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    I went for a week to Kos to help refugees, one thing led to another I went to Kurdistan and I have been in Bangladesh for nearly a year. Managed to get back for Pilton this year and miss English summers and being able to show my shoulders and knees

    With fixed term Parliaments we all know when the election will be - under 80 days now. Elections used to be called with out such a long long re-up.
    So I dont really feel this programme was too close to the election

    it was really about a politician being used as a token minority and coming to realise it

    Try training to heel after a good run, get rid of (some) of the energy first.
    Its practice practice practice collies are not stupid

    Its taken nearly 2 years to train mine not to chase bikes - I spent time by the cycle path drinking coffee and giving her a treat when she didn't respond to a bike passing we can now walk down the cycle path with out her reacting

    I spoil my ballot paper
    I am aware that people have fought and are still fighting and dieing for the right to vote
    I dont want to be seen by the politicians as cant to arsed to vote

    I would be happier if we had a different form of voting - proportional

    Do understand dont vote it only encourages them
    But it going to take a lots of re-education to get people to understand and work with consensus that would be necessary to have a more anarchic society

    Buddhism has developed in different ways as it has travelled to different countries
    Think of Christianity you have Baptists, Catholics Methodists and so on ...they all have the same core beliefs but different ways of expressing them so does Buddhism
    Thats why it is good to spend some time checking out the different types/centres to see what suits you

    When I lived miles from anywhere in Wales I did study Buddhism from books, But Buddhism really should be taught and discussed. Likewise it is often easier to meditate in a group
    I've not been to the Zen centre but heard good things about it, and have been to Sakya centre and Lam Rim centre in Bristol as well as Jamyang classes in Bath
    Bristol has loads of Buddhist groups its worth trying a few to see which approach works for you
    I would suggest avoiding the New Kadampas as they are the ones who protest at the Dalai Lama (Its a long and complicated story)

    I usually ask to work at Christmas but I dont always get what I ask for

    My contribution to Xmas is to donate money to charity

    This year I will buy snacks - cooking is not allowed on xmas day, eat Stollen and watch TV (maybe)
    I have in the past decorated but not this year -too much effort

    I love how peaceful the day is

    you are welcome to join us Roadangel

    I was starting to like him ....
    Until I got into a twitter discussion with him
    now I think he's an arse

    After he tweeted about the evictions New Era housing by a rich MP
    I suggested he put his money into buying homes for fair rent - he does have 2 homes

    His reply
    sure. So could you mate. In fact we can all do whatever we want. Good luck on your journey.

    i am not impressed with the "we can all do what ever we want"

    Which IMO makes him do different from the rich MP landlord

    Groped on tubes and sweat lodges, The unwanted hug that's too tight and too long from uncles and family friends, wanked on when hitching, Many times having men talk dirty when walking down the road behing me which was really frightning
    its worse in India where it seems to be a national male pas time to grope women when walking past them "eve teasing"

    I think there is a huge problem labeling parents as commiting child abuse by making their children vegan/vegetiaian/meateaters

    It is a lifestyle choice and we on this forum should be very careful about labeling "likestyle choices" as abusive

    And is really different to what is really child abuse:
    sexual abuse

    if I had to I would fight like my father and grandfather before me to keep this country free.

    free from what?:rolleyes:
    I dont see the EU as fascism
    One grandfather did serve in the British army he came from Northern Ireland where there was no conscription, the other from Ireland worked in the steel works as an essential worker.

    What I like about the EU is their social policies, employment rights. It was the EU who brought in the Sex Discrimination Act Equal pay for work of equal value. maternity rights, right to 4 weeks annual leave, health and safety rule protecting workers health and lives. I love clean beaches thanks to EU environmental laws.

    The money the wealthy spend will create jobs, don't worry about that. People have to build houses and the money they spend on bonds will go to companies who will invest that money and that will create jobs.

    If this country stopped seeing wealth as the price of their home (for those who actually own one) and actually put money into investing in companies which might create jobs. We do need a massive home building, (and it would create jobs) but it needs to be affordable for the masses and if that happened house prices would fall - and that would upset Tory voters

    Scameron saying he is doing god's work ROFL
    Its a long time since I learnt about Christ and the bible but I seem to remember
    blessed are the meek,
    helping strangers
    loving one another
    chasing the money lenders out of the temple
    What Scameron seems to forget is that Christ was anti-establishment, he was against the way the Romans were running his country
    Its too too easy to claim god told you what to do - you dont need any evidence to prove it
    and you can pick and choose what bits of the bible you want to use it is a very large book

    I'm not sure why anyone should avoid paying tax, its the price you pay for the infrastructure and well being of this country. I dont like the spending on the military but I do support hospitals, schools, education, unemployment and disability benefits having the rubbish collected, trading standards, home helps ..........
    Try looking at countries where you pay little or no tax
    Afghanistan only small sales tax
    Central African Republic but sales tax is 19%

    Just started to say f off / good bye British gas and Hello ecotricity

    When you sign up there ask you how you heard of them if you give a friend's name and address that is already with them you get £50 of ecotopia vouchers each

    The UK gov who of course would never have nationalised power companies is using the Chinese gov and EDF a French state owned company :wall::wall:

    not only is this probably going to hit our pockets but they are storing the waste on site:wall:
    If there is an accident they will have to evacuate Bridgewater and most of Bristol:eek: