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    they still do the freepartys and raves at talybont :whistle:

    but as for this one.
    ;) its shit. why do people go, to take ket and end up in a Khole, drinking cheap cider whilst monged out, or puking your guts up... surrounded by people of the same.
    it very much isnt 'dancing under the stars'
    i saw the state of my brother today after comingback from UKteck, or whatever it was called :o
    i just dont get it myself.
    tales of people injecting into their eyes, shitting themselfs, pissing meth crystals. it all sounds throughly not worth anyone with half an ounce of anything's, time :angel:

    with regards to THIS freeparty. :rolleyes:
    i dont doubt there are *some* good un's.

    .... maybe if he were to really know me/meet me n get to know my kids , i'd like to think hed be pleasantly surprised by how "normal" they all are.
    Bright,happy,healthy children.

    I agree. :angel:
    maybe he would be surprised.
    even more so at one kid being in uni, one having pretty good skill jobs, and one about to sit her GCSEs and one pure gorgeous (fluent) incredibly intelligiant 2yr old.

    yes medusa, that is a three year old little boy and a four year old little girl. and i suppose i did come across abit wrong, but if their mother is allowed to bring them up like this isnt everyone in their future going to label them if their let to get away with behaviour like that, surley they are never going to know the difference between right or wrong if their mother teaches them no morals, manners or good behaviour?

    do you not think by their mothers lack of care that something will happen to that baby? and i say baby p because social services have seen how she parents, and have seen what im talking about, and they still do nothing, they deem her a fit parent. its obvious to whoever see's those kids their not looked after.

    i personally think one of those kids will end up seriously hurt and in care or grow up to be fully fledged chavs with asbo's to boot. they only have to be 10 now dont they? i cant see their mother changing her parenting that much in 6 years. im not sure even if she did that would change what she's already done.

    anyway :) im trolling this thread now. i'll stop.

    oh my days, godsa honest truth now - this is my neighbours.

    2 child family, son is 3, daughter is 4 and mother is in her 30's.
    mother brags she sucks bus drivers off for £20 (but its ok coz their not local) threatens to put her dirty used needles round my house (to frame me for drugs ((no she has no sence AT ALL)) *never* watches her kids. her son does things i wouldnt ever expect to see my kids (who are 2+3) doing! and im a skanky teenage mother!

    honest story, was feeding my kids in the garden few weeks back because it was a lovley day, and her son unlocked the door (himself!) and came out in the garden half naked, proceeding to drop his nappy, shit in Finn's dinner, stamp in the shit and Finn's dinner (and aside from giving him a bollocking im not allowed to lay a finger on this kid to move him) so as i am moving my children now he punched Finn straight in the face, resulting in a Black eye for the weekend.
    this is the same child who has climbed into my lounge through my window and gone through my fridge, he is evil. he stands there and smiles at you like the bloody omen. his mother is never watching him and he is a vile little boy.
    the daughters mouth is foul, she often calls the other neighbours things like whores, she pole dances and peels layers of clothes off on the climbing frame firemans pole, she isnt quite so horrid as her brother, but neither of them ever get repremanded or watched or fed properly or looked after. its disgusting.

    the newest story im not sure where to be more horrified. the mother made annother neighbour spag bol, half hour later she comes running over to take it back, her SON had thrown 2ounces of weed from her tin into the saucepan whilst it was cooking and she didnt find it in their dinner they just ate..... so not only was her 3yr old son able to GET her weed, he was also by the oven for a considerable amount of time, she then allowed her children to eat it even though it was full of weed... its crazy.

    the only things i think of when it comes to that family is baby p.

    this is disgusting.

    i have some pretty psychotic friends and i often wonder how they can do some of the things they do and have (or not as the case maybe) the morals that they do.

    when i was younger, i used to hang around with a guy called Rossi who i knew gave annother lad a chesher smile (i duno what other people call them, what the joker in batman has has done to his mouth anyway) he never thought twice about giving people a kicking or robbing cars, because he knew he wouldnt get caught. he was compleatly off his head.
    now he is 21, in his own flat, with his own pimped up car (still a chav) but has a stable job and works 9-5 6 days a week like a normal person.

    i know annother lad who was sent to a dentntion center young for attempted murder who, looking at them now, youd never think in a million years they tried to kill someone.
    i was shocked to hear about that one as id known the guy near 2 years and never thought he was anything other than the most mellow and intelligiant guy ive probally had the privalidge to meet.
    he is now 27, a music teacher and is back in uni for a degree, owns his own house and car. totally different to the 16 year old who put someone in intensive care.

    on the other side of that, i too play killing games and watch freaky films... i was quite a fucked up kid... but i have never had the urge to act like a chav. i've smoked weed and drank underage, i dont think thats something we can blame it on either to be honest.

    some of the kids i have met are genuinly fucking psychotic, as in even their parents cant control them, and that is quite a scary thought. they just dont give a shit nowerdays, about anything, and there isnt a great deal parents (if they wanted too) could do about it...

    just goes to show really, everyone is capable of it. and changing if they want too. but it does show our countrys some kind o fucked up for allowing it in the first place.

    Skye smells of strawberry shampoo and wella hairspray (due to a growing out frindge i plaster back with all sorts of scaffolding so she isnt immitating a shire horse)

    and Finn usually smells of hair gel (from his mohawk) and bath stuff coz he insists on washing himself and uses far too much of everything on show, which isnt a problem but does make him smell like a girl :)

    ;) i read this all and felt the need to say, my house used to always be a total tip.
    i had a really hard time getting the urge to *do* anything...

    since being where ive been for the best part of a year, and living with other people and having a cleaning routine, ive got so much bloody better! and now im living on my own, its stuck!

    i think im very lucky both my kids ADORE their sleep too, their in bed by 7pm and quite often dont get up till 8/9am :pp

    so my now routine goes something like this

    get up at about 8, feed + dress sprogletts, dump washing up and bugger off out till lunchtime.
    Finn goes for a sleep for about an hour, me and Skye read, practise writing or wach some 'educational' crap on tv, something quiet and constructive us time anyhow.
    Finn gets up and they have lunch, then go into the garden or play quiet whilst i do some washing...
    we baisically waste most afternoons playing at the moment, and hanging washing out.
    then the kids go down between 6.30/7.30 and i mop and hoover, do washing up, wipe surfaces, tidy toys, put the lounge back together... anything else that needs doing... then i chill :)

    but to be fair, i am absoloutly shit for putting clothes away :o i got a spare room i use as our walk in wardrobe and just kinda put the clothes on a seperate pile for each of us... and i never do my bins on time...

    aside from that, ive got pretty good. ive even blagged Skye to help me put the toys away before bed now :D


    wow... i was doing more than that at 16...

    some peple are crazy, i know im the skanky single mum and that, but i do at least try to not be a steriotype...

    compramises or *boot* me finks :whistle:

    one nick his scart lead :D
    two nick his xbox controller :pp
    three gather all his clothes washing and washing up and place them in his room till he gets off his lazy ass and does them :whistle:

    he will learn :)

    Tomorrow, Ima buy a load of airtight containers and send you weekly flapjacks and biscuit cake! :D

    8 an a half stone... thats like... my butt alone :eek:

    anyway, Jake isnt at dad's is he? So i'll blag dad to lemme stay soon, I gota sort out some house stuff first, But i been meaning to do it for a while

    we both know what IM like for feeding you and froggy robbin :reddevil:

    my Skylar, 2 years and 8 months, aparntly being fully potty trained :thumbup: dry all this week, most of last week and the week before. (only day times but still am uber proud!)

    also being able to read her welsh zoo book IN WELSH herself with noises <3 bless her.
    pissgedden fishy ;)

    She's gone from (aparntly concerning the health visitor) needing speach theripy, to not shutting up :rolleyes:
    we walk up the stairs and i get told the numbers, allbeit she says three twice :p but she gets to ten with a little bit of help.
    and colours <3 most things are pink but she knows red and gween and BLOOO and *imagen this noise lol* lewlewoo (yellow) and poopul and im just so proud of her becuse shes had the worst two years :(

    im uber chuffed though. shes so unbelievably perfect <3

    lol, when i was working both my two went to the same nursery.

    a few times i got emergency phone calls about emergency rashes on skye (which was her dermititus, as specified on her induction formy things, and they had cream for)

    they TOLD me to take her home to the docs, and not to bring her back without a note from the doc ? my doc got so sick of writing notes everytime the weather changed he actually rang the nursery and just said to stop it.

    and as for finn, i was always lectured at the door about his clothes because i took him into nursery in a sleepsuit and took spare cothes for when he woke up.

    and they NEVER used my pampers nappies i left for them, they just chucked them in the same corner as everyone elses and used whichever ones came to hand, even though id specifically asked for my nappies to be used because they both get real bad nappy rash which leads to thrush with cheaper brands.

    it was a lovley nursery, alot of outdoor time, but their attitude to me sucked really...

    i think its a nursery thing

    well, ive always been online alot. and thats kinda how i met my kids dad.

    on o2 they have internet wap forums where your friends can make a 'room' to talk in, all connected by a code for the room or by friends in the room.

    anyway, was cheaper than texting at the time so i used to talk to my mates in there, he came in via someone, and we got talking. we where inseperable from then...

    i was 15. though i never specified that to him i just assumed he knew. he was 25 at the time i think.

    anyway, to cut a long story short police where involved in that too, but nothing got done. i spent 3 years with the guy, had 2 babies with him and has since moved further away from where we used to live to get away because its taken this long for me to see the person he is.

    he must have known how old i was, or at least that i was young. and i know he knew before we moved in together, coincidently, he left me for someone barly legal in feb, i think shes literally just 17.

    anyway, i dont know what to say about this, its blatently obvious when a girls younger than what she says she is i think, but i dont think i can comment...

    i think the worst person in the senario is the girl, but i personally think the guys must have known. im totally to blame for my cock up, though i didnt lead him on as such, it did start off purley innocent. i knew what i was doing was wrong. i didnt have nekkid pics up either, though alot of them where quite um, i duno, flirty, provocitive...

    looking back id have done everything differently, but i didnt, so here i am with 2 lush kids to boot, so there we are then innit

    well, i personally have no issues working, Skye adores nursery and Finn is happy anywhere.

    i wouldnt like it when theyre tiny new babies, but now i dont mind so much, as long as i get them up of a morning and have a few hours after work before bed with them were all happy.

    I dont really understand any of what your letter said, I have been out the system to long..................:eek:

    sorry, writing like a twat, thats what i get for hurrying i spose :wall:

    the income support changes to your youngest child are 12 in 08, 10 in 09 and 7 in 2010

    when you start work your eligable for an extra £40 in work credit if your woring a 16+hour job lasting more than 5weeks

    theres also the discretionary work fund to baisically take away your excuse for not being able to work for lack of uniform, childcare, clean suit ect...

    when your still on income support for the last year they give you quarterly work focused interviews to start the ball rolling, baisically just enquire what jobs you'd like to do and try and blag you into doing it.

    and incapasity benifit will soon change (for new cliams) to ESA (emplayment and support allowance)

    this is off a jobcentre letter ive had prined off for me

    income support changes
    youngest child 12-2008
    youngest child 10-oct 2009
    youngest child 7-2010

    in work credit- £40 for the first 52weeks your in work eligable for a 16+ hour job lasting more thn 5weeks

    in work discretionary fund-help during the first 25weeks of work to buy things you need that would otherwise prevent you working.

    quarterely work focused interviews-starting oct 08, for lone parents a year before their child reaches the age they need to start looking for work.

    ALSO, ESA (employment and support allowance) is to replace incapasity allowance as of oct 08.

    their introducing new medical assments to decide what people CAN dorather than what they CANT.

    and the answer to pixiejannet, either have annother baby (which im pretty sure alot of people will be doing) or cock up all your interviews, after your off income support, they just out you on jobseekers which snt alot different, just means you have to go sign on to get your money and have to attend interviews (which they pay for)
    just cock upm all your interviews and you wont have to or be working. you can stay home with your daughter innit.

    funny i found this thread... i was abit sad earlier so took Finn on a wander of the area and the sunset was AMAZING.

    ill post pics now ina sec, seriously it was changing from red to purple to orange to yellow to blue again so fast, all my pics are straight off my mobile, no editing. am very chuffed, and theyre all the same night. its lush (thus the names :P)

    i like alot of songs, alot of the time i listen to a range of tuneage absent mindedly and doodle and come away with some really cool stuff, i only ever draw really well when im really pissed off ironically...

    photo wise, the sky always inspires me to take photo's, i adore pictures of the sky, especially when were out with the kids, and i tell my skye shes like the big sky, so bootyful and pretty and she just points up and says 'ooohhhh' ^_^

    and i suppose special people inspire me, sometimes the kids will do something and ill tell annother person to keep them there or something.
    im school i used my mum as my insperation, alot of my coursework was her tats...