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    Despite the horrific nature of those pictures, I actually find myself wanting to try the deep-fried coca cola and the cheesecake on a stick, if only for the physical improbability of the things :D

    Just a quick point, while NAT routers can't be hacked by conventional means, there are specialist hardware units designed to force them to open ports... not readily available to the public market, but I wouldn't be surprised if the police were able to acquire them.

    Quote from Kristen

    Could somebody tell me if I've got this right: you're body disolves one unit of alchohol per hour? Therefore, if I drank two pints at 1 & 1/2 units each, then stuck to water for 3 hours, I'd be completely alcohol free by the time I left the pub?

    No, that's not quite right. The AHD in your stomach breaks down Alcohol at roughly 1 unit per hour (and about half that speed in women) but just because it's been broken down, doesn't mean it's not affecting you. Plus, the more you drink, the slower the AHD takes effect.

    If you drank your hypothetical two pints and waited 6 hours (twice your figure), you still wouldn't be 'completely alcohol free' although you might pass a breathaliser test.

    edit: Regarding 70mph limiters on cars - great idea, but I believe it's legal to drive over 70 on your own property. I think it would be more useful to force the 30 limit in built-up areas (maybe using GPS or something?).

    A friend of mine got a cease and desist letter from his university ISP within a week of trying to use bittorrent... whether this was for legality or bandwidth reasons I don't know.

    ISPs already log pretty much everything they see, so I guess it'll all come down to the data protection act or something. At the moment I'd say downloading is still fairly safe, but sharing copyrighted material is somewhat more risky.

    I'm an Aquarius. I read somewhere that Aquarians are attracted to each other due to creativity and behavioural similarities... didn't really believe it, but thinking back, all the real loves of my life have been Aquarians too. Spooky.

    Quote from AnnieAnne

    I've got a question.

    I haven't brushed my hair since July. I wash it once or twice a week, but at the same time I stopped brushing, I stopped using conditioner on it. It's actually looking better now than when I used to brush it all the time, I think because the brushing used to fill it with static and make it all nasty. A little while after I stopped brushing it, I noticed I was getting a few small dreads at the back, underneath my hair. That was fine. The front, sides and top of my hair are not knotty and some of my hair at the back isn't either - I do tend to run my fingers through my hair, particularly at the front so that's probably why. It's probably good too, as I need to be fairly conventional looking for work.

    The problem is that all the little dreads have sort of matted together into one huge, heavy lump at the nape of my neck. It's not obvious when my hair is tied up (which it it usually is for work), but when it's down, I think you can see it, and it limits how I can put my hair up, plus it takes ages to dry when I wash my hair. I don't want my hair to turn into one enormous dread! What can I do about it? I'm also hampered by the fact it's at the back of my head, so I can't actually see what's going on, only feel it.

    Dreds do have a tendancy to 'mate' with each other. If it's not gone too far you can usually pull them back apart... otherwise get a mate to carefully seperate them with scissors.

    Everyone seems to dislike wax, but my dreds just wouldn't take without it (tried many many times), and it all washed out within a year (even in the middle, I checked). It certainly never went mouldy, either. Maybe I just had good wax though. I wouldn't recommend the stuff either, but some people might need it.

    Anyway, top tip: Thread a loop of dental floss through the eye of a needle, then you can use it to sew loose hairs into dreds easily.

    There was a guy on TV that spent weeks eating strongly-coloured foods to try and piss every colour of the rainbow. As far as I remember, it worked too.

    You don't eat a lot of asparagus, by any chance? :p

    Quote from Sthenno

    I learnt this is school. I've only just now realised how weird that is. Flippin' Devon!

    So did I! Flippin' Malvern :insane:

    ...can't remember a whole lot now, but we went to farms n stuff to practice I'm sure.

    Somehow I missed this on the news, it's absolutely ridiculous... but also strangely familiar to me.

    I used to have a narcoleptic girlfriend, ie she would fall asleep / pass out randomly from time to time. This once occurred whilst we were in a bus station, and I was duly manhandled to the ground by station security who assumed I'd attacked her. They continued to pin me down while she went into shock and suffered partial memory loss, which might have been avoidable if anyone had actually listened to me.

    On another occasion, she collapsed at a gig, and I was beaten within an inch of my life by punks who thought I'd knocked her out. That wasn't much fun.

    Those police must've been morons, quite aside from attacking a man for being ill, the use of a taser was insane. A friend of mine was mugged by a guy using a taser, and it actually detonated his cigarette lighter in his pocket. I dread to think what would happen if it was used near a bomb.

    I know it's been said many times already, but that first photo is absolutely stunning, Starpoi. The soft light is really relaxing and the colours are simply amazing. Has it been digitally enhanced in some way?

    It's now gracing all three of my screens as well :)

    Well after much fumbling with a tape measure I reckon it would need to be about 24" long and about 1.5" wide. Maybe a touch shorter if it's stretchy? I'm no knitting genius :o

    Maybe you could pick a colour? I have no idea what would suit me anyway. No fashion sense whatsoever :insane:

    Now I'm gonna have to think of a way to repay you...hmm... where's the 'thinking' smily when you need it?