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    thanks everyone, she hasnt got internet yet but when im over with her tomorrow i will surely show her this, she's feeding both @ the same time, the H.V advised that she tops them up with formular milk at night. she has done this but isnt happy to do it often, she isnt overly keen on expressing either i have suggested this also.
    she does have a partner...hmm well erm sort less said the better tbh...hes not much help with housework children etc, he supports her mentally but thats about it.

    i visit as often as i can i have 7children, an live 8miles away an dont drive but i get to see her 3-4 times aweek i ring an text her daily, if she needs me i do go to them.

    thank-you again guys :)

    ive not posted on here for quite some time sorry :eek:

    about a month ago i had the pleasure of witnessing my friend give birth to twins, i wasnt meant to be there but i dropped stuff off at the hospital for her an well it wasnt very pleasant time for her an so i stayed.

    the babies were prem only by 3 wks but they were under 5lb, there was complications an some trauma though labor, she's been feeding them both, but its constant she barely gets any sleep an when there not feeding there screaming not for hunger just to be close an for comfort.

    she feels so guilty as she has to older 1's she feels shes neglecting them as her time is spent feeding the babies.

    has anyone got any tips please shes desperate now lol

    thank-you guys it was a shock, havin been told that i probbaly wud never have another one again due to medical reasons.

    i'm sorry if you thought i was complaning i wasnt just shocked, an wordless tbh, an i know i'm more blessed then orthers an my heart goes out to those less fortunate then myself. i am gettin my head round the fact an so are the rest of my family thank-you all again x

    agree. but i wudnt expect anythin else he was a councillor after all :whistle:

    Brithdir Mawr! :D

    You would have thought the National Park would have been supportive of it wouldn't you? Especially when you consider they allowed the Teletubby House back in the 90s, slap bang on the coastal cliffs. It's hardly hidden away if you're hiking the coast path :p

    i think you should email tony wench who built an fought the high courts to keep his round house that was hidden an only discovered form the air

    i found out yesterday that i'm carryin number 7 :eek: not sure how to feel tbh, half of me is yep ok we can deal with this but the other half of me is on panic mode. my husbands feels the same my 16yr old was ok my 14 yr old cried an the younger 4 dont really understand.

    mentally i'm still trying to take it in, :eek:

    i have to agree with you...the gathering thats gone on this weekend took place on our coastal path in the middle on our national park...:(where wild horses an orther wild life live...i'm all for dancing under the stars...gatherings etc but it will be intresting to see if they clean up after themselves like they promised

    Townies :rolleyes: They head off into the countryside then try to turn it back into a city...all bright lights, noise and intensity. :S Whats the point? :shrug:

    And that's before we get to the quality of the "music" :p

    contained hahahah they have no choice but to except the fact this is pembs we dont have a ploiice force big enough to stop it...shame the organisers didnt invite the locals tho we're all pritty pissed at that...they dont wanna do it in thier back garden but they'll do in it ours...

    my daughter has dyslexia and is dyspraxic ( spl), she is 12 now and was told at 7
    she plays netball for her school and also hockey,
    however she has progressed dramtically with her reading and writing using float lines
    but her organisational skills are horruendous lol we call her fish has she has a 3 second memory i have post it notes all over the place for her and everyhting is colour coded for school, she floats along in a bubble, and very scatty.
    but you get used to it and can be very funny

    for instance i needed, some muscle spray, off my daughter went to the shop and she came back with

    mr muscle kitchen cleaner :D

    its not the end of the world

    the jumping of sentences whilst reading could also being a visual perception ie tracking things visually

    have fun its all good and you've got this far in life so it cant be bad

    TFFT :clap:
    somebody has actually said the right thing they hid the truth
    they smotherd him in chocolate to hide what they had done to the baby
    there for imo they knew exactly what they were doing and knew what they were doing was wrong,

    lulu i have a tears in my eye from reading your post
    and theres absaloutley nothing i can say or do my friend to make things better no-one can

    all i can do is offer you a cyber hug :bighug:
    and a freindly pair of eyes whenever you need them.

    lulu62uk & medusa
    i'm sorry for your losses, i was going to say time is a great healer but i dont think it will be

    i thought this was a forum where people could air their views with out being slated for it
    i was wrong seems to me that if your opions are the same as everyone else's then its ok an your one of the clan.

    if they are not then your are publically put down,

    everyone can have opions for or against thats everyones right but untill ( god forbid )

    it actually happens to you or your family/child /children i supose no-one can actually say how they would react. think or feel

    i dont think its fair that someone should be abusive to another for having an opion weather it be right or wrong narrow mindeness whatever there are ways that you can convey your thoughts with out abuse

    i'm against viloence of any kind, however i agree kick me from the thread or the forum if you feel that this wrong.
    nothing justifies what these people have done to that baby, nothing!

    we all have bad days, most of the population have mental health issue's, amd mpst of the population have been abused in way way or the orther.

    i have 6 kids, and at times my mental health can be quite severe, i was abused physcially and mentally as a child by my own family, brought up in care and pushed from pillar to post. i've been the victim of domestic viloence, i was a drug users for 15 yrs, and i've been in a pysch ward for 3 months twice.

    i do not and would not conteplate or attempt to harm my kids in such away, and beleive me looking after my lot is challenging, having 1 with sn and another who is border line, and then add 2 todllers in the mix and well u have a recipe for disater.
    i love my kids, there are no words to express my feelings for them, they never asked to put on this earth i made them and i will do my best to love protect care and nurture them till idie no matter how ill i am.

    you are right that its barbaric, backwards thinking, and viloence breeds viloence.
    and no matter what anyone does it will never bring that poor baby back.

    do you really htink that these perpetrators have acknoledge what they have done? and the sereoiusness of there actions

    all the mother was botherd about was she thought she was getting out for christmas

    her baby was toutured and murderd in front of her and she did nothing! her baby was buried in a unmarked grave.

    i'm sorry but for a mother to feel nothing not even a wincy bit is beyond help, there is always an option in a situation like this GET OUT OF it!

    baby p died in august 2007 how comes its took so long to come out?

    nd where's the pm he had comment on the ross and Brand saga
    what and he cant address the nation who are up in arms and outraged that something like this can happen pah

    i've said my thought on this subject and i will say no more, if i lowered the tone of the forum then i'm sorry but these are my angry mother instincts coming out

    peas n lentils

    OMG jo thats flippin stunning!!!!!! "clareski does an excited wiggle pixie dance"
    whoop u is so talented chick, u so are i cant wait it was sposed to be for xmas but i thinks she will wear before infact i know so whoop
    send me yer addy darl an i can pay you.

    i may have another order for you once my orthers see this one :D

    i am a dole scrounger full time mum to 6, used to be a waitress and chambermaid in some grotty hotels in blackpool (nice...... Not!)

    am i untrained and no qualifications not even gcs.

    i volunteer for various orgs with film editing, circus skills, and pr work for unsigned bands and artists all for free!


    i dont know how to delete a post down to the paragraph so my apolgies
    the last paragraph to do with the goverment not asking for people views on this was in fact done on a web site for mums the minister who was active in this decsion was part of a forum on this subject and hundreds of mums all put the exact argument to him and he responded back to them he did listen to mums and did explain that in exceptional circumatsnces they will be leintent and sympathic to each case
    i will try and find the link to the discussion but i can say that all the points raise in this thread was also raised in that online debate before this went thru parliment.

    i think so my freind very recently her employer expected her to work odd hours she had to jack her job in and explained to the job center she was not happy about leaving her son home alone for that long the job center was very sympathectic to her, what she did say was that she was willing to work as long as it was round her child who is 14 they cant stop your beneift if you say that apparently but every office is diffrent

    That sounds like a very sensible decision to me. Does this mean hope for some others who were thinking they'd be stuffed?

    i think you do please feel free to pm me with help etc them forms are very scary and it s very hard to get dla on the adhd basis alone
    i was quite fortunate with my sons apllication as it was quite clear from the start he was rewared it before his dx, i also have a link to a forum that is for careres of adhd who will all be happy to help as well

    i think i need to go and get a form for dla..........

    i recently had a lone parent interview down the botch shop
    i was told because i have a child with specfic specail needs ie adhd, and lots of other dual dx's, and i claim dla and careers allowance, the govermenet cannot make me go to work.
    she agreed with me that no emplloyer would take me on, as i would need lots of time off for hopsital appointments meetings and the days where my boy decide's he aint playin ball with socety, or has a complete melt down, and is suspended from school.

    they say that every time a woman is pregnant she looses so many brain cells :eek:

    god i must have lost loads then lol

    i know what you are sayin very well, i loose trail of thought on a daily basis, i put things that belong in the cupboard in the frezzer i found my backkie in there once :o

    i've done a full weeks shopping got to the till only to notice i've forgotten my money

    the list is endless, i've never got out of the where's my brain gone syndrome coz i've always had babies,

    it will keep come back well i'm hoping so lol

    i darent even ask, but how are u this evo, if you have juniper in the house stick it in a red hot bath
    (but i dint tell yer that did i???)
    it worked with nearly al of mine