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    I like the idea of an implant and not having to worry about taking the pill...but if it stopped my period i'd be worried about being pregnant all the time :p I;m almost sure i'd be buying a pregnacey test every month...far too expensive!!!

    I had a tree house when I was younger and it was the best thing ever. For 10 years it was a base for pretty much every single game we played. Admittedly we had a few nasty falls at times but it was the climbing those trees was amazing and so we were never really put off.

    It seems a shame that other kids seem to miss out on the great experience of tree climbing.

    To be honest I'm totally bored of this whole thing already. I have a very dull job and end up reading a lot of newspapers every day...and I want to read about something else.

    I've been thinking about getting one for a while, but my periods are so light and short at the moment that it doesn't really seem worth it.

    Besides I think you've all scared me now about the taking out :harhar:

    My Mum has just booked out annual visit to Cornwall, which reminded me that I really should look at last years snaps! There was a few nice ones which I thought I'd share...

    Not the most fantastic pictures ever...but Cornwall sure is pretty!

    Quote from littlesausage

    Woah ... dont take this the wrong way but ur heads pretty screwed on for your age mate .. i know im only a few years older than u but u sound like u know ur stuff! Nice one:thumbup:

    He's just a bit of a geek:harhar:

    I'm not really sure how I feel today.

    It was a good friends last Saturday at work today before she moves to New Zealand...for good. I know that I will see her again on Friday and that it likely that I will go out there to visit sometime...but I can't help feel a little subdued. It's gutting to know that in the past 2/3 months all my close frineds have gone away (to uni). In some ways I am used to them not being around anymore, but every now and then I need a hug so bad. It bothers me to know that there is no way I can see them face to face until christmas due to my lack of holiday leave. I guess after all the time apart, the reunion will be all that much sweeter.
    I am also in quite a bit of pain, and I feel stupid because of it. About a month and a half ago I 'sprianed' my ankle but it is still painful and swollen. I went on a bike ride after work today and it has made it hurt more than usual. I guess I should really go to the doctors, but I keep putting it off, sure that it will get better soon. Hmmm...

    Despite everything though, there is an over-current of happiness. My current relationship makes me feel safe and calm in a way previously I had never felt. It feels like I can finally rest and stop getting so caught up on petty things. Sure I still do at time, but I'm improving.
    I have also finally set up a savings account and now money is going away weekly for my uni fund, which is one of the most important things to me at the moment. I am excited at the prospect of going away next year, and having a go at doing things on my own.
    I have a holiday to look forward to in January. Which pleases me no-end as working full time is far more tiring than I once thought. top it all off I am in the middle of a really great book.

    In all reality...things are looking up.

    Lancaster has a great vegetarian restaurant called 'The Whale Tail Cafe'. Many of the menu standards are vegan and they normally have a vegan special on to. On Fridays there is always an organic option. All beers, wines and ciders are organic.
    Also have a fabulous vegan chocolate cake. Yummy:broc:

    78a Penny Street, Lancaster

    01524 845133