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    Protein ftw. Not sure what your dietary path is but if you eat fish, tuna is great. Tuna pasta salad. Flavoured tuna on crackers. It was my gym food staple and I now use it for my pick-me-up snacking at work and it keeps me energized and moving.

    For those that did not enjoy Oreos, how did you eat them?

    They should be consumed in either of these two ways. The first is to dunk it into something - milk, tea, coffee. The second is to take the cookie apart, lick the frosting and then eat the cookie bits. You never just eat an Oreo outright! The horror!


    Will you show me yours if I show you mine?!

    This is an old pic after I first put it together. Now the loft is fleeced and I've perfected towel origami, it's much tighter. I keep the ramp in towel for traction. The water bottle now lives downstairs as well 'cause one day, they decided they would no longer drink from it up stairs. And Lawdy knows, what Nuz wants - Nuz gets.

    Don't know if you guys have Silk but it's the brand that converted me. In fact, I find the Silk chocolate milk better than real choccy milks.

    I put down a few layers of towel for absorbancy and then the fleece on top. Fleece is a wicking fabric so the pee sinks down to the layers of towel and leaves the fleece fairly dry.

    Quote from Atomik

    You also said....
    ... to which I was responding. :)

    Fair 'nuff. Looking into it a bit more, it seems that the Dalai Lama shouldn't refuse meat if it's offered to him. So yeah, there are a myriad of factors effecting his dietary choices and some of them non-scientific but I just thought it was an interesting, since it's a common assumption that the DL would/should be a veggy of sorts. (Guess he got Hep B during his veggy phase, which when he went meaty) Or that a fellow of the DL's stature would attract the best of medical assistance and advice. I've since found that Tibeten Buddhism has absolutely no problem with the consuption of meat. Learn something new every day.


    Quote from Atomik

    Again, anecdotal evidence does not constitute good science. You're assuming (a) that the Dali Lama isn't just as capable of giving in to taste cravings as the rest of us, and (b) that his nutritionists know their stuff. And seeing as all vitamins and minerals are available as supplements, I'd suggest they really don't. ;)

    Yes, that's why I said that I didn't scientifically know.

    Scientifically, I can't say that I know for sure but as a fan of the Dali Lama, I'd like to think that he and his physicians have done thier research and I can't imagine someone like the DL having to eat chicken due to his enimia/health issues if it was absolutely unnesscary.

    I'm still boggling that kids can't wear jewllery in school at all... Seems like all the reasons listed (like safety) is just more of 'lets pad our kids in pillows and have them experience nothing till they're older when they'll whine about everything 'cause they weren't allowed to climb and fall from a tree. Safer to dress them all the same, remove all dangers and turn them into nice little, right brain stiffled, robots.

    Sports can be dangerous but we always took our stuff off for that. Theift may happen on occasion but again...I think it's sheltering to not let a kid learn the reality of life because it breaks our heart to see them cry. did I ever survive my youth? In grade five everyone had jelly bracelets up to their elbows and safety pins all over our shoes and pants. :P

    Since the OP was a list of links, I've got one to add. It's where I usually hang out with fellow cyber dreadites.
    (If you reconginze some names, it's cause we were exiles from *that* forum for threatening it's capitalistic empire. :screwy:)

    Earlier in the thread I mentioned that I henna my hair. I stopped doing this. I was too paranoid about the paste getting stuck deep in a lock and rotting.

    The lush henna stuff y'all use still gives me the willies. Jamila henna FTW and it can't me more expense than the lush stuff, even with shipping. (Of course your lush prices probably aren't as outrageous as they are overseas)

    Hmm...maybe I could invent a henna concoction that's specifically for dreads that doesn't worry me. I'm not ready to accept my grey hair yet!!


    ....well that kinda defines my point - Norse Paganism has become conflated with earth-cults and occult practices. The Norsemen didn't worship the Earth, they worshipped their Gods and constructed places of worship to them, such as the standing stone at Thundersley (the name of which is a corruption of the Old English for Thor's Grove)

    They would not have considered the celebrants of the Solstices to share a faith with them, in fact they'd alost certainly consider them a useful source of slave labour

    You're right.

    One of the things about pagans (and why I hate the blanket term) is the the divisivness of the sects. There are pagan types that follow things who would scoff at how others fluff up or dilulte a pantheon. Others who are more psychological about their paganism scoff at hard core polytheists or recreationists. So your argument isn't really offensive - it's the kind of things pagans argue about all the time!

    Quote from princesstigermouse

    Bahai's an interesting one... I have met several people who are followers of that faith, and none of them were able to explain to me what they actually believed. Possibly, they weren't too sure themselves.

    I've read a bit about it on the net and have to say I'm still a bit clueless.

    Odd. Most Baha'i I know are pretty articulate. Of course, when you're run out of your country based on persecution of your belief, you better know what those beliefs are! Were they raised Baha'i or converted?

    To sum up in a hopefully clear way: They fall into the same line as the Jeudao/Christian/Islamic religions, believing that God sends us all a phrophet every now and then with a new message suited to the times.(Moses to Buddha and such) The last phrophet was a fellow named Baha'u'lla who's message was basically to say that science and religion can jive, every one's equal, heaven and hell are states of mind and that the after life is (to put it crudely) planar plus the typical 'unite humanity with love and God' and the usual core morality that's found in the jeudao/xtian/islam line of sects

    Out of the monotheisitic religions, it's pretty decent. But that could just be 'cause they haven't been around as long of the others to get to the oppressive/causing damage stage.

    Theosophy. Well, their level of esoterisim too pretty grand for my tastes. I'm kind of curious on what they have to say on the Freemason's.

    I laughed so hard when the god hates fags group got sued for useing 'We are the World' in a twisted propaganda you-tube video. I think the leader of that group wanted to do what L. Ron did - start a wacky f'ed up religion just to see if people would follow it.

    I think the most I've been disturbed by a white supremist group was when watching a news story program that showcased a pair of young girls (10ish?) who would tour around singing hate filled rasist songs. Such indoctrination is just frightful.

    Think I found the tv show 'bout them on youtube called: White Nationalism: Prussian Blue (parts 1-5) Scary.

    I got to see two (difference occasions) bald eagles on a visit to Cape Breton. I believe it's no longer on the endagered species list though. Which is good on one had but makes you wonder if they would have been so egerly repopulated if they weren't the big nationalistic symbol of our neighbours to the south.

    A sugar addiction could indeed lead to serious health issues. I've seen diabetic sugar heads throw their health out the window 'cause they coudln't give up eating sugars all the time.

    It's an addiction most everybody has and it fuels one of the biggest, slave driven industries in the world. Sugar, coffee and chocolate - nobody wants to see the dirty side 'cause it would mean they might have to give up something that they can't live without, though perhaps they're in denial of the kind of hold these substances have over our society and the impact on others as well as ourselves.

    I had sectioned off the basement livingroom for Nuz's floor time and had him out for a play. After a bit, I went up stairs to get myself a tea and I guess there had been enough of a gap in the Nuz barrier 'cause when I opened the basement door to go back down with my bevy, there was Nuz hopping his little piggish way up the stairs to find out where I had gone! It was the first time he'd ever done stairs without any encouragement.

    I was surprized and proud.

    Valium has helped me. My doc was a quack and used to try to pawn the drug of the week off on me so i finally went in with a solid idea of what i wanted and Valium was part of that to help get me through the few weeks it takes the SSRI's to kick in.

    He gave me a huge fucking bottle of them which was just asking for a habit. Luckily I was well researched and had the proper respect for the pill before taking it and have avoided dependancy. I use it on the really bad days (half a tab of 5ml usually) and it takes the edge off the crazy and makes me functional.

    Yes, it should tell you something that women are arguing that it's just as bad. Those who have been there have empathy for others who've been there, regardless of gender.

    And I'll be brutally honest here - more honest than will make any human comfortable (I'm not sure I'm being read anyways. Ever had a one of those invisible weeks? I'm having one. However my need to vent/confess is now overriding my need to be accepted by internet folk. Infact, this'll probably blow any chance I had of making a friend here at all...)

    I for one know that I could be a rapist of a man and I know I could do it and I know that I could do it in a manner that would scar him beyond sanity. And every time I hear people deny that it can't happen or that it's not the same or that it's so rare we should blow it off, I get filled with rage and the urge to commit*.

    Rape truely sees no gender. So when one trivializes one version of rape, it trivializes the rest. It took a long long time for women to be able to come out a deal with subjects like this as a gender. Now men who have been through the experience have to fight for the same acceptance that's been struggled for on our side for so long. How many women have had their expeiences blown off (like the person who said their mother just made some comment about going through the same like nothing happened) Now have that experience as a male and the world is telling you that you better shut up about it because it couldn't possible compare or any of the other crap that would make a man want to bottle up and hide and self destruct (just like any rape vicitim) except that he's more likely to get ridiculed and his own emotions and experience trivialized as the world doesn't seem to be ready to help or accept the male rape victim.

    (*I'm aware this is a sickness that should get looked after. It's not an all the time occurance or frame of mind but when the topic comes up, so do these feelings. )

    I never really know how to answer. I fall into one of those, I'm passed out and have a vague recollection of coming to, finding a guy on me, then passing out again, 'date rapish' catagories. Sometimes I'll call it rape, sometimes I'll call it bad judgement on my part.

    I've been told before that reffering to something like this as rape diminishes what 'real' rape victims go through. And sometimes I buy it - till I realize how much it and one other situation have twisted a certain part of me in a way that won't twist back.

    Quote from reggaegotsoul

    It is not the physical aspect that lasts for years , it is the mental scars ,loss of control, Im sure they would be equal really for men and women.

    And that's the heart of it all right there. Rape isn't just about the physical, it's mental. It's a power play.

    Now for some, it's a powerplay of brute force. The big man 'taking' the victim. Probably the most common image summoned up when rape is mentioned and why one has a hard time beleiving that someone who is physically stronger can be 'forced' upon by a weaker entity (a woman).

    Rape by the hands of a very calculating, dominant, manipulative woman doesn't have to be, pin 'em down by the shoulders to still be rape.

    So a man doesn't have a vagina...I could easily find other orafaces and million ways to humilate that could equal vaginal penetration. Maybe he's 240lbs - so you just gotta scale your ruffies accordingly for size. Then it's zip ties ftw and out come the toys. :ppirate: