cells could be obtained from plucking a random hair on a wild ox, or whether they need a farm full of permanent donor animals.

    The whole idea of it seems a bit gross tbh.

    I'm using Windows 10 and need to doubleclick to launch anything in a folder or on the desktop -- but a single click to launch anything from the start menu.

    Clicking links in a browser, well that's always needed a single click.

    does anyone know of any good PAYG deals

    Probably GiffGaff

    (that's my affiliate link, so I earn a fiver every time someone signs up and activates their SIM, and they earn a fiver too)

    These are their "goodybag" rates, which is a monthly rolling PAYG contract that you can leave anytime without notice -- a tenner a month will give you unlimited calls and enough data to do the basics (without heavy use):

    Also, while we're still in the EU, roaming is included in your plan.

    I guess its probably a good product but ive never really understood the principle of vegans wanting to eat artificial meat replacement.

    Yeah, it's a little odd, especially when giving up meat for ethical reasons, as you'd think the last thing you'd want is to be reminded of what flesh meat looks like!

    Part of it is social conditioning -- most people who stop eating meat do so after many years, and so there's a comfort in enjoying the familiar, but knowing you're not contributing to anything unethical at the same time.

    Most of the flavouring in meat dishes comes from the herbs and spices and cooking techniques, and most processed meat looks so far removed from an animal that it's more about convenience than it is about creating a substitute.

    Like, nuggets, sausages and burgers are food shaped, not animal shaped.

    It also sends a message that you don't need to stop enjoying old favourites, that there isn't any major sacrifice -- although I agree that some fakes are gross, but some are great and some are just their own unique thing and shouldn't really be compared to anything anyway.

    My dad had a Maxi in about 1975/6 - all I remember is that it was a piece of crap that kept breaking down, oh and it had that smell that you only got in 1970s cars.

    I just pulled up alongside a new mini that was absolutely massive compared with me! What the hell is all that about? :D

    If you can persuade other people, then Telegram is an app that's almost identical to whatsapp -- except it's independent, encrypted, and you don't need a phone number to use it.

    It's just not immensely popular.

    You're welcome to, or I can just "reactivate" the same book and start sending it out again .. I'll count how many pages are left when I get back home.

    Or, we can start a whole new book if someone is willing to buy one and get the ball rolling?

    i have been looking for a car ..the c1 sounds good ..did you know the c1, pug 107 and toyota aygo are all the same car..built some where in the eu.. did not realise it had cam chain instead of belt..let us know how you get on with it as its on my list

    Yeah I knew that -- I prefer the look of Citroen (it's my 6th). The Toyota Aygos all seem to have leather steering wheels and gear knobs (no good for me) and the older Pug 107s have a massive grill that makes them look like grinning emojis! :D

    The engines are all Toyota, this is a 1.0 but I think they go up to 1.4

    If you're not worried about spec, you can probably pick one up for as little as £1300 - although I paid more for low mileage (60k), full service history, air con, electric windows and a 4 door variant. The stereo is utter shite, so I've just put my own head unit and speakers in.

    It's the smallest car I've owned since I passed my test -- It's like driving a dodgem! :D


    I actually did what I said above and bought a car! :o

    Older petrol vans seem so disproportionately priced, that the only way to really do vans in London is either with a pre 1980 classic (if you can find a good one), or something very new.

    I'm gonna zip around in a small hatchback for the next few months (with my tent), as I do actually have a long term plan of leaving the city.

    On the upside, I've bought a Citroen C1, with aircon, that has a 1 litre engine, does 60mpg, has a chain rather than a cambelt, and only costs £20 a year in road tax. :D

    OK change of plan -- the LPG tank is in a box behind the drivers seat, thus taking up all the room I'd use for a bed!

    It was also made in a weird period between 2006 and 2009 where Euro 4 vans were taxed at £260 per year -- before and after those dates it would be £140! :shock:

    Currently tempted to get a small runaround and a decent tent instead. :D

    I think I've found a petrol / lpg Astravan that might suit my needs.

    A few creases and scratches with 105k on the clock, but under £1300 with aircon. :)

    Going to see it on Monday.

    I was just about to say "not ULEZ" as 2002/3 seems to be the standard cut off -- and then I looked it up and it seems like it is

    The owner also has poor communication skills and doesn't seem to be able to answer the "does everything work" question :/

    I've got rid of the Berlingo for silly money, so am currently carless.

    However, I have found another 1.6 petrol Berlingo that almost matches the diesel in terms of spec, but something tells me that 112000 miles is too high for a petrol car -- not sure if things are still the same, but it was always diesels that were supposed to last, while petrols died at around that age. :/

    I don't think I want a wheelchair vehicle -- they seem like aggravation with changing the tax class and negotiating insurance (modifications), but I could still be convinced.

    Also considering a Suzuki Carry, a Daihatsu Hijet and the smaller Daihatsu Extol -- but they all seem to fetch top money considering their age.

    I don't commute through the ULEZ -- I tend to get the tube for work related stuff, and most of that is south.

    But because of where I am it adds an extra hour to any journey if I need to drive west - and tends to make weekend travel a pain in the arse.

    By 2021 I won't be able to use my current vehicle at all without paying, so it's better to change it now before nobody wants it.

    My little diesel Berlingo has to go!

    Apart from being a bit tatty, I live on the edge of the London 'Ultra Low Emission Zone' (ULEZ), and as such I can't drive it into the centre without paying £12 a day -- and in 2021 the zone will extend to include most of London. ;(

    I can't afford anything post 2016 (Euro 6 compliant).

    As such, anything I buy has to be a post 2003 petrol (Euro 4 compliant), or a pre 1981 classic.

    I can only manage about £2000 max!

    Needs to be low maintenance and versatile - and, because of parking restrictions (and convenience), it needs to be under 2 metres tall.

    Any ideas? :eek: