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    Back in Cornwall now after 8 weeks with my sister in Kent.......and it's fucking pissing it down here. Apparently it's hardly stopped for the last 2 months. We don't have a large garden but we have a veggie patch and everything just rotted. I think I'm done with Cornwall now.

    Because we have to start somewhere?

    Respect has to be earned. I'm totally unaware of anything he's done to earn respect from ordinary people. What have any of them ever done? Stick them all in a council flat or better still with a Rhackman style landord who won't get the heating fixed or the damp mould on the walls for a year and let them get by on minimum wage or beg for benefits when the money won't stretch. None of what they have is earned. It was all stolen by their ancestors. God help us if they are the best we have to represent us abroad because we truly are in dire straits.

    I still have a hope, though, that the Article 11 rights I wish for myself, namely innocent until proven guilty, only mean something if they apply to everyone.

    The problem is they don't apply to everyone and never really have. And the rule of law has never applied to this bunch and their toadying leech like followers. They are above the law in their own eyes. A view recently endorsed by BJ when he said the Royals were beyond reproach. Public opinion and public derision are the only weapons we have against them. Epstein had a massive 13 ways to contact him. 13. These people don't give out their private information to every Tom Dick and Harry. Epstein wasn't JUST an acquaintance he didn't know very well.

    I think the French royalty had the Same attitude once upon a time?,it didn't work out too well for them either!

    Vive la Republique. Though I don't see us setting up Madame la Guillotine any time soon. I've already got my knitting on the go though so save me a front row seat . Apparently he has decided to retire from public life. My life is over and my heart is broken. That was sarcasm by the way ;) An old, tired, and very corrupt institution. Sadly there's still a good proportion of the people in this country who still seem to support them.

    Interesting about cat fleas. I've always found that after a couple of bites cat fleas won't bite again, and I thought this was so for most humans, and that they found us distasteful.

    Dog fleas are just the opposite, and once they get established they can be a devil to get rid of.

    Well they certainly had a good old chomp on my sister's ankles. Apparently they are less fussy than dogs and it's likely she got bitten by newly hatched fleas from eggs that had been dispersed over the sofa. The info MUST be true because I found it online. ;)

    Well I put him out last night as I thought he might have fleas

    If he is indeed a stray rather than just a moocher, he most definitely has fleas. It's been a really bad year for flea epidemics, so get some spray because he may well have left you with house-guests you really don't want. In spite of my mother's cat being regularly treated, my youngest sister has been bitten round her ankles so badly she looks like she has a bad case of measles. Contrary to many people's beliefs, animal fleas will happily live away from a host in carpets, skirting boards, sofas etc. Get that spray out.

    Just because people give up meat for whatever reason, doesn't mean they don't miss it. It can be about texture as well. My son makes a mean three bean chilli but it's not chilli without the texture of the meat. It's just beans with some chilli thrown in if that makes sense so he throws in some meat substitute. I love the flavour of bacon AND the smell of it cooking. It doesn't have to be the real thing. Why should I give up one of life's greatest pleasures, a bacon sarnie, if I don't have to. Or is the real point of veganism to show what martyrs people are and how we suffer to prevent animals from suffering. And yes, I've met the one's with the 'martyr' syndrome. And yes, I know it's not the majority. Intellectually we can rationalise not eating meat but we've been programmed over thousands of years and if it helps people to have some kind of substitute, then I don't see why other people are getting their knickers in such a twist over it. If you don't like it, don't eat it. You don't have to understand. You just have to accept it's someone else's journey, not yours.

    Never smoked, rarely drink nowadays (though I was a real heavy drinker a couple of decades ago) except for the odd GnT and haven't used any 'herbal' substances for about 20 years. My habits are more costly than any of them. I do arts and crafts to keep my sanity and I inflict what I make on family and friends though I do make things for myself as well. It can cost between £150 and £250 pounds to make a quilt. I currently have about 8 on the go and supplies for a further 6 or 7. In the last 2 years I've handed off about 5 and a whole heap of smaller stuff like the things I posted pics of on the creativity thread by BeadyJean. I have all kinds of other stashes as well. Still cheaper than therapy of which I should probably have had copious amounts over the years, no hangover, coming down or smokers cough. It doesn't STOP my bouts of depression and severe anxiety but it does help to be able to make something colourful.

    Felting is also on my list of 'want to try's'. Is it difficult? I've seen such a variety of things made with the technique.

    Needle felting is good fun and there are a lot of simple shapes both flat and 3D to get started with. But you need either a felting brush or sponge and proper felting needles which can be a bit pricey. Welt felting is also good fun and apart from the wool rovings you don't need any expensive equipment. just rovings, bubble wrap and washing up liquid. There's also a technique called Nuno felting but I haven't tried that yet so I don't know anything about it.

    If showing the things I make encourages other people BeadyJean, then I'm happy to keep showing them. We used to have so many talented people showing their creations on this group. This was one of my favourite threads in the forum. Sadly most of my own stuff is packed away right now as I house share with my son and his partner so it's a lot of compromise. Hoping to have my own flat soon so I'll be able to let loose my creative instincts.

    So come on people. Don't be shy. Show us what you can do!

    101_0017.JPGAs there seems to be nowt but wind whistling thru this thread at the moment, I thought I'd show off my latest makes. My youngest sister is over on a visit from the Land of Oz so I made a few things for her to take back with her and distribute around the family. The Christmas table mats are for her, the advent calendar is for her little grandson and the bags are for her daughter, 2 daughters in and 3 grand daughters.

    I make most of my clothes. I mostly buy bedding from the charity shops to cut up (you can get a lot of fabric from a double duvet) but I do buy remnants from FB destash groups or eBay as well. Sometimes I find cotton curtains with nice patterns if I want something a bit heavier. Anything that's a bit too florally I throw in a dye bath to tone down. I do sometimes buy stuff from fast fashion outlets (mostly t shirts) and contrary to popular belief, it doesn't actually fall apart after the first wash. My winter coat is an army surplus camo that I;ve had for nearly 2 decades and it's still going strong. I love that jacket and when it does finally give up the ghost, I'm planning a Viking funeral for it.

    I was on the train with a bunch of XR activists 3 weeks ago travelling from the SW to the SE. The clobber one girl was wearing must have set mummy and daddy back no less than 5 hundred quid (I haven't spent that much on clothes in the last 5 years) and she was waving around what she told her friends was a brand new top of the range iPhone. Listening to their conversation it appears that Tristan's daddy was sending the Beemer to collect them at Exeter St David's. Not one of them really understands the implications of stopping climate change and not a one of them is ready to give up the very things that are causing climate change. It's all new and very exciting and makes them feel like rebels. Give it 10 years and they'll look back on this as a bit of a giggle. The planet will survive us. It's survived everything nature has thrown at it. It'll be different but that's always been the case. Will we survive. Maybe, maybe not but in the words of Commander Bill Adama of the Battlestar Galactica (the reboot) We have to ask ourselves, Do we DESERVE to survive. Climate change I take very seriously XR? Not so much.

    I've been getting into indigo dyeing this year. My niece is about to become a mum for the first time and has been loudly bewailing the fact that baby clothes seem to come in pink or baby blue or you need to take out a mortgage for something a bit different. So I bought some cheap, standard cotton baby gro's and a cotton receiving blanket and tie dyed them. I've also got some nice multi-coloured knitting yarns, gender neutral of course so I better get off here and go knit.P1010143 (1).JPG


    P1010145 (1).JPG

    Robin Hood with Taron Egerton and Jamie Foxx. The absolute pits. It had a very post apocalyptic dystopian feel to it, Weird costumes, piss poor dialogue and acting and absolutely no sense of either history or legend. I think they were trying to make it ''relevant''. It's an old legend. It stands on it's own two feet. Leave it the fuck alone. Tolkien...... Really dull. Avengers: Endgame.........Brilliant and I cried buckets.

    I hate the word tolerant or tolerate. It means to put up with things you don't really like. I tolerate absolutely nothing. I'm the most intolerant person I know. Ask any homophobe, racist or sexist (of either gender) who's been unwise enough to spout off in my hearing. Or even my 9 year old grandson when he's been misguided enough to try and push my buttons. I am however a very accepting and open minded person. There's a big difference.

    Apparently this is a common problem now with smaller computers, laptops and phones. There's so much crap already stored on a very small storage capacity, they can't even do updates. I have a Lenovo Yoga laptop, have absolutely nothing stored or downloaded on it and it's always telling me it can't do the updates, I need to free up more storage space. WTF. It's not like I'll EVER use 3/4's of the crap on it. But I don't know enough, (enough? I know nothing,) to know what's safe to uninstall.

    Last night we (my sister and I) had buckwheat pancakes(no eggs) with mushrooms in a creamy(vegan) sauce filling and broccoli. Tonight we have sourdough bread, lentil and veg soup, babaganoush dip and hummous. All homemade except the sourdough. We haven't cracked that one so far. In fact you could have beaten someone to death with our last efforts. :whistle: