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    :D my mate went to collect this on friday!! i went to visit yesterday and it is lovely! You will never win a race in it, but its solid as a rock and has had quite a bit of £ put into it to get it through the mot - so its all sweeeeet now! looking forward to rocking out a snail pace convoy with us in our tk, them in the 409 and my mate in his AWD TL!! whoooop!

    thank you one & all for your kind words! obviously we are chuffed to have a bubba on the way, but it is still sad to have to contemplate selling our truck...

    Smooth Hound - the shelves are indeed great, pretty sure they are pine chap.

    Nick - i am just about to PM you.

    Tor - hey there m'dear, the butterflys will be wrapped around the bump at strawberry fair i am sure! how far along are you and bump?x

    hi folks!

    sorry it has been a while - life has got pretty hectic recently and to top it off BT terminated out internet contract.

    We found out 1.5 months ago that Laura is pregnant we had been trying and are absolutely stoked! We had been trying a while with zero success, so when we purchased the TK, we thought it'd be a while before a little sprog would surface! Not the case. hehe.
    Unfortunately financially it has put us in a very dangerous place, added to that I was signed off for 9 weeks with stress and my employer refused to sign my mortgage/loan insurance forms due to the fact that the reason I put on the form for my absence reflected poorly on their management. This means that we are now 2 months behind on our repayments and that alone is causing untold amounts of stress on both us and our relationship...

    And so, as much as it pains me/us, after owning her for only 3 months and not getting to as much as sleep in her, the TK is FOR SALE

    If anyone is interested feel free to contact me either on here or send me a PM and ill send you my mobile number so I can give you any info you require. I want the TK to go to someone who will show it the love and attention it deserves and who will take her on many adventures as we planned to.... this isn't the end, it is just an unexpected sabatacle! :sob:


    si & laura

    thank you hippyvic, princesstigermouse, ness & daizy!
    yer we are gonna live in it... eventually - just gotta sort our house out and sell it! :whistle:
    Will definately be taking her on some jaunts real soon! Cannae wait!
    Been doing mechanical bit n pieces to her, but as soon as cosmetic work starts happening I will up some more flicks!

    si & laura

    hey pachamama! thank you for your kind words (actually that goes out to everyone!) would definately be up for a bedford chat - anytime anyplace!! :D i reckon i could bore the hind legs off a donkey when I get on a roll! Plus I am sure that we could glean info from yourselves too - we too are new to the 'trail'! In fact we should organise a Bedford (though not exclusively) get together... find a nice spot for a bbq or something! anyone up for it?

    medusa - I feel for you - my first sticky situation was after filling at the tesco - ram up with saturday shopper! turning the steering wheel seemed to have no effect all the way up the clutch until.... BLAM at the very last minute it would jerk forward, too fast to make any decent turn! Nothing bumped or scratched, but I was extremely red faced at the end of it all - from embarressment and from the physical workout! :o

    I woul love to see pics of your conversion Plumkin! Although we bought our TK already converted we do have plans and so I am ALWAYS open to ideas and suggestions!!

    awwwwww shucks!:o very glad you all approve!:woohoo:i am actually ITCHIN' to get her out on the open road!!
    If only there wasn't such a big risk involved in driving her prematurely!:sob:
    I just gotta be patient!
    Suzi get your arse over to see it/us :p - it will give me chance to fire up the burner and sit in her!! (the truck that is, not the burner!!)

    Thank you all for your lovely compliments - you are always welcome at our door!

    si & laura

    The freakiest bit of the whole thing is that we have a poster from the last issue of FestivalEye and we had not looked at it since folding it away (we had planned to put it up in whatever trck we bought... well Laura found it by chance 20min after getting home with the truck and would you believe it, our truck feature on the poster!!! madness... it has to be fate! :D

    Cheers Sarah & HH - we are in love with it, I keep finding reason to just just up there and sit in her!

    Thank you Laney! When the time comes we are sure she will be the perfect home for the 3 of us!!
    Not sure why the pics are not coming up sensamelia?! :( I cleared my cache and then refreshed and they came up ok... are you still not able to see?

    So finally after 2 months of waiting for everything to be sorted the big day arrived!
    We set off at 6am from milky beans, drove 2.5hrs to Blandford Forum in Dorset, nipping through the New Forest en route - haven't seen the ponies since I was a yout! wow that rhymed and I didnt even try!

    Arrived at the site and there she was!! Bit bigger than I had anticipated but by no means is that a bad thing!! Spent an hour or so going over it and being shown the ins & outs.

    Set off again at midday, had a few hiccup to start with, just getting used to the [very strange & new to me] gear arrangement & the stopping power of air brakes!! But once we we under way everything ran sweet as a nut....
    Wipers go mach 10 when on full and slightly less on low... so probs with the minor rain we had on the way... no seatbelts which worried Laura a little but I am going to get some put in - safety first and all that jazz... engine is great, pulls like anything - we had n probs getting to 60mph and she cruised very happily around the 50-55mph mark... and to top it all off she actually did pretty well on fuel 20mpg maybe even a tad more!

    Generally an absolute delight to drive, steering is heavy but that is to be expected!Just got a few minor things to sort out but nothing bad... then it is really just a case of Laura & I making it our very own....personal touches like!

    So yeah, here are some pics - she is sat at the top of our cul-de-sac but will soon be moved to a friends farm where she will stay till the 1st proper outing...either a jaunt to France for the FrenchTek at the start of May, failing that a trip to Pembrokeshire as soon as the sunshine is consistent!
    Can't bleeding wait....

    Oh and for those who like technical details....

    1978 Bedford TK
    12550 GWT but replated to 6850 GWT (means I could just get my MGV license, though I am taking my full class 2!)
    5L diesel - pretty sure it is a Perkins - anyone able to confirm?
    193 inch wheelbase

    so there we go... I will update this thread as we changed things and add our own touches! And if I run into any problems!!

    Thanks for looking!!

    Si & Laura

    Quote from Sthenno

    Anyone else going to this? Three days of breakcore. In Pontin's. Ace.

    was supposed to be goin to this...but a) cannae afford it now and b) the person i was meant to be goin with has ditched to go with his new ladyfriend!! :psad: what the hell happened to the mantra "bros before hoes"?!?!?....

    oh well... i was not looking for to a weekend with a load of flurokids waving stupid signs.

    Quote from Hedgewitch

    My cat Gypsy is a bit nuts. She has brain damage and can't be let out. On the 13th of december she managed to escape. The temperature was about -4 and although we looked for her high and low, knocked on doors and put signs up in shops, she had gone. On the 3rd of january we decided my baby kitty wasn't coming back and had met her maker so for Fitz, our other cat's sake we went to look for another catty friend at the rescue centre. On the 2nd cell along there was our little Gypsy! She was due to be rehomed 15 minutes prior to us turning up, but they were late in. Her chip had fallen out, and besides the fact our vets had looked after her for 3 weeks before we adopted her (and were the ones that chipped her!), they didn't recognise her. Thankfully we had all her paperwork and got her back and i was so incredibly happy that i cried and had a big red nose and blotchy face all the way home.
    So here is the lickle Gypsy.

    she is downright gorgeous!! glad to hear you got your baby back!! :ppirate:

    here is a pic of loki looking worn out from earlier! he loves his cushion!
    though this picture does make him look a tad ET-esque! hehe

    *edit* For some reason a picture of my brand came up?! sorry bout that...

    Quote from doodlebug

    Hehe, looks like you have caught him in the act or something devious and naughty :) He's lush though :)

    :plol: no doubt up to mischief!! asperusual!
    i swear he is growing daily!! nearly time for a walk - llllush weather too - think i may just take my camera out....

    here are mine...

    forearm says "In the darkness, I found Light" (not the light of jesus i may add!!)

    the other arm say PTS which is the basically my 'crew' - i know it sounds lame but i dont know how else to describe it... PTS stands for many things.

    the leg is still in progress... 16 odd hours so far, few more hours to go!

    and finally the star i got when my gran passed is special to me. i designed it with her in mind. she was definately a star!!