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    i'd rather be corrected n have stuff pointed out to me...its good to learn :)

    yup,I think so too....:thumbup:

    “Discussion is an exchange of knowledge; an argument an exchange of ignorance.”

    Mind you,it says a lot about a person by their reaction to being corrected over a factual error...rudeness,personal insults and general throwing of teddies out of a pram is usually a sign of insecurity and one does wonder about a persons home/work life if they are continually rude ( shit job,bullied at home/work or maybe something a little more Freudian ;) )

    As my Mother always said 'If you've got nothing nice to say then It's better to say nothing at all '

    some of us ( and yes it may surprise you) were a tad more gentle..I'm Steve hugging a cat..(and you thought I was throttling it too..bad hippy)

    For those of us old time UK hippy folks...Steve,beloved furry piggy of Neyni ,passed away today :(

    So..RIP Steve the piggie..long time (for a guinea pig ) member of UK hippy

    Maybe because there are a higher than average proportion of landowners/farmers within the party who would benefit from still being able to cage pheasants or clip the beaks of their hens (cheaper than providing better conditions)

    you hit the nail on the head there m'dear.....

    It hasn't taken long for the Tories to abandon the 'Nu-Tory' cloak...the caring,sharing fluffy, inclusive band of paternal types that they wanted us to believe they had become...back to the land owning,business loving, greedy bastards that they are.....

    I know it is hard for those on a budget but please if you will eat meat and Free Range or RSPCA approved..keep writing to your MP and voice your concerns.. Do NOT roll over and let them get away with it

    Here it is...…hts-betrayal-2132827.html


    In a series of little-noticed moves, the Coalition has scrapped or stalled Labour initiatives to improve animal welfare some weeks before they were due to come into force.
    The Agriculture minister James Paice, who part-owns a farm in Cambridgeshire, has been behind most of the moves – which have infuriated welfare groups. In the latest of a series of controversial decisions, Mr Paice this week delayed by five years a ban on beak mutilations of laying hens due to come into force in January.

    I get 'shattered Glass Migraines' too...vile aren't they ?

    I take Sumatriptan if it gets really bad and lay down in a darkened room ( The sumatriptan knocks me out anyway)..A cold flannel against my forehead and wearing sunglasses also helps

    YES !!!!

    At last, people are voicing their opinion and getting down and dirty...:)

    45,000 turned up :D


    There have been clashes between demonstrators and police in London, as students and lecturers protest against plans to treble tuition fees and cut university funding in England.
    Protesters have broken into the building housing the Conservative Party headquarters in Westminster.
    They have set fire to placards outside.


    Coming out in full flow as pro-globalist and anti-protectionist. :(

    I thought he had a cheek mentioning how wonderful his FREE university days were when he's making it even more difficult for the average person to afford to send their kids to uni..not to mention landing those that do go, with 9,000 worth of debt per year...tosser !

    I was taught to cook by Sister was called Home Economics in 'the olden days'..she taught us how to plan ,prepare and budget meals..she started us off with toast (no kidding) the end of the year we were preparing a starter, a main course and a pudding for a friend.....
    My Dad grew up on a farm plus he was in the army, so I learned a lot of cooking skills from him...Mother wasn't the greatest cook ( Bless her) But the person who taught me to cook healthy meals on a budget was my then boyfriends mum...she also gave me a wonderful cook book called The Paupers Cookbook by Jocasta showed how to sort out a larder and how to fill it with essential items,what utensils to buy and what ingredients can replace others ..1 whole Lemon instead of wine for example.

    It's a parents duty to show their children how to eat healthily and how to cook..I think feeding your child nothing but junk food is a form of abuse..Eldest son is a good cook,Josh can cook but prefers his mum to do the donkey work (typical teenager)..There is NO EXCUSE for an adult not to cook..Saying that you can't is a cop out,there are plenty of books in a library,menus and lessons on the internet,plus a plethora of TV programmes about cooking..It never ceases to stun me the amount of people who would rather sit on their arses and watch Eastenders on their wide screen H D TV's than eat well...It's a sad indictment of a society when it thinks more of filling it's brains with rubbish than filling their stomachs with healthy,decent food :rolleyes:

    :rofl: If you're rejected by Christianity, you're pretty darn unlucky. In this day and age, they're happy to take anyone! ;)

    I've decided to go to uni. I did get duff grades, but not because I'm not intelligent, I think that's why I've left it for so long. I was predicted A*'s across the board until I fucked everything up by getting pregnant. Now don't get me wrong, my eldest littlie is everything to me and I wouldn't change her for anything. But you know what they say about hindsight...

    So, thanks to being in labour at the time of my examinations, I have little to work with right now. That doesn't mean I can't take an access course, though, which is precisely what I intend to do :)

    my dear I may well adopt you....

    Go for it....they were called Ἄλφα levels when I did them...:whistle:
    It's also good for your kids to see their mum improving her life via education...great example to set.

    Christianity doesn't take all the fuckwits...they aren't THAT forgiving.... lots of 'em think if they lick a crystal and sit around a bonfire it makes them Pagan ;)

    I think part of the point of college/uni (as well as the obvious point of learning) is to give yourself more freedom of choice ... I'm studying for a degree so I can work as a clinical psych, because I believe it's a job where I'd make a real difference and that would make it meaningful and worth working towards for me .. but aside from that, being able to get a better job means more freedom to take mini-me to the beach/countryside, to go abroad where we can have new and exciting experiences and to save the time I spend hunting for bargains so we can sustain ourselves on a small budget, having new experiences.

    So I guess, the only advice I can offer is look at subjects that interest you, that are relevant to you and that can get you a job that you enjoy and that gives you the time and resources to live the kind of life you want. Then it'll feel worthwhile :)

    totally I said, uni/college, usual dismissed by those who have never furthered their education or those who have got a duff grade ;) there is a difference between forced yoghurt weaving through being a fuck wit in a dead end situation and choosing yoghurt weaving alongside a decent education and standard of living.....You'll find many of us who chose this life style alongside many of those who use this life style to cloak their inabilities to cope with everyday life...." I'm alternative me..''...yes dear, you're a a regular earth mother..:rolleyes:

    As my mooty mate used to say about the nutters joining our witchy group..''what on earth makes 'em think WE want them because the Christians didn't'' :whistle:

    It almost makes me glad to be a veggie coeliac! I think people will need to re-learn how to shop and how to cook, but how does a family with 3 kids and with both parents working do this? It's not difficult to see how convenience foods have gained such a centre stage in life and stepping back will be really difficult for some. Perhaps there's room for more jobs teaching people these skills ;)

    ahh ,no sympathy with the working family 3 kids moan...

    have been a single parent,studying and working with 2 sons...we have always eaten well.

    Quite simply YOU GET UP EARLIER and become more organised...less time sitting on a fat arse watching Eastenders and more time baking in the also get the ENTIRE family involved in planning meals and baking..It's the 21st century,if a bloke can't cook, well then shame on him..there are 2 grown ups after all.....

    not to blow my own trumpet or anything...but, i have always done this...but for the life of me i cannot bake bread! arghh...

    bread is easy hun...and great for getting out your aggression ;)
    start off with bread mixes..still cheaper than's plain sailing from them to 'DIY' bread...and use dried yeast recipes,much less hassle :D

    I still can't make a perfect muffin...

    there's a cracking little hardware store on the Atlantic Highway...can't remember it's name though :o


    brilliant store..hardware,cookware,stoves,fuel...

    Macsalvors Wilson Way, Pool, Redruth ( Coyote could spend hours here...)

    I loathe Nigella idea why..I just dislike her smug pudgy face..though i was creaming the butter and sugar real well whilst watching her..I just pretended It was her face :reddevil: ( I'm not feeling well..I was bored so have decided to bake a Banana & chocolate chip Loaf...God knows what it will come out like as my scales have broken and I guessed the weight of the ingredients:o)

    I think it was the phrase "just ask your local fishmonger for some squid ink'' that sent me over the edge:curse:.. I can just imagine the look on the face of a Newlyn fisherman when I ask him if he'll de-ink 1 squid !!! Though I guess the posh folk of St Mawes,Rock, Padstow and the rich arses who live along the Helford River get Squid Ink delivered with their milk....:rolleyes:

    thank you..rant over..:p

    so much of life is wasted by 'if only'....
    You have apologised and it hasn't been accepted move on..take it as a lesson learned and DON'T repeat the same mistake again...

    BUT if this is one of many incidents that have a habit of reoccurring in your life,then you need to take a long,hard look at your attitude and lifestyle...and then change it.

    Hugh Fearnley Wittingstall (:eek: Yes really!)

    Sorry Hugh, you've done good things for real food in this country.....but charging £85 for an organic, free-range Christmas goose really is extracting the michael :S

    well,he does pander to the 'I saw you coming brigade'..much as I like him he is another example of the middleclassification of working class pastimes,food and skills ...