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    It's always been a question of balance, however since we now live in an age and society where both parents being out at work full time is more the norm than the exception then the reins are inevitably being loosened.
    Add to that the 'guilt / compensation' factor of parents spoiling their kids with material presents in lieu of attention and we may find ourselves losing the input of wise parenthood in our kids social education.
    I admire those women who have consciously opted for spending more time with their children at home rather than succombing to the allure of a career or wealth. I also appreciate that many don't have the luxury of choice though.
    In the end the kids themselves will find the balance between indoor / provided entertainment and outdoor / sought for entertainment. Even if they make the wrong decisions initially there is always time to redress the balance at a later stage. I consider that I am still catching up on some of the learning and experiences I should have had at an earlier age, in some ways we never stop being kids :)

    I was very disappointed to hear an interview with James Lovelock (he of the Gaia theory) last week on the BBC world service in which he was strongly in favour of nuclear power.
    There is a big coal fired power station just up the road from us and the incidences of cancer in the immediate neighbourhood are way above the national average. No direct link has been established of course but it makes you wonder.
    Personally I love the wind turbines and think they add to the attraction of the landscape. I think they could do more to blend them in a bit better (some of the ones in northern Germany have had the towers painted a fetching green colour) but I'm also sure continued research would make them quieter and more efficient reducing the effect on the local population.
    One of the main criticisms levied against the renewable energy sources is that they are not sufficient to meet the required needs, however at the same time no government is putting anything like the amount of investment into research into these technologies that they are pumping into the nuclear industry. Hardly a fair comparison.

    Sorry, bit of a hobby horse of mine :o

    Scotland's great biking country so I've heard. Loads of twisties and good quality roads without too much traffic. At least that's what the bike mag I subscribe to says :)

    I know a number of Israelis and the point that they make is that 'innocent' Israeli farmers have been subjected to rocket attacks from southern Lebanon for years and nobody seems able to do anything about it.
    They consider that they are fighting for their existance so we shouldn't be surprised at the manner of their retaliation.

    Well personally I hate it and it makes me feel sick. If I ever get into a hotel room with airco I always switch it off and open the windows.
    I agree with Lunardewdrop, if it's summer I want to feel hot:) All this controlling the temperature to a narrow range takes away our natural tolerance of temperature swings.

    I was working in Singapore once and turned off the airco and opened the windows. I thought the locals were going to kill me ;)

    Plus the climatological advantage makes me feel so damn smug :D

    Sorry for our chronically ignorant opinions Azzy, I guess you're just going to have to enlighten us and tell us all who really dunnit :rolleyes:

    'cos even though I did study physics for a few years my study of inertia has been more thorough....

    I don't go for the conspiracy plot for 9/11 simply because I don't think they're smart enough to have pulled that off. It would require an immense amount of orchestration with so many security holes that it would be untenable. It would only take one conspirator to get a bit pissed off about something at some time in the future and leak the evidence to the press and the whole house of cards would come tumbling down. Way too complicated....
    They fuck up so much in the simple and open things such as supporting their farmers or feeding their poor, how could they ever plan something so involved?
    The Bush regime has undoubtedly made great political capital of it though, ethically outrageous.

    Now I would have thought that the 'morally wrong' argument would have been the strongest. Creating something that has not and could not occur within the natural spectrum and then releasing it into the public (which would be inevitable, no matter how many restrictions were put in place) contravenes my right NOT to ingest GM foods. The problem is, once created this monster cannot be controlled or contained. Of course it may not be a monster but we don't know. Nor do we know how others will make further modifications without following any ethical guidelines.

    I don't think that the problem is with the technology being concentrated in the hands of the few, the research may be very costly and time consuming but once it's been done then it will be very difficult to contain the knowledge, I expect any reasonable sized pharmaceutical laboratory could then reproduce it. And that could be a more dangerous scenario.

    Yay, that looks great indeed Bink!

    As for some personal space in a commune, I guess it would be the same as being in any family situation. If you want a bit of privacy just go for a walk in the woods and find your special place :)

    I did all of that stuff too, Elliot :) The youth teacher and bible study leader for a while. In the end it was the duality in most of the material I was given to present that turned me off. Issues and attitudes were presented as either black or white whilst my experiences didn't tally with that. There are always 2 sides to every coin and no-one is in possesion of all the facts or can see all the facets of any given situation.
    Then I started questioning everything I had learnt right back to the roots of my spiritual life and beginning again. It was a long, slow process which isn't over yet ;) . But I believe now that faith and your own spiritual analysis will, over time, lead you to your own reality. This isn't necessarily the same for everyone by a long chalk and hence I don't subscribe to large scale organised religion as the 'only' answer for everyone. There are many ways to climb the mountain and all are equally valid :) .
    My own 'way' would be a sort of Pantheistic / Pagan route but I wouldn't like to analyse it too deeply as you have to experience your truth rather than pin it down with words which are in any case highly contextual.

    Just my thoughts :D

    Love & harmony :hippy:

    Even though you own a car, not using it unless it's absolutely necessary is the most environmentally sound option. Having said that the cost of car ownership (excluding use) is already so high most people feel cheated if they don't actually use it.
    The greatest harm to the environment done by cars (or so I read somewhere) is done during the procurement of materials and manufacture of the car. Hence not replacing your car everytime the motoring organisations and government try telling you you should as 'modern cars are more environmentally freindly than older cars' would seem to be more logical.
    My cars 14 years old and gets more or less the same mileage as my colleagues' new cars anyway ;)

    Wouldn't have had that trouble if they'd stuck with the old steam trains. I don't know why they ever got rid of them :rolleyes:

    Funny how no-one has much of a good word to say about Routemaster busses or red telephone boxes until they are threatened with replacement. One persons national heritage is anothers utilitarian eyesore I guess.
    I think it would be a good solution if the busses or telephone boxes or whatever were adopted by private organisations. See if there are enough enthusiasts around prepared to put their money where their mouths are....;)

    For me the key would be to integrate the positive benefits of the modern age with a simplistic and holistic way of living. I love the romance of Celtic / medieval Britain but lets not forget that the truth of it was that life was short and bloody hard for all but the most wealthy and powerful. So how do we achieve that then? I think the answer lies more in a radical change in our way of thinking than in tinkering with the hardware. As long as we perpetuate the Me first, fuck the rest mentality we will never get any closer to our goals. It's going to take a lot of sacrifice of our comforts and material 'rights' (but no animals!) before we get on the right road and, I'm afraid, maybe the impetus of a series of really huge ecological disasters to get us all working together though.
    There, that was easy to say:) Should have that cracked by next thursday then?;)

    I think we end up going around in circles with such questions due to our limited experiences and therefore limited comprehension. As the concept of limitless space is generally accepted, although if we question it in a way relating to experience it is incomprehensible, so that of our purpose (or the purpose of the universe if you like). We assume that everything that exists has a purpose because we can find a purpose for everything we experience as existing.
    Personally I believe that we just are and the universe just is and life just is. No purpose necessary. If we take our example from the rest of life then we know that life does not, in the larger picture anyway, do anything to harm other life (or the concept of life) and exists in harmony and symbiosis with it. From this we can derive our laws and social codes of conduct. And alignment and harmony with Gaia is intrinsically uplifting to the soul, anything else would be a denial of our place in the tree of life.

    Well, I'm not sure that I'm looking for immortality of my ego / persona. Not even through my offspring. And although I try to 'teach my children well' I admit I don't share all of the same values my parents have;)
    I do believe that the spirit which is at the core of our being and which is also present throughout the universe continues on in a state of continual progression although I'm not sure toward what goal. It just seems to be logical and in keeping with the natural evolution of our species and the planet.
    It feels just like a bit of a magical mystery tour though, you don't know what's round the next corner:)
    Spirituality for me though is making and maintaining contact with this core within ourselves and within the whole universe. If we work with it we know we are going in the right direction:) :)

    I also looked at the Pantheist movement website some while ago and whilst I can agree with most of what is stated there I was a bit put off by their over enthusiasm for 'rational' or 'scientific' support for their beliefs. Almost all literature about spiritual experiences stresses the impossibility of describing the experience in what would be considered scientific terminology.
    I can't agree with their statement that there is no form of afterlife after our experiences on earth though. I believe our spirit energy must continue to evolve even though our bodies are obviously returned to the elements they are composed of. I'm just not sure if that spirit remains intact as a seperate entity or whether we are returned to a great spiritual pool to be re-incarnated (with or without knowledge of our previous existences) again.
    Anyone any further thoughts? I just have to believe that we are more than just compost for the next generation!

    Normal has nothing to do with average or the idea of thinking or believing what most people think or believe. Normal is a set of 'safe' conditions imposed on society by those who are in a position to make that imposition with the intention of suppressing any behaviour which could threaten to 'rock the boat', ie upset the balance of power in society.
    As such I believe it is our duty to at least question what is considered to be normality. Not so many years ago unmarried mothers were commited to asylums for transgressing the bounds of 'normality' imposed by the church...
    Screw the status quo!

    I'd be a veggie if I had to kill the animal or catch the fish myself, couldn't hack that :eek:

    Maybe it's just cowardice?

    I do know that it's bloody difficult to keep to a veggie diet if you travel around a lot and eat in restaurants, as Ghost knows.... A Hindu mate of mine manages it though, all credit to him!

    I believe all trees are beautiful in their own way and have their own personalities. There was one growing outside my flat which I could touch and communicate with from my balcony on the third floor, then they decided it was too close to the building and cut it down one day. I was gutted for the whole day...
    A couple of my favourites are Walnut and Palm.
    Palm for being so distinctive and strong in a storm and reminding me of good times on holiday in the sun.
    Walnut just for the grain and flame in the wood and it's general gnarlnyess (not sure if I didn't just make that word up!)
    I'm building a guitar at the moment out of walnut and it's just a gorgeous piece of wood...