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    It's fluffy little adolescent birdy time of year. Plus the added bonus that I can photograph them all without leaving home :-)
    I can hear the Great Tits in the nest cheeping, they're about 5ft from the kitchen window and will probably be out and about in a week or two.



    And the permanent secretaries in Westminster are elected?! I think you need to take a closer look at how the government of the UK works first...

    And you see no contradiction in Ukip wanting no part of Europe, but having 9 MEP's creaming off £72k a year plus expenses (of which they are obliged to give £10k per year to party funds) and the worst attendance records of all MEP's? So who are the ones bleeding us dry?…nt-attendance-record.html

    And at the same time employing Eastern Europeans to deliver their leaflets because they can't get anyone else to do it! The hypocrisy of these idiots is just staggering...…tribution-_n_5279567.html

    that's what the EU wants, a United States of Europe with their Bureaucrats in charge and telling you what to do.

    Yep, because we've never had bureaucrats telling us what to do in the UK / Engerland have we... :rolleyes:

    But presumably Ukip won't employ bureaucrats - after all they're planning huge cuts to council services, "abolishing non-essential council jobs" and will "Close unnecessary central government departments and quangos"

    because, according to their 2014 manifesto "Community groups and volunteers are often better placed to run facilities and services than the State"

    Of course what is classed as essential and necessary is down to peoples interpretation...

    Had several laptops for myself and places I've worked in the past from a company in Norwich, Val-U-Computers. Ex corporate ones, with 3 months (or longer for extra) warranty, very good prices, all good reliable machines, had one problem in about 8 machines and no quibbles, sent a new one out before asking for the old one back. Spot on.

    My life is surrounded by ignorant redneck troglodytes who are buggering it up in various ways. I'm sick and fucking tired of these wankers who need to evolve and stop being so nasty, spiteful, ill informed and unable to listen to a reasoned intelligent conversation :curse::wall: .:( Can someone put them out of our misery please?

    As a proud scotsman ive got a bigger question,
    If the ppl o scotland vote no whats the SNP going to do?
    All my life theyve offered this referendum if they get to power, what happens if the ppl say no? Do they disband and go home or what?

    I was wondering that meself...

    And yes Mrs Beachcomber, I've been wondering how it will all be paid for, as there's bound to be issues over Scotlands oil revenues, and apart from tourism and whisky (which is a huge export market) there's not a massive amount of export industry left I believe? Now that Thatcher and the rest of the Tories have managed to kill off manufacturing and shipbuilding...

    So the SNP has published it's plan for an independent Scotland:…cotland-politics-25088251

    I'm interested in what the Scots think of this - I know that Salmond isn't that popular with some Scottish friends of mine, but do people north of the border think independence will be good or bad for them and the rest of the UK?

    Personally I can some benefits for the Scottish people - IF the proposals are accurate and the politicians don't go back on their word...:rolleyes:

    However, on a purely selfish note, I have realised that England and Wales will be worse off - why? Because the balance of NeoLabour MP's in Scotland help to keep the Tories somewhat at bay... If we exclude the Scottish MP's from the last election figures it would have ended up with a Tory Majority, things would be even worse than they are...:eek:
    (No I'm not a fan or Neo Labour either, but it could be even worse if the Tories had a majority)

    Have a look on Ebay for 12volt Compact Flourescent lights. They come in 8, 10 and 14 watt. And in standard bayonet or Edison screw fittings.

    I use these to light various things - there's one in my kitchen for when I need lots of general light and the LED strips aren't enough, I also hire out solar/battery powered lighting to festivals and events - these will light a 20ft square tent very well in a bulkhead fitting (the enclosed outdoor type of fitting, and in the floodlight fittings they will light a decent sized gateway. They are quite durable as well, I've dropped several and not broken them yet...

    I've repaired numerous Villager doors, but never bothered to tap it out, drill a new hole, fit a decent self tapper of the correct size for the hole, with a decent penny washer to hold the glass. Works a treat. :)

    The main problem with statics is the lack of insulation... Older ones have just 1" of polystyrene between the 3mm ply inner and the ally outer. If you own the static it is worth considering extra insulation, even an inch of kingspan all round would help. Many people insulate round the outside and give it an extra layer of cladding over that - Its quicker and easier and you don't decrease the inside space...

    There's many different burners out there, I'd always go for an older known make rather than one of these cheapo Chinese made cast stoves such as in Machine Mart or all over Ebay. The quality of the castings, design and assembly is better with the secondhand ones, they are more durable and generally parts are available if required.
    Look round on Ebay, local auctions are good, especially for ones that need some new door seals (rope) and a coat of paint. Look out for Villager, Jotul, Clearview, Trolla to name a few.
    Or ask Julian...

    Line the area the stove is going to be fitted - ideally with sheets of stainless (or mild steel) sheet, with an air gap behind. A paving slab is good to stand the stove on, or a steel plate, raised off the floor an inch.

    Ohh hello, yes I've still got a few of these left.

    The pin is made new by the company that makes my marquee pins, its like them - but shorter. They come as per Stardusts pic (but the lump hammer is hers you can't have it :-) and they are around 12-14 inches diameter.
    I'm in Worcestershire, I do get out a bit though so may be able to drop them off somewhere, too heavy to post...

    Old disc harrows are pretty expensive - if you can get farmers to part with them - as there's a lot of weight of metal there. And they take ages and a lot of grinder discs to cut up...

    Campsite prices are on par with others in the area - many of which are full by now... And this will be the closest one to the site.
    And its helping to support the event, which is one of the few events in the country of this size that offers free admission at the gate.

    The campsite will have a nice shiny shower block as well.

    Just over a week to go.:):panic:

    There are a couple of spaces for volunteer crew available for the weekend, jobs could include litter/recycling or stewarding. 2x 6hour shifts, camp on site, meals for weekend included. If interested PM me

    The new 'improved' Tory plan to screw over the self employed - aka "universal credit" - pretty much buggers up anyone who does any form of work that's seasonal or variable through the year - eg events, festivals, gardeners, musicians, writers, and so on and is on Working tax credit, Family Tax credit etc.:curse:

    The major issues here are:
    "work focused interviews" to decide if what you are doing is the best way and you may be better off being employed...

    Monthly reporting of income - and no allowance to carry it over to the next month, and no allowance for seasonal fluctuations.

    Loss of entitlement if you leave the UK for more than 4 weeks

    And lots more - check the link:


    Baffle plate. Its easy, not baffling... Here we go:

    This pic is your stove. The red lump is the fire, the red arrows are the path of the flue gasses.
    If you don't have a baffle plate - the lump of metal in the middle fo the stove the gasses are going round - you get much less effective combustion.
    It basically forces secondary combustion of the gas, burning all the unburnt bits and producing more heat and a cleaner flue.

    There's loads more about this all over t'interweb if you want to know more. There's a really good book on building your own burners that was produced in the 1970's by Lifespan community - there's some on Amazon:

    And local auctions for s/h stoves and fluepipe - general sales and so on, stoves generally sell for less in the summer than the winter...
    If its a bit scruffy its easy enough to do basic repairs such as new glass and rope. And one of the decent things Screwfix sell is their own brand heat resistant stove paint - only in black...

    Don't go for too big a stove though, as it will end up way too hot. A small stove such as a Villager A will be more than enough.
    Avoid any of the new gas bottle stoves that are under £100 on ebay, they are poorly made, often with no baffle plate or top damper.

    Stainless steel is good for a base - old catering trolley from scrapyard, etc. And it can work for a back reflector, but with heatproof board behind it (can't remember the name of the stuff but I'm sure Julian will be along soon enough to remind us... :D Stick the stainless on a couple of battens and with a gap at the bottom so that the hot air flows out from behind it.

    It's a multi-faceted situation. I find the current war on benefits distasteful and immoral in the extreme, and yet... as a society, we've become dependent on an unsustainably generous welfare state. What we actually need is a rational, compassionate and fair reappraisal of the benefits system and how it works. I'd prefer to see this taken out of the hands of politicians and done independently.

    Ditto. (Oh dear, agreeing with Stu again...:eek: :D )
    There was a detailed paper produced by NEF (New Economics Foundation) a few years ago on the subject of a basic income for all citizens that had been worked out in detail, it gives everyone a basic income, when earnings reach 6 figure sums they get taxed heavily, people with additional needs for carers, modified transport etc all get taken in to consideration, but the sums don't go up if you just keep breeding...

    It seems like classic divide and conquer - let the proles get bombarded with propaganda about how these benefit claimants are all scammers, meanwhile the politicians and other scum are ripping the country off, creaming it, taking as much as they can (legally or not) get away with and will continue to do so.:curse:

    Am I alone in finding it very irresponsible also? ! given the world we live in, and are destroying at an incredible pace.

    Not at all. Sadly some people seem oblivious to the fact that the earth is over populated by humans and there's not enough resources for everyone to live in a resource hungry fashion :S