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    My baby wasn't putting enough weight on either. In fact at the age of nearly 1 1/2 she is having her last specialist appointment today to make sure she's ok. She's fine, happy , healthy buuut breastfeeding was an issue for me. In the end i had the choice of either giving up breastfeeding or taking medication to boost my milk supply. I'm sure a lot of people are anti medication but I trust my doctor and really really wanted to breastfeed my daughter so I did it. We ended up breastfeeding for over a year! She eventually had formula top ups after 6 months of just breastfeeding. It might not be something you want to do but some people just don't produce enough milk for their babies. I do think it's worth trying without resorting to that but if you want to keep breastfeeding and bub isn't getting enough it's an option which you would obviously have to discuss with your doctor. As for eating - the more you eat the more milk you'll produce - I know that first hand too. Like others have suggested, you should try and make yourself freezer food that you can just defrost in the microwave without having to go to much effort. In the early days my friends popped round with food they made me to put in the freezer - it helped so much. Ask for help if you need it. Good luck :)

    Ah Maxi Jazz - I met him too!! I performed with glow poi for the Peace One Day festival that he was also performing at. We shared a dressing room haha (with lots of other people too!). Nitin Sawnhey, Badly Drawn Boy and Lamb also played. Ah that was a fun night. Quite possibly also had too many drinks to do a good performance but it was about the experience haha. I also worked at some music studios which did pop music so I had to cook lunch for and eat with pop stars every day - from Delta Goodrem and Brian McFadden to Peter Andre to Craig David, Ronan Keating blah blah. They gave me the job because I liked any music except pop so they knew I wouldn't get star struck - and I didn't! Lional Richie called and I so badly wanted to sing 'hello' when I answered the phone but I had to restrain myself!!!

    That wasn't meant to sound unhelpful btw - sorry if it did! I just find the answers to most of my questions on google haha. I'm sure there are spiritual people here who will help you too :)

    Without sifting through the entire thread, I thought I'd just post my experience with the mooncup. I got one a few years ago. I absolutely love the idea of it but it ALWAYS leaked. It was so frustrating - I ended up having to use pads as well which totally defeated the object of having it. I then fell pregnant and didn't have a period for over 1 1/2 years. They have recently come back and I dug the mooncup out again to give it one last chance. Well I think I've cracked it!! I have actually found that pushing it in as far as I possibly can is the answer. It kind of moves around and finds it's own place as you go about your day. I just thought it may be worth putting this up here as I contacted mooncup and read through so much stuff about leakage. The weird thing is that since having my baby, my periods are heavier than before. It starts to leak in the morning when it's been in all night and is full but it's worked so well for the last two cycles that I would definitely be confident enough to go swimming even. I've not tried any other the others but I imagine they're pretty similar. :)

    Slightly off topic here but I live in Australia now and had a baby 11 months ago. My doctor out here was slightly worried that she wasn't putting on enough weight. I had a trip back home to England booked so my baby could meet my family who are still there and my doctor said that as we were going to be there for 6 weeks we should get her weighed over there to make sure she wasn't losing weight. So I took her to my local doctors surgery who have midwives who do all that sort of stuff. They told me she was fine and told me that I should be feeding her as much food as possible and recommended fish fingers!!!!! I was so shocked that they would do that. Fair enough - fish is very good for you but I can't imagine there is much fish in fish fingers. I can see how fresh fish would be healthy if you're not veggie but NOT fish fingers. I told her that I would stick to the pureed sweet potato. She had only just turned 6 months old and could only manage a teaspoon of food per meal and I wasn't going to start feeding her that crap! it just goes to show that the advice out there isn't always the best and if you do your research properly and make sure your baby isn't being malnourished then I'm sure a vegan diet is a hell of a lot better for your baby than fish fingers!!!! Sorry that was maybe a bit of a rant.... :)

    Ah thanks! I've finally got her to sleep better than before. Its been SO hard but I just let her cry to sleep with me in the room with her. Its horrible but only took a couple of nights and then she was much better. She needs her sleep to grow healthy and strong and being up 8 times a night wasn't doing her or me any good. I spoke to some really awesome midwifes and they said that I need to be strong and let her cry it out (with me right there with her) and it worked. PHEW!! She now only wakes 1-2 times a night (and I always get up and feed her then - I just can't 8 times) :)

    We always make too much food and freeze some then serve ourselves too much so we have lunch the next day! We had beans and veggie mix on baked potatoes and the leftover beans we had on toast with grated cheese. Mmm. Sometimes fruit gets wasted when it goes rotten but that goes into the compost bin. We generally ignore bb dates too - if it tastes ok then we eat it. It is often handy having freezer food - there are often days where we can't be bothered to make a meal from scratch and freezer food is way better for you than 2 minute noodles!

    TBH I'm more worried about mobile phones as most people have them on them all the time. I use a microwave but only to heat stuff like tea and leftovers up. The amount of time it's on is so little compared to mobile phone use (in my case anyway) and my phone freaks me out far more!

    If the dentist has prescribed high fluoride toothpaste and mouthwash I'd give it a go for a while personally. If you're not swallowing the mouthwash and toothpaste then surely you're not going to ingest much? If you find that it seems to be affecting your health and not doing much for your teeth then you can stop using them but if they help your teeth with no ill health effects then surely it would be a good thing? Good luck with it :)

    I also would go as far as to say that I've never really liked children much - found them extremely irritating and annoying (well most of them). I'd not had much to do with them but always felt awkward and unnatural around them. HOWEVER I felt really broody and eventually had a little girl. She is only 9 months old so we've not got to the 'mum mum can I have this and that' stage but I love her more than anything in the world. She has never irritated me and I just love spending my time playing with her and looking after her. I feel totally natural around her. Its hard work but the most rewarding and amazing thing in the world. When they smile and laugh for the first time you fall in love all over again. In my personal experience its totally completely 100% different when its your own child and I'm even beginning to like other's now :)

    Hey Winter and Elfqueenofrohan, thanks very much for the links. They have been pretty useful. We're still having about 4 wake-ups per night but she does seem to be settling a bit better. Madrat - thanks for your reply. While I was feeding her last night I thought about what you said and you're right - hard as it is being up so many times in the night, its a time to be close that won't happen forever. Instead of thinking about how tired I was I just enjoyed the moments. Watching her little eyes start to close and fall asleep on me is something I will treasure. I am just suffering as I do work during the day - from home with the bub which makes it pretty hard at times. So when (and if) she sleeps I can't sleep - I have to crack on with my work.

    I'm really sorry to hear about your ex problems. I can't imagine how it must feel especially if she has another partner. Just remember your son will always be close to you and want you around in his life, you're his dad and nothing will change that.

    Ah thanks for the replies. Sometimes its nice to just know that others know what I'm going through. Last night was even worse - not only did she wake up 6 times but also wouldn't go back to sleep. I've been SO tired all day. She's sleeping now and I'm just hoping so much that she stays asleep this time. Cuckoo - Sequoia likes to fall asleep to A Perfect Circle and Nine Inch Nails haha. I do also have a cello lullaby cd that she seems to like. It just doesn't help when she's hysterical like she usually is. Elfqueenofrohan - yeah I think the problem is that she has got so used to sleeping on the boob that when I take that away I feel like it will be impossible to get her to sleep! I'm not planning on breastfeeding for years - I want to continue until she's at least 1 year old - maybe 18 months but probably won't much after that. I just have no idea how I'll get her to sleep at all when boob isn't in the equation. I'm really just hoping that this is a phase. Cuckoo also I forgot to say that I don't know if she's teething. She still doesn't have any teeth and does bite on stuff a lot and often has rosy cheeks but doesn't seem to upset by her teeth. I don't think teeth are a problem.... yet!! Oh well fingers crossed for tonight :)

    Maybe I should also mention one other thing. It only seems to be us parents that suffer from the lack of sleep. She is the happiest baby I've ever met - she is always smiling and laughing and doesn't seem to be affected by this at all....

    Thanks so much for the replies. I wrote that at about 9pm and sure enough she was up about 5 times again last night. She usually has a long sleep between when I put her to bed and around 2:30am then after that its every 1-2 hours that she wakes up. By 6am we were both crying out of desperation!! At least I don't in any way blame her for this. I know its not her fault, I just get frustrated with the situation (but just have to look at her to feel better cos I love her so much!). Her dad has been great - by the time she wakes up for the 6th time at around 7am he just gets up and gets her up and that gives me an hour in bed to sleep. Sarah - its weird but she has lots of soft toys but hasn't picked 'the one' that goes everywhere with her. She doesn't seem that bothered by them. I put 'bunny' down my top and try to remember to bring him everywhere with us but often forget and she doesn't look very bothered either way. Maybe I should get some more and she might click with one? Most of the time she has a big feed so you're probably right about the growth spurt thing. She had a feed at 7am then wouldn't settle so my husband got up and gave her a bottle of formula - around 120mls and she drank all that too. We give extra formula because in the early days she wasn't putting on enough weight and I have low milk supply so dr suggested 1 extra bottle of formula to help with calories. Not sure its made much difference but at least it means hubby can sort her out when I've collapsed haha.

    The other thing is she won't sleep during the day either. I try and put her down for 2 naps and can usually get about 15 mins out of her but its very unusual to get an hour (that happens maybe once a month). I'm sure she would sleep better at night if she could sleep in the day but its just impossible to get her too.

    As for co-sleeping - well she does that sometimes but I really dont like it. I LOVE having her in bed with me but I just can't get comfortable and end up curled around her so that my boobs are available for her and I literally can't walk the next day from back and neck ache. I dont' get any sleep at all that way either as every time she stops feeding and falls asleep I roll onto my back to be more comfortable and then she wakes up and cries and needs more boob. That is pretty much the only reason I dont have her in bed more often.

    I like the idea of boob through the cot - I might try that one. Its just so hard to tell whether the complete screaming blue murder and hysterics is distress or a method she has learnt to make sure she gets me up. Either way I just can't leave her like that.

    Thanks so much for the replies, its all appreciated and I will certainly try everything mentioned! :)

    I have a beautiful 9 month old. I just can't get her to go to sleep at night. We are up 4-6 times through the night and I just dont know what to do! I usually feed her on the boob to sleep but sometimes (like right now) she doesn't drop off so I put her to bed crying and lye there in the same room waiting for her to cry herself to sleep which I hate. I don't ever leave her - I always stay in the room but after about 1/2 hr I usually cave in and get her out and put her on the boob again. Usually 2nd time works - for about 2 hours then we go through the whole process again. If any of you mummies (or daddies) out there have any ideas it would be much appreciated. We both need some sleep and I would love not to make her cry so much at night, its so horrible :(

    We found so many great girl names but were totally at a loss for boys. Luckily we had a girl who we named Sequoia (which is the name of the giant redwood trees). My friend has just had a boy named Zenith (Zen for short) which I like too :)

    you can definitely get veggie parmesan in Oz - I eat it all the time and its awesome!! Hope you can get it in England as we are home again next week!!

    What are you actually scared of? The procedure itself or the results being bad (or both)? The smear test itself is horrible but its over quickly. Hopefully the results are ok then you're off the hook for another year. If they're not ok then surely its best caught when the cells are in 'abnormal' stage rather than cancerous? I don't know what the skin puncture thing is (sounds horrid too) but all of that would be a LOT better than cancer treatment. That 2% of diagnosed cases is surely due to the fact that it gets caught and treated by smear tests before it turns to cancer. I'm just trying to put it into perspective. I'm sorry you're having to go through it. Like Enigma's Mum said, the nurses are usually understanding and should be nice to you. Good luck with whatever decision you make :hug:

    Well yeah but pizzas in pizza shops usually have a nice thick base which is usually white. Its not the fats that concern me so much as all the carby dough. Plus its IMPOSSIBLE for me to just eat one or two slices of pizza when its sitting there hot and smelling so alluring haha!! :)

    I got diagnosed with gestational diabetes a few weeks ago which is similar to type 2, just apparently goes when the baby is born (hopefully!). I'm keeping it under control with diet at the moment. As Green Eyes said above, having foods with a high GI will make your blood levels spike high which is not a good idea so a good place to start if you like your carbs is swapping stuff like white rice for brown rice and white bread for brown bread etc. The brown varieties have a lower GI. I actually hated brown pasta but have got used to it now and when its eaten with other things - in a pasta bake or with loads of veg etc its really not too bad. You should still eat sugars in healthy stuff like fruit but just don't eat loads of it in one hit. My advice has been to graze through the day and avoid over eating big meals (I'm now nearly 37 weeks pregnant so can't really fit big meals in anyway). This way your body isn't suddenly hit with a load of sugars it has to deal with. As far as meals go - well it kind of depends on what you like really. I love pizza and have have totally cut out going to pizza places as that would just send the levels soaring. However I have started buying wholemeal tortillas and sticking two of them together with tomato puree then another layer of tomato puree and loads of fresh veg, cheese and whack that in the oven for 10-15 mins and its never made my levels go too high. The tomato puree doesn't have any added sugar in it (I make sure when I buy it I check) so there really isn't anything too bad. THe cheese and base make it nice and filling. I've also been eating a lot of 'meat and two veg' (though I don't actually eat meat) so for example its winter over here in Oz so we have loads of winter veg so I'll make a turnip and parsnip mash with brussel sprouts, peas, green beans and a small veggie burger with fried onion over the top. The bulk of that meal is the green veg and the burger and mash just help to fill me up. That kind of thing seems to be good for me too. It is a case of trial and error a bit though - I can have a cup of tea with a spoon of honey in it and be ok even though the diabetes nurses told me to avoid honey at all costs. I've been craving a lot of sweet stuff since being diagnosed and have bought (at great expense) low GI sugar free chocolate from health food shops. Its actually really good. I wouldn't eat a lot of it in one hit as the sweeteners are something I'm not overly keen on eating a lot of but sometimes you need that vice. If you like really dark chocolate, you can get 85% cocoa dark chocolate which has a lot less sugar than other chocolate. Its fairly bitter but I like it and would only eat one or two squares of it at at a time but that much doesn't seem to effect my levels. Hope this all helps - you'll get into a routine soon enough. Stress and illness also affects the levels and exercise helps keep them down. Good luck :)

    I wrap mine up in a towel and leave it on my head for about 20 mins to half an hour then use a hair dryer until I can't be bothered doing that anymore (usually about 10 mins) then leave them loose to finish drying. By then they are very close to being totally dry and don't get that horrible damp mould smell. Mine are pretty thin though so don't take as long as big fat dreads would...