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    Forge a receipt, nothing elaborate, just a sold as seen, cash paid and an indecipherable signature.

    FWIW I always get the buyer to sign the duplicated receipt with time and date on it.

    Tempting, but I fear consequences -- if a copy of any receipt gets shown to the rightful owner, he may be able to use it against me in some way. Then I could be looking over my shoulder indefinitely.

    Also, I'm not 100% sure I got the surname right when I eventually did register it.

    Plus, from what I've gleaned on social media, I've got reason to believe he's got some dangerous connections.

    Take photos of the vehicle on his drive and if you have the time photos or video of him driving it.

    The car isn't there -- I've driven past a couple of times and it's nowhere to be seen.

    I've also checked the DVLA online records, and it isn't taxed.

    The last recorded change of log book was Christmas Day, so he hasn't done anything since I updated it all.

    This is largely my own fault. :frust:

    Sold my old car on 29th October, but absent mindedly left the paperwork in it, and the new owner drove off -- called him and he was like "don't worry, I'll post it off on my way through".

    That was that ... until a couple of weeks after, when the parking / illegal right-turn tickets started to appear!

    I appealed on the basis of having sold the car, not knowing who the keeper was etc. Cash sale, paperwork lost -- clueless!

    Contacted the DVLA, who told me they would send a confirmation slip within 4 weeks -- none arrived.

    Tickets kept arriving -- total of eight from two different boroughs! :eek:

    I also got a warning letter from the DVLA about an untaxed car!

    Contacted new owner again, who blocked my number! X/

    So, I did a bit of detective work -- googled the number, which showed up as someone advertising on Gumtree.

    Searched and traced the name to a Facebook profile -- looked at the photos -- not the same person! But photos of his house matched the address where most of the tickets were issued. Did a reverse lookup to get the full postcode.

    Found a scan of the log book (from a permit application), and used the number to register the car to this address, using the name I remembered. I got a confirmation, but it was dated Christmas day!

    Wrote to the two councils, appending the appeals with new information...

    That, should have been that -- but now the councils are requesting a 'bill of sale', which I don't have...

    So, I'm kinda stuck -- I need to find ways to prove that I didn't have the car at the time, but they seem to be rejecting everything except an invoice. ?(

    I do have the following:

    - Notification of change of insurance (one week after selling car - 5th Nov - Three of the tickets are before this)

    - Screen print of Ebay advert, with evidence of having ended the sale early.

    - Google Maps GPS timeline history (not easy to print)

    - Transfer of keeper slip, from December

    - Police Reference number, after I reported it to them in mid December.

    So, apart from that (which they are deeming inadmissible) I have no proof that I was not the keeper when the tickets were being issued, potentially making me liable for £1000+ worth of fines.

    One of these tickets is now going all the way to tribunal, but I'm expecting this to happen with all of them!

    Any ideas, short of changing my name and moving? :eek:

    If the ingredients are vegan, and they only tested on rats to initially check if the product was safe, does that let them off?

    Or do they check this sort of stuff constantly on animals?

    Artificial B12 was initially used on animals before they gave it to humans....

    Lots of brand products were animal tested; Lipton tea, PG Tips, Kikkoman Soy Sauce, Sellotape, Kleenex etc.

    When it comes to ingredients, there's so much historic testing that we'll probably never know fully whether a product was tested prior to development, or after it was already on the market.

    The Vegan Society consensus is that if testing of any ingredient is carried out under the effective control of the company, they won't be allowed to use their trademark. Anything that was produced with historical (or sanctioned) testing by third parties or government is decided on a case by case basis.

    All medicine in the UK is tested on animals by law, but nobody in the Vegan Society is going to tell people not to take necessary medication -- their definition for being vegan states "as far as is practicable and possible".

    Your either against all animal use or not.

    It's a non-vegan world -- I don't use animal products, but have no control over other people using them.

    Like, I can't control what the delivery driver had for breakfast before he dropped off my amazon delivery just now - and as such I have no idea where his wages go or what shares he owns. Same with pretty much any supermarket chain, or any other store. I also can't stop Mark Zuckerberg from going hunting etc.

    It's like you're saying that, because you can't go live in a hut in the woods, foraging for nothing but fruit, then you may as well not bother.

    Everyone is complicit to some extent; no money is clean.

    the very thing that vegan life is set against, that being the intensive farming of animlas

    Not quite -- veganism is against all animal use, intensive or otherwise.

    There's no clean money, so you cannot buy from any company that isn't involved in animal exploitation on some level -- even supermarkets have their meat and fish counters or sell wool sweaters and leather shoes.

    However, when you make an alternative purchase, you do create a demand and a profit for the alternatives -- for example, the KFC vegan burger is Quorn, and Quorn are increasing their range of vegan products. A couple of years ago the CEO made a statement, announcing that their longterm plan is to make everything vegan.

    By buying that product, you are supporting Quorn.

    So yes, on one level you support a business that's invested in animal agriculture, on another level you also support a business that's producing a range of vegan products.

    These companies are not going away, and as such it's about logic, not personal purity.

    I just want people to stop harming animals.

    Yes, there are problems with globalisation etc. but socialism has always failed, and as such we work within the framework of what already exists - a capitalist society.

    I'd rather companies profit from cruelty free food, because they're not going away.

    It's the same as any other company; Tate and Lyle didn't close down at the end of the slave trade, Hugo Boss didn't collapse at the end of Nazi Germany -- but nobody considers those companies as being complicit in slavery or genocide any more.

    I'm pretty sure the animals wouldn't care where the food comes from, just so long as they're not the ones being enslaved, tortured and killed.

    Never mind just the vegan thing does the tofu, soy, soya, almond milk, all come from sustainable land or is it from mc donald land a deforested jungle in south america somewhere?

    Something like 90%+ of all the world's soya is used as animal feed -- I believe that most of the remainder goes to the Asian market.

    If you're worried about soya use, then it makes sense to cut out meat ;)

    why would anyone who follows a vegan diet for their own reasons go and buy vegan fast food from the massive global corps meat based fast food outlets.

    I think it's great.

    Firstly, veganism, isn't just a diet, it's a whole way of living that excludes animal products from every area of life -- as much as possible. It's not about health, because nobody got healthy from avoiding leather or zoos etc.

    It's an animal rights movement, and as such it is beyond human issues such as political ideology -- whether someone objects to corporations, capitalism and the like, veganism is about animals.

    As such, the greater availability of vegan options, the more accessible veganism is -- fewer people can complain that it's too difficult.

    I don't want veganism to be limited to a few hippies and anarcho-punks living in communes and squats, I don't want it to be just for those who with the knowledge to make all their meals from scratch or grow their own food.

    I want it to be available for anyone and everyone; yes, include the hippies, but also include the single parents who want their kid to feel included, include the drunk emerging from the pub at midnight starving, include the people hanging out in the mall with nothing better to do.

    Include the people who might typically be too busy to get beyond the sausage rolls at Greggs or the people on limited means who can only afford cheap pizza from Iceland etc.

    The more options the better. :)

    Is this not opting out of the law of return? Even living in the forest, animal and human droppings are utilised by the trees and vegetation when they decay.

    I guess there are levels, but to me the issue is more about waste caused by industrial or large scale animal agriculture / exploitation, rather than waste that occurs naturally.

    To grow organic food, is being part of the animal industry. If you ever learn about growing food is that soil is a precious commodity.

    It is completely feasible for all the nutrients needed to come from plant sources -- it's known as "veganic".

    While we live in a non-vegan world, it's tricky to do this as we're locked into a system -- but it's being done increasingly more and is completely viable.

    For a naturally dark skinned person to get their D3 from the sun

    I'd like to see a reference for that -- bearing in mind that I haven't consumed animal products at all for over 6 years and only ever supplement D3 in the autumn / winter months. I'm also healthy and not on any medication.

    First reference I discovered, without any deep searching...


    Another study found that 30 minutes of midday summer sun exposure in Oslo, Norway was equivalent to consuming 10,000–20,000 IU of vitamin D (8Trusted Source).

    The commonly recommended daily dose of vitamin D is 600 IU (15 mcg) (3).

    Looks like that China study linked may be out of date; science has advanced since then.

    Maybe, but I believe it was more of a study that correlated people's habits to their health -- it was statistical rather than anything laboratory based.

    The point I was making is that there is more than one study.

    I know I wont be bothering with 5G, 4g is more than fast enough for my needs

    Same here until it becomes standard -- this is about my home internet though, which I've been forced to change as my previous ISP was giving me trouble, and I think the problem extends to Openreach who own the line.

    Moving to a 5g wireless system skips all that. :)

    I dunno -- I haven't caught fire yet, no birds have fallen from the sky, bees aren't dying by the roadside and my mood is the same as it always is (grumpy) :D

    Consider this, they once said that people would die if we went faster than 30mph...

    There's a lot to quote there, and I don't have time, but it's not so much about carbon footprint than it is about methane footprint, which is a hell of a lot more damaging than carbon.

    But livestock is very much supplemented with B12 (and other things).

    References from the UK, Aus and beyond...…ficiency-sheep-and-cattle…inishing/supplementation/…ts-Vitamins/products/277/



    ... to watch a conspiracy 'documentary' about 5g :whistle:

    So after trouble with my ISP I've signed up to Three 5g Broadband, that involves a router in my window sending the signal straight to my home -- right now I'm getting speeds from 100-250mb/s with no wires! :eek:

    Thus far my skin hasn't fried and no birds have fallen from the sky. :D

    Ok, tell us how.

    Naturally B12 is produced by bacteria that occurs on vegetation -- but with the quality of today's soils, a lot of livestock is supplemented, which is how it filters through to humans.

    Plus most people wash their vegetables to clean off pesticides, and as such the B12 is further removed.

    Therefore, cutting out the middleman (the animals) and supplementing directly, or through consuming fortified foods (or earthy organic vegetables) is the best way to ensure adequate amounts.

    Human beings are naturally from warm climates, and vitamin D3 is produced in our bodies when we have adequate sunlight. It occurs more naturally in animals that spend a lot of time outdoors, thus making it easier to get into the food supply through meat consumption.

    So, if you're living in a warm climate you'll probably get all the D3 you need from being outdoors, but if you don't then it may have to come from fortified foods - but there are arguments that D2 and D3 do the same thing anyway.

    Deficiencies in both of these vitamins is rife in both meat eaters and non meat eaters, but vegans typically tend to be more educated about them.

    So, 2 cases of contaminated meat & one mother who was quite obviously a fuckin danger to her child whatever the diet, hardly an argument against meat is it? ...

    My point is that, if any child dies or suffers any ill health for any reason related to diet, you don't get a whole lobby of naysayers using it as evidence how we should all eat a certain way.

    However, in the UK alone there are 600 thousand vegans (not sure about Aus), so it stands to reason that a percentage of them will be arseholes, and they will probably be more newsworthy just for having an unconventional lifestyle.

    People feed their kids all kinds of crap -- and while there may not be immediate consequences, what you feed a child during their formative years could have a damaging effect in the long term.

    Nobody uses language like "imposing" when someone gives their kids sweets or cakes -- but we all know that sugar is harmful -- many parents would actually think it ridiculous to never give a child sweets.

    It's easier to have kids than it is to drive a car --- and we all know how many nutcases are on the roads. This just strengthens my opinion that people should be trained in childcare before they're allowed to breed.

    Quite true, but no child ever died from an omnivorous diet.

    Every nutrient a human needs can be found in a vegan diet.

    The problem is, that a lot of people aren't educated about certain nutrients and why they are more prevalent in animal based foods -- for example, vitamin D3 is hard to get from vegan sources, as is vitamin B12, but it's not actually difficult once you're educated.

    Plenty of parents bring their kids up eating fatty meats, junk food, sugar, carbonated drinks, caffeine, tartrazine based food colouring and even alcohol. Sure they're criticised, but the criticism isn't used to attack an entire lifestyle.

    Kids do die from meat consumption -- sometimes in the long term, and sometimes sonner, but their lifestyle's aren't questioned because it's considered mainstream. If we lived in a mostly vegan world, and a child died from meat, I'm pretty sure the outrage would be the other way around.

    Manchester mum fed takeaways to dying obese child

    Boy, 10, left paralysed and unable to talk after contaminated Lidl burger dies

    Child dies after eating chicken meat

    Veganism should be a choice, not fuckin imposed on people, especially small children.

    There are thousands, if not hundreds of thousands, of people who have grown up vegan without any health issues.

    Plenty of child abuse and neglect happens within meat eating families; it isn't the diet, it's the ignorance and poor knowledge of the parents.

    All diets are 'imposed' on children -- if you bring your child up to eat animals, you're still imposing your values on them.

    Pump is for hot and cold water hence seperate feeds and discharge pipework - does it only run when you are having a shower?

    It powers everything except the cold tap in the kitchen. The noise in the clip above will still happen, even when the pump is turned off at the switch.

    However, even the cold water comes out warm and the pump triggers randomly, even though there are no dripping taps or leaks.

    The vent coming from the top of the cylinder is capped off and a little way behind the step ladder is a thermostatic rad valve that seems to be there for no reason at all.

    1 is it a pressureisied system,

    2 is it a gravity fed system,

    Depends :D

    The mains is pressurised into a header tank, which feeds a cylinder, which feeds a pump, which delivers water. I can turn off the pump to the shower, but it makes no difference to the noise.

    However, something else is going on to keep activating the pump -- possible pump replacement needed.

    The hot water and heating comes through a communal boiler elsewhere in the block.

    A council plumber came today, took a good look at it and said he needs to get other people in because the system is mental! :o

    It's what you could call Plumbing from Hell -- I'll post a photo in a mo...