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    It's not the USA! When I think of the latest insanity from one of the southern states............. women who have ectopic pregnancies must have the foetus transplanted into their womb or both woman and doctor will be charged with murder.............. I can't help but be grateful for my accident of birth that makes me British.

    I wanted to quote the above Maggi but the website is playing kooky this morning and wont quote. I do feel that in the case of the transition to meat free and what you say about dieting being tough, it has to be treated the same as an addiction. Folk having issues with food they know is bad for them hence weight issues, it is an addiction, anything that is hard to give up or change comes under addiction am sure of that.

    You'll get no argument from me. The difference with food from other addictions is, you can't give it up. Alcohol, drugs, you can stay away from them. I'm not saying it's easy with drugs and alcohol by the way. A late friend was a heroin addict and he struggled every day and another friend is an alcoholic. But you can't stay away from food. It's everywhere, it's legal and it's highly advertised and in some cases actually pushed on you.. And in spite of what Breatharians say, you can't exist on air! My lifelong struggle has been my weight. And it's all psychological for those who have this problem. In theory it's just a simple matter of calories in versus calories out. And if that was all it was it'd be easy. But if I'm not in the right headspace, it's not going to work. And any dieter will tell you the same. It's not that I don't know what to do and how to do it either. I know as much as any qualified nutritionist because I made it my business to know when I had kids. There's no help either. If I was anorexic or bulimic there would be counselling and other help available but being overweight isn't seen as an eating disorder in spite of heart disease being one of the major causes of premature, preventable death in the western world. I'd like to say that going back to veganism will help but I was fatter than I am now last time I was a vegan thanks to long working hours and manufactured crap full of salt, sugar and fat. At least I can cook from scratch now.

    Why would someone who is vegan want to eat a food product that has the texture and eatability of meat, is that seen a a transitional thing from being a meat eater to becoming a fully fledged Vegan.

    Giving up meat doesn't mean you don't like it. For some people it's a really tough transition. You(generic) may want to be a fully fledged vegan but it's hard to lose the things you love no matter what the reason. If people want to eat meat substitutes that's a personal choice. There is absoutely NOTHING in the vegetable world that gives the same satisfaction as the texture of meat. I love chilli. I really love chilli. But without meat it's not chilli. My son makes a great meatless chilli but it just doesn't cut the mustard so I don't eat it. I'm not going to leave myself open to that disappointment. Nothing in this world is cut and dried. It's not just a matter of giving up animal products. There are huge psychological impacts as well. ESPECIALLY around food! It's why dieting is so tough! If it was simple I'd be twig thin and a size 8 instead of decidely lump and a 16/18.

    Almost every meat replacement ive eaten has been pretty dire. The pea meat by lazyvegan being about the only one i can stomach.

    I don't use meat substitutes and I have too much respect for my taste buds to even go near the commercial cheese substitutes but I have managed to whip up a reasonable 'cheese spread' which was very nice on crackers or toast and a crumbly cheesy 'ricotta' mix for lasagne made from tofu, nutritional yeast, sunflower seeds, olive oil and lemon juice. I think it's the texture I miss more than anything. There's nothing to really get your teeth into on a vegan diet.

    back on the vegan thing, i was really surprised at how much negativity is out there from other vegans! my family and close friends are really supportive but i had to leave a couple of FB pages i'd joined because some of the other members were just plain nasty!

    Oh Lord! I've joined and quit so many FB groups. Mostly for quilting. Frankly most of them are the pits. I think my record for joining and quitting is half an hour. Veganism has become a religion replacement for some people and like born again christians, it's my way or the highway. Admin should be jumping all over any nastiness but sadly few of them bother. Start your own group, set your own rules and make it a comfortable place for other people. Kick out the negative nellies or the evangelists. No-one needs that shit.

    I'm no vegan but a woman I do work for knitted me an alpacca beanie,(bless) its warm, I think hemp would be the way forward here but not sure about the environmental cost?

    Hemp, from everything I've read over the years, is probably the most environmentally friendly plant you can grow. It doesn't deplete the soil and gives us oil, paper, rope, fabric and yarn. Hemp cloth is extremely strong and the more it's washed the softer it gets (a bit like linen). It was processed into rope and sailcloth by hand in the 15th/16th century so can't be that difficult to process cleanly nowadays, even in bulk. It used to be compulsory, for farmers who had over a certain acreage, to grow it for the use of the navy.

    Whereas I think that is a well written and interesting response Paul which lots of does make complete sense to me, I can not understand why a vegan would consider boosting the profits of a huge food company that makes billions of pounds each year from the exploitation of animals !!

    Where are vegans to shop then? You've just excluded every supermarket chain in the country. They ALL exploit animals very heavily either in their fresh and frozen meat and fish sections or in their manufactured products which includes tins, ready meals and sandwich fillings. I don't know what the figures are but I'm betting that MacDonalds falls by the wayside compared to the amount of animal products used in meal productions at home. They've had a VERY bad press over the years AND they deserve it but they aren't the arch villians here. They're merely a gnat in a wasps nest.

    I last used pinterest years ago (iirc before you needed an account) and i seem to remember it didnt allow you to save pics.

    You can actually download pics directly from Pinterest now Compo. I download colouring pages to use as embroidery patterns and I've had some quilt block patterns as well. It's one of those sites that you either love or loathe. There's a lot of advertising now, mostly from Chinese clothing sites that are all rip off merchants and they steal pictures from Indie designers and what they actually sell isn't even a recognisable copy much of the time. It seems to be evolving as well right now with supposed ways to make money from it. I love it for the art and craft ideas. A lot of people hate it because they expect links to lead to free patterns, which they sometimes do but a lot of it is just clickbait. It's not really supposed to be much more than an electronic pinboard. Which is how I use it. There are patterns to be had but I rather suspect they've been pirated from published books, pattern leaflets and blog sites and are mostly breaching copyright somewhere in the world. I used to have hundreds of craft that took up space I no longer have. Now I have all my inspiration at my fingertips and the click of a keyboard. It's definitely a rabbit hole I can get lost down for hours when I'm in search of inspiration.

    I'm glad to see the back of it. It's been a really shitty year in so many ways. I'm hoping 2020 is going to be better but knowing some of the shit stirrers from 2019, I'm not getting my hopes up just yet. On the plus side I'm going to be a grandma again in about 5 months time so I can't help but look forward to that event at least.

    HAPPY NEW YEAR GUYS! I hope it's going to be a good one for you all.

    I can't afford to shop 'ethically'. I have my state pension and a small industry pension which is less than the state pension. By the time I pay my rent and utilities I can eat and have a small amount, a few pounds, left for other things. In theory I could have more money but my landlord won't take housing benefit. But that's another story. Anything I buy has to be as cheap as I can get. I don't knowingly buy from China but they're getting crafty and many now have 'addresses' in the UK that goods are supposedly despatched from. Almost everything is now manufactured in the far east and our manufacturing industries have pretty much been killed off. The cost of setting up new industries here would be astronomical and very few people would be able to afford the goods on offer. And how do you force people to use this new retail outlet. Until people stop wanting to buy throw away goods, this is the world we've got. I do what I can but unless I win the lottery and can afford hand made goods, I'll continue to do what I'm doing. That's the reality for me and thousands of other people.

    No need to stress. It sounds like you're overthinking everything. I tend to do that a lot of the time as well.

    A multivitamin will tell you on the packet what percentage of your daily requirements you're getting from one tablet. You might be better off just taking a B12 supplement though. If you have a healthy balanced diet you shouldn't need any other supplements and there are some vitamins you can actually take too much of.

    You don't NEED to buy any seedy stuffs unless you like them or need them for a recipe, especially if it's stressing you out. This is what I know about various seeds and how I use them when I have them.

    Chia i know nothing about except it's one of the latest trendy superfoods which means there's a big marketing push on it, which means a lot of people have a lot tied up in promoting it and a lot of shareholders to keep happy. My son had to do a paper on these so called superfoods for his bio-medicine degree and he says the scientific evidence is they're safe to eat and do have nutritional value but there's nothing special about them to make them a must have. I doubt I'll ever buy it unless it's necessary for a recipe.

    Linseed has been around for ever. Literally centuries. It's completely indigestible for some people in its seed form because of it's very hard coating. The seeds are small and can be an irritant to the stomach and the intestines. The ground variety will probably be the best place to start. If you bake bread you could substitute a small amount of flour with ground linseed or linseed oil for olive or sunflower oil. Linseed and flax are the same thing. I don't use it in any form except the boiled oil which isn't suitable for human consumption as it's used to thin oil paints.

    Sunflower seeds and pumpkin seeds are my seeds of choice. I sprinkle about a teaspoon on salads in the summer for some crunch. I often have sunflower seeds because they occur in quite a few vegan recipes. Usually ground up. They also work well in homemade seedy bread with some additional poppy seeds. They're a good snack for anyone who follows the GL diet principles for type2 diabetes as they help keep blood sugars on an even keel.

    Hemp seeds I tried once when someone gave me a handful. I spent about a week trying to get them out of my teeth. Hemp oil is probaby your best bet. It's pricey but really only useful as a salad dressing so a little will go a long way. I don't use this either.

    I would say buy them if you like them or need them for a recipe but don't get stressed. No one food is ever essential.

    There's loads of vegan Quorn now, and there has been for a couple of years, but you need to check the label on the packet.

    I didn't know that Paul. I haven't bought any in years.Thanks for the info.

    i don't eat a lot of processed foods now so there is no reason why i should suddenly start but i imagine i will use something like quorn to make the stodgy comfort foods i am used to such as pasta bolognese or shepherds pie etc. i love tofu so that's good!

    Quorn is veggie not vegan unless they've changed the recipe. It's always had egg in it. Make your bolognese or cottage pie with brown lentils instead. If you haven't already got one, invest in a pressure cooker, cook a whole bag of beans and then batch and freeze. Will save you money and time. Faddy additions like chia are totally unnecessary unless you actually want to eat them. Aldi do packs of ground chia, linseeds and a few other things and don't charge health food shop prices. Just throw a spoonful over your cereal if you feel you can't do without them. I'm an old cynic and don't trust anything thats touted as the new, must have superfood though. If you like 'meaty' soups and stews in the winter, tins of braised tofu are really good. It's also surprisingly good in salads and stir fries. Making your own dairy free milk is easy, particularly almond milk which is a whole different ball game to the manufactured stuff. Use the left over pulp to make 'cheese'. IMO there is NO substitute for cheese but you can make some interesting dips and spreads that have a cheesy flavour. If I'm making a cheese sauce I look for a good sauce recipe rather than use vegan cheeses. Cheese is proving really hard for me to give up as I never met a cheese I didn't like and I could live on the stuff. The main thing I;ve found is, organisation is the key to a successful vegan diet. Think ahead. It's so much more difficult to throw together a last minute vegan meal if you're being healthy and cooking everything for yourself. And if all else fails, beans on wholemeal toast is a perfectly balanced protein meal. ;) Have fun experimenting and enjoy your new journey.

    Back in Cornwall now after 8 weeks with my sister in Kent.......and it's fucking pissing it down here. Apparently it's hardly stopped for the last 2 months. We don't have a large garden but we have a veggie patch and everything just rotted. I think I'm done with Cornwall now.

    Because we have to start somewhere?

    Respect has to be earned. I'm totally unaware of anything he's done to earn respect from ordinary people. What have any of them ever done? Stick them all in a council flat or better still with a Rhackman style landord who won't get the heating fixed or the damp mould on the walls for a year and let them get by on minimum wage or beg for benefits when the money won't stretch. None of what they have is earned. It was all stolen by their ancestors. God help us if they are the best we have to represent us abroad because we truly are in dire straits.

    I still have a hope, though, that the Article 11 rights I wish for myself, namely innocent until proven guilty, only mean something if they apply to everyone.

    The problem is they don't apply to everyone and never really have. And the rule of law has never applied to this bunch and their toadying leech like followers. They are above the law in their own eyes. A view recently endorsed by BJ when he said the Royals were beyond reproach. Public opinion and public derision are the only weapons we have against them. Epstein had a massive 13 ways to contact him. 13. These people don't give out their private information to every Tom Dick and Harry. Epstein wasn't JUST an acquaintance he didn't know very well.

    I think the French royalty had the Same attitude once upon a time?,it didn't work out too well for them either!

    Vive la Republique. Though I don't see us setting up Madame la Guillotine any time soon. I've already got my knitting on the go though so save me a front row seat . Apparently he has decided to retire from public life. My life is over and my heart is broken. That was sarcasm by the way ;) An old, tired, and very corrupt institution. Sadly there's still a good proportion of the people in this country who still seem to support them.

    Interesting about cat fleas. I've always found that after a couple of bites cat fleas won't bite again, and I thought this was so for most humans, and that they found us distasteful.

    Dog fleas are just the opposite, and once they get established they can be a devil to get rid of.

    Well they certainly had a good old chomp on my sister's ankles. Apparently they are less fussy than dogs and it's likely she got bitten by newly hatched fleas from eggs that had been dispersed over the sofa. The info MUST be true because I found it online. ;)

    Well I put him out last night as I thought he might have fleas

    If he is indeed a stray rather than just a moocher, he most definitely has fleas. It's been a really bad year for flea epidemics, so get some spray because he may well have left you with house-guests you really don't want. In spite of my mother's cat being regularly treated, my youngest sister has been bitten round her ankles so badly she looks like she has a bad case of measles. Contrary to many people's beliefs, animal fleas will happily live away from a host in carpets, skirting boards, sofas etc. Get that spray out.

    Just because people give up meat for whatever reason, doesn't mean they don't miss it. It can be about texture as well. My son makes a mean three bean chilli but it's not chilli without the texture of the meat. It's just beans with some chilli thrown in if that makes sense so he throws in some meat substitute. I love the flavour of bacon AND the smell of it cooking. It doesn't have to be the real thing. Why should I give up one of life's greatest pleasures, a bacon sarnie, if I don't have to. Or is the real point of veganism to show what martyrs people are and how we suffer to prevent animals from suffering. And yes, I've met the one's with the 'martyr' syndrome. And yes, I know it's not the majority. Intellectually we can rationalise not eating meat but we've been programmed over thousands of years and if it helps people to have some kind of substitute, then I don't see why other people are getting their knickers in such a twist over it. If you don't like it, don't eat it. You don't have to understand. You just have to accept it's someone else's journey, not yours.

    Never smoked, rarely drink nowadays (though I was a real heavy drinker a couple of decades ago) except for the odd GnT and haven't used any 'herbal' substances for about 20 years. My habits are more costly than any of them. I do arts and crafts to keep my sanity and I inflict what I make on family and friends though I do make things for myself as well. It can cost between £150 and £250 pounds to make a quilt. I currently have about 8 on the go and supplies for a further 6 or 7. In the last 2 years I've handed off about 5 and a whole heap of smaller stuff like the things I posted pics of on the creativity thread by BeadyJean. I have all kinds of other stashes as well. Still cheaper than therapy of which I should probably have had copious amounts over the years, no hangover, coming down or smokers cough. It doesn't STOP my bouts of depression and severe anxiety but it does help to be able to make something colourful.

    Felting is also on my list of 'want to try's'. Is it difficult? I've seen such a variety of things made with the technique.

    Needle felting is good fun and there are a lot of simple shapes both flat and 3D to get started with. But you need either a felting brush or sponge and proper felting needles which can be a bit pricey. Welt felting is also good fun and apart from the wool rovings you don't need any expensive equipment. just rovings, bubble wrap and washing up liquid. There's also a technique called Nuno felting but I haven't tried that yet so I don't know anything about it.