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    So what happens if you just keep mowing it? I've never done battle with the stuff myself but I can't see it surviving if it's continually cut down to nothing. Brambles, bracken, nettles and even docks die out if treated like this. Off course if your neighbour is not paying attention and controlling it the other side of the fence this is a problem, but it's HIS problem as knotweed is a notifiable pest and the land owner is obliged by law to control it (I think).

    I just checked what the Environment Agency have to say about it and their site says that there is a legal obligation to control it only if it's invading someone else's land, which sounds exactly like your case...

    My philosophy on this kind of thing is becoming more and more this:

    Read up on the actual law which says that he is entitled to the benefit.

    Read up on the actual law which they say means he is not entitled to the benefit.

    Then ask yourself who is bullshitting it. If you know in your heart it is them then you can hit them with your research and ask them to explain why they seem to be ignoring their own rules.

    This is much easier said than done, but it sounds like Luke has got the time on his hands and it doesn't take that long to find the right clauses once you get stuck into it.

    Demonstrating that you know what you are talking about helps a lot in my experience.

    I was in court with VOSA yesterday... We told the magistrates that we were pleading not guilty (which they knew already) We then told them that we would be calling their chief prosecution officer, Christopher Slowly (Bristol office) as a witness for the defence to explain to the court just why he is bringing prosecutions against showman based on his opinion of the law, rather than the law the way it is written.
    You guys should have seen the look on their employees face when we dropped that one.
    Case adjourned now till May, but they fought like hell to keep it in Magistrates court rather than take it to crown which is a pretty sure indicator that they will drop the case. If they do go back to court we aim to have Slowly charged with perjury by the end of the hearing.
    Next move will be to go to our local trading standards to start bringing action against them for false prosecution and using a weigh bridge which did not have a current calibration certificate.
    Then there will be my invoice for expenses (at consultancy fee rate of £60 an hour... they are up to about 2.8k and counting) which will will be presented in the normal commercial way and then pursued through a small claims court if not paid on time.

    Thanks for your input Santapod... You should have appealed and brought action against them under European law for breaching your right to conduct your business as well as had them for perjury for prosecuting you for their opinion of your tier.

    VOSA are a company. They are 60% owned by British gas which in turn are largely owned by some French corporation. They have no right to interfere with your commercial or private life and attempting to stop you by the roadside is an attempt to get you to enter into a contract with them. If they mistreat you in any way or try to enact their interpretation of the law on you then resist them to the end and charge them for and with everything while paying them nothing and insisting that the law is conducted as it is written on pain of perjury.

    We are fighting them with the assistance of the very wonderful AIS
    (Yes the website is very old but it gives you the contact) The AIS have dealt with about 38 cases in the last few months against VOSA and won every single of them to date.

    Don't be awed or frightened by these people. They are a classic example of a company who think they have some power over their fellow man and employ a whole bunch of scum who they indoctrinate to also believe this illusion. Don't fall for it peeps and don't let them talk down to you or upset you in any way, and for heavens sake do not pay them any money! Especially at the roadside! This country has much stronger laws against highway robbery under threat than it does about tyre tread depth. There is nothing to stop you responding to any communication from them by simply NCRTS (No Contract Return To Sender) the letter and putting it back in the post.

    Watching intently, but if you really want to watch forget the UK media. The best coverage out there, which focuses on what is happening in Libya, rather than this country's somewhat irrelevant approach to what is happening in Libya, is:

    You can watch Al Jazeera English on any cable, satellite or freeview digital TV also.

    I will vote yes in the vain hope that it will start some small reform. However I don't have much faith that this will bring anything like the amount of reform that we need to get this country re-started. However, at the end of the day, I would welcome anything which brings us anywhere closer to an administration which was at least recognisable under the heading "democratic".

    @ junglevip you wont have to empty "poo" You will be emptying sweet earthy smelling compost if you are emptying a toilet which has been shut down 8-12 months. To keep it cycling you need two chambers so you can let the first one rot out while you use the second one. I deal with compost toilets on our events field and I am frequently removing a quantity of material which needs a tractor to lift it. The only time that it fails to work is when there is too much moisture/ not enough air in a load... That is not nice :vomit: very nasty smell, but I do something to drain/aerate it, leave it another month or 2 and then it will be sweet compost :D

    As long as you follow the basic principles as are undoubtedly stated in "The Humanure Handbook", or just search on line, you will be fine.

    The fertilizer is a real bonus for me. I wee in a bottle and tip it on the compost heap. It doesnt use flush water and the acid breaks down the matter quicker, its a very old gardening trick.

    I think you mean the nitrogen, not the acid, urine does not contain acid but it does contain lots of nitrates which feed the bacteria which break down woody material and then make the nitrates available to plants.

    So out interest, and I have no interest in doing it because it's also too expensive, can you run a diesel on heating oil?

    That news reader needs fired... So does his boss to that matter. The BBC's charter commits them to impartial reporting and to breach it is technically treason! That reporter should be chatting with the guy in the wheelchair about what can be done about the police repeatedly breaking the law and how to bring a prosecution against them if you are a victim.

    Thanks for the info. Although I can't read the interesting bit of one of them without joining the forum, which I suppose I could even though I don't drive trucks for a living except the occasional showman's vehicle. A lot of showmen and classic vehicle people have had huge amounts of hassle from VOSA recently and VOSA are attempting to rewrite the statutes themselves about these vehicles.
    They are not going to get away with it so if you do know anyone actually taking them to court over anything then I would be most interested to hear about it.

    That fines list is very interesting. Seems to me the only one to discuss is the one for not stopping :reddevil:

    Most certainly I would never pay an on the spot fine, they would have to take me to court for it for sure, and at that point I would make it quite plain how I felt about their attitude and pull them right up over the slightest deviation from what is written. Making the slightest claim in court under law, which is not written in law, is a criminal offense.

    It's the making it up as they go along bit that myself and several others I know are going to take them down over. You can't "make up" statute laws, you need an act of parliament to do that. To cut a very long story short I find myself in the situation where if they back down from the situation they have created then I'll only be doing them for damages and harassment, however if they continue then it will be liable, perjury and misconduct in public office.

    I've tried some truckers forums but I've got fed up with all the chat about the size of his turbo charger and failed to find any consistent threads about actually taking action (legal or direct) against them. Any useful links would be much appreciated.

    "Latest one I've heard - the landing wheels on the trailers, if they are not wound up to the top, its a £60 fine for each 360 turn on the handle to its fully up - wankers is all I can say."

    Yes Leo-saphira.
    Our question is. Is that stated as a lawful penalty in a statute or are they making up the £60 a turn bit? Because if they are making up that sort of thing then that is all the better to take them down with. Show us where that is written or get done for perjury.

    Has anyone had any trouble with the "Vehicle Operator Service Agency" in the past year? If so I would really like to hear about it.
    If so then you are not alone.
    I am trying, not through choice but rather through circumstance, to find as much evidence against the conduct of this "Agency" as possible. They are out of control and action is being taken against them, the more cases we have of their misconduct then the harder they can be hit.
    This is not a campaign, this is a very current affair which has not hit the main stream media yet, however it most probably will over the next few months.

    All I do is check out the visa/vaccination requirements for the country that I'm going to on that countries consular/embassy website. Sometimes there are compulsory vaccinations which you are going to have to get because trying to go in without the vaccination cert will be tantamount to trying to go in without the visa. After that you will find that some travel websites, and worst of worst the British consul website will start to list a whole bunch of stuff that they "Strongly Advise" I tend to read through this list and then forget it. If people really get on my case I use homeopathic nosodes for that particular infection...
    I'm off to Cancun, Mexico in a couple of weeks and the only compulsory for there is yellow fever... IF you are coming from a anywhere on a list of tropical countries where yellow fever is endemic. Strangely enough the UK was not on this list. So for Mexico I will not be getting any jabs, I'll just use common sense about food and hygiene. Watch what the locals do and listen to what they tell you.
    I remember in southern Morocco being told that the water had some disease in it which made outsiders ill but that the locals were immune to. I took a glass of said water from the local well (I hate drinking water in plastic bottles especially where they have been stored in the light) had a look a sniff and a taste. It looked fine, smelt of little, and tasted, a little, of Alka-Seltzer. Hmmm I thought, disease no but dissolved minerals certainly. I used a little more of the water every day and had no ill effects at all. Turns out that I was right. The water has lots of magnesium in it which is fine if you are used to it but will give you the symptoms of dysentery if you are un-acclimatised. Many reports of disease from drinking the water are no more than a reaction to unfamiliar minerals.
    Travel safe and enjoy Fleassy ;)

    Lets get this straight. Did the plod actually detain you in any way for jumping a red light?
    If they did then that is unlawful imprisonment on account that jumping a red light is not an offence that can carry a custodial sentence. It is a civil matter, not criminal.
    The best answer to all of this type of intervention is to refuse to contract with them and tell them that you will not discuss anything with them outside of a breach of the common law, that means a crime with a victim. That you only recognise common law jurisdiction and that to interfere with you will result in a prosecution for breaching your rights.

    Be careful how much taxation you put on any drug, if you push the price up much higher than production costs then the little packages will be passing on street corners all over again, although admittedly probably without the big criminal gangs this time as there would be less to be gained than under the present [STRIKETHROUGH]mess[/STRIKETHROUGH] system.

    "why do the dogs always go for that bit ?"

    Tis a wolf thing Jo.
    When they make a kill they eat the stomach, intestines and the contents first. It is thought that the half digested vegetable matter is then fully digested and they get some minerals and stuff from it that they don't get from meat and bone. Same reason why dogs eat horse, cow and sheep shit. Possibly also because this stuff helps line an empty stomach which is about to be filled with crunched up bones.

    The big point that most of you seem to be missing is that if drugs were de-criminalised then there would be a huge amount of cash and human resources available that are, at present, being wasted on "enforcement and public information" available for counselling and ED-U-CA-TION!

    The biggest problem that society has in relation to drugs is ignorance followed by ignorance filled with government propaganda which is misleading and above all wrong.


    If children are talked from when they are old enough to understand the effects of what they take into their bodies from a base of science and truth then there is about 90% less "trouble" on every level, from heroin addiction to malnutrition through not eating a properly balanced diet. (Yes plenty of young people get ill because they don't know about vitamins, minerals, carbohydrates and complete/incomplete protein on a simple level that any 10 year old can get the grasp of)

    The whole "Skunk" debate is also a lack of understanding of the true science behind it. Grass is cannabis sativa. "Skunk" is cannabis indica hybridised with cannabis sativa. "White lightening" is pure indica. The active ingredients of indica are virtually exactly the same. there are a few very tiny differences which produce an allergic reaction in -1% of people, but that allergy usually results in a stomach upset rather than psychosis.
    The big difference is that the hybrids are much much stronger... Some skunks can weigh in as THC etc. being as high as 33% of dried weight! That is incredibly strong! very little hashish is anything like that strong. Any herbalist can tell you the difference in effect between dose and overdose. I've been passed joints by young people (looking a bit twitchy and edgy) that have got more THC in one joint than most smokers consume in a week! I would say there was more THC in one drag than I would put in whole joint. If they understand what they have then they would know that the way to use skunk is very very economically. That is the point of it! THC overdose is not pleasant, long term overdose is worse and commonly known as "skunk psychosis". It's hard to long term overdose on THC unless you eat lots of hashish everyday cos you could never smoke enough (I've seen it done, but not often!). Or you misuse skunk, which I see done all the time, usually through ignorance.

    An extra lesson for secondary school kids which included all types of drugs (never forget to look at the deaths that occur every year due to prescribed pharmaceuticals when you are discussing drugs) as well as food, drink, water, sex, air, pollution, animals, fire, etc. etc. Would actually set people up far better to cope with the world that we live in, not the political or legal world, the actual world.

    Now what are we going to do with the other %80 of the money we just saved?;)

    Yeeees... But.
    How much of this money would the Irish government pass on to the third world? They are more likely to prop up some Bank which has failed due to dodgy investments.

    Dear meat will keep for ages if you just joint it up and hang it a cool dark place wrapped up in paper. Don't let it freeze or become frozen. At this time of year you could keep it 2 weeks or more like that. The meat will become slightly stronger in flavor and slightly drier as time goes by but will stay perfectly healthy, so long as you don't let it get flies on it, get wet, get direct sunlight on it or freeze. If you hung it in a large cool chimney then you could keep it even longer as it would slowly smoke. I've kept goat like this in an Andalusian summer and it was still good 10 days later, stronger and drier for sure but no purification or fly blow.

    The longer you hang a pheasant the harder it will be to pluck! If you want to pluck it do so while it is still warm, or ASAP after it cools. I don't bother. I hang them for a couple of days in warm weather and up to a week in cold weather (don't let it freeze) Then skin it feathers and all, pull it in 2 which makes the guts fall out rather than having to gut it, cut it in quarters and stew it with bacon and veg. If you don't hang it at all the meat will be rather hard and tasteless.

    I live in a 7.5t box and in hindsight I would have gone for a solid roof and fitted skylights rather than grp and I now have problems with condensation, which turns to ice, and when the sun comes out in the morning turns in to floods of biblical proportions.

    Insulate it! leave some panels for light and "double glaze" those with polycarbonate sheeting. For me it's a box truck of some type every time. Simply because a truck is a truck and is built to only last so long, but the box you can move from one lorry to another and it will last virtually forever if you keep it sealed and painted. We are going to have to do this at some stage because we have outgrown our 7.5 ton chassis and are now over weight.