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    But seriously, how can we stop this?

    You could try voting for a different government in'll probably take that long to become law and be put in place....however I don't suppose a change will make a lot of difference because they're all control freaks one way or another :curse:

    I went to Oxford today to see an exhibition of Stradivarius violins - as usual I parked up at the park and ride and sat on the top of the bus looking out....they have big patches of lavender all over the boarding area and everywhere I looked there were loads of bees.

    All I can say is well done Oxford City Council for planting flowers that the bees love - they've just expanded the parking area and there are loads of flower beds just waiting to start producing.

    Right - that's it....I'm going on a first class, long distance, journey at the first opportunity.....:insane:

    I always try to use the cash machine inside the bank if I can or one where there are plenty of people around on the theory that fraudsters won't try anything if they know they may be seen. These scumbags will try anything to get your money..... :curse:

    ....the joys of travelling by train!

    I bought a senior rail card a couple of weeks back and I've used it on most of my Fridays off since - visiting such places as Warwick, Stratford Upon Avon, Banbury and other destinations.

    Mostly I've used Chiltern Rail at the moment and I'm well impressed so far with their time keeping, comfort and cleanliness - however, last Friday I made a journey that took all of seven minutes using First Great Western so I'll be using them again soon to spread my wings a bit.

    Who do you lot think are the best railway operators and who should I avoid?

    I've come back just in time
    To help this thread rhyme
    I don't want to see Paul
    Sitting sad on his stool
    So lets give him a cheer
    Then open some beer
    And shout "down the hatch"
    Then buy a new batch
    So now....I....feel........pissed

    lol i know :(
    but im so shy and as much links as possible will help me :p


    I'd have thought that if you're shy the best thing is to stick around on the one site and get to know people more...just join in the conversation and don't worry about it.

    I got lured in by them back in my 30's - they had a good product so it wasn't a scam as such but it was definitely a pyramid selling organisation and hard work if you wanted to make serious money.

    thats what wells cathedral does to me Jim...i always find great peace there but think twas probably very sacred and holy before christianity even...just has that feel. My favourite ancient places are seven sisters at stanton moor, stanton drew, stoney littleton longbarrow and parts of the avebury complex...well certain stones there.

    There's one part of Wells Cathedral always gets to me Sarah - there's a door leading up to the chapter house and the first time I opened it was on a gloriously sunny day so the sun was pouring through the windows and down the magnificent flight of stairs. What really sticks in my mind is the wear on the stairs from centuries of feet walking up and down.

    Depends what you mean by "Britain's holiest place" really. I have loads of places that are significant to me, but from the title of the thread I kinda assumed you had something more objective in mind, rather than just personal.

    I really didn't have anything too much in mind other than trying to tap into peoples personal feelings. I would imagine that most of the places that would lay claim to being Britains holiest spot would. by the very nature of their claims, be too touristy to be of, yes, I guess it's personal opinions I'm looking for.

    I visited Canterbury Cathedral a couple of years back and didn't find it felt holy at all but I've been to other places and almost felt the hairs on the back of my neck prickle with the sheer spirituality of the building or whatever.