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    :eek: I'd hate to have to do a 3 point turn in that :eek:


    We won't need to - it's so slow we shouldn't ever get lost and need to turn back :whistle: 45mph down hill with the wind behind us - about 15 mph up one hill :eek:, not built for speed. But we don't care cos we can stop and put the kettle on and go for a snooze if we feel the need :D. It's a lot faster than most people's homes anyway. A good project for the next few weeks, plenty of time to be snug as slugs in a pocket of snot by winter. :)

    To drive anything over 3.5 tonnes and up to 7.5 tonnes you need a C1 licence. CPC came in in September so there may be minimum training requirement - you'll need to look it up. C1 costs about the same as C cos you're paying for an instructor, a truck, diesel, a test etc. About a grand doesn't sound too far from the mark unfortunately. Do shop around, maybe booking medical/ theory for yourself will save you some money; but the best thing to do is get some experience driving a 7.5 tonne vehicle if you can - in a farm yard or car park, whatever. All experience helps and will hopefully help you pass first time - once you've paid out for all that training etc, you really won't want to be paying for a re test.

    Good luck :thumbup:

    I did a winter in a yurt with a burner - it wasn't easy to put it mildly. It was an old canvas so not in good nick, but even so -I'd be reluctant to repeat that again. Cold, cos it's cold you get condensation so everything gets damp, just about get vaguely un-cold then have to go outside for a piss.

    It's making life harder than necessary. Do it for the summer, work hard and make money, then take your tent to somewhere hot for the winter.

    Glastonbury's become a notch on the predictability-slut's bed post. Like a gap year in South East Asia, a summer in Newquay, a "tribal" tatoo, etc etc. If you don't mind enduring dick heads, and money running through your hands like water, then crack on.

    I think I'll stay home and punch myself in the bollocks though - at least I won't be threatened by a gangster cos I'm not up for buying dodgy pills off a stranger in a field.

    If you're going full time, try before you buy. Do a stint in your vehicle, no bricks and mortar breaks, and see how you get on. Might be that you're like a duck to water, but a lot of people find lack of space and life being harder work too much.

    Not trying to put you off, if you're thick skinned and don't get humpy with a bit of discomfort and graft then you'll be sound. If you do want to go full time, get a motor you can stand up and lie down comfortably in. Bending into wierd shapes gets pretty fucking annoying after a while. Anyway, good luck mate - enjoy the freedom, just don't rush any big decisions. The right situation will present itself. :thumbup:

    Firstly, bad luck - it's a bastard when it all comes crashing down.

    Secondly, obviously easier said than done - but try and be fatalistic about it. Everything for a reason and all that shit.

    Finally, while you're in education - more education seems like the obvious option. My sister got good GCSEs, A levels, degree and now shes got her good job. That is only One way. I got shit GCSEs, didn't even consider A levels and I'm doing fine. Making pretty good money, doing something I enjoy, self employed so I'm my own boss. If a degree or whatever is vital to achieve your dream job, then keep trying - either bother this lot, try others or reapply next year.

    If it's the structure, lifestyle and continued learning that you're going to miss - be adaptable. The end of student life is hard whenever it happens. You can still have a good time, you can still read books, meet people, get involved with exciting projects and have adventures. Just do it under your own steam. Independance is an under valued comodity.

    Obviously I don't know you to know your circumstances, but try to stay on top - uni's certainly A way, but not necessarilly THE way.

    Good luck sorting it all out :thumbup:

    I'm in a lucky position where my work gets me places to park up. If you're prepared to travel though, there's seasonal work anyone can do. Fruit picking, planting, harvesting - a lot of it is still done by hand and doesn't need loads of skills and experience. You'll have to be prepared to work long and hard for not a lot of wedge, but it's the old responsibility exchange - you either earn and spend the dough to sustain that way of life, or you put in the graft and effort to sustain this.

    If you can get your head round not spending loads of money you can still save a bit, and when you do get something new it'll mean loads more cos you know the effort you went to to get it.

    If you want to live in a vehicle, and are prepared for hard work - even down to needing boots and a coat to go for a piss in the night, then crack on. Swallow your pride, blag a few favours til you've got the wedge to get started, then just do it. Don't get bogged down with one train of thought - there's loads of vehicles/ rigs/ set ups you can live in; and loads of ways to make it work. Your resourceful mind and hard working muscles are going to be what gets you by from here on in.

    Enjoy, good luck, stop procrastinating, see you by the water tap! :thumbup:

    Think I'm in on a blag from my good woman :D. Never realised festivals had a job description of chainsaw wielding lummox before - all these years of buying tickets... ;)

    Polystyrene IS really flammable, but it has to get to whatever temperature it is to go up. My caravan's got poly in the walls and I've not woken up shrink wrapped yet :whistle:- even when the burner's been rocking. Mine's in the gap where the shower would of been, and I've lined the space with master board, doubling up on hot spots.

    The burner in me van isn't fixed, so as far as nosey insurance people need to be aware - I'm just transporting it. The flue goes out the driver's window so it can't be permanent anyway :p.

    Hope this helps, good luck :thumbup:

    Don't know if the new system's come in yet or not. If so - don't know, it'll be long winded :(. If not, do your CBT - any local bike training place will do it. You can, technically, then do your theory, a week's training and test on a 500. If you've not got any road experience I'd recommend you get a 2nd hand 125 and blat about on that for a bit once you do your CBT though. You can get into as much trouble on a little bike as a big one, but they're lighter and you won't get into high speed trouble.

    Don't know about new system - think it's more than 1 test maybe? Hope this is relevant and some help, good luck :thumbup:.

    Depends what sort of budget you've got, if you want a ready made camper or want to convert something yourself, what you're planning on using it for - day to day vehicle or just for camper use?

    If you've got any ideas on these it would be easier to narrow it down a bit :)

    Different things work for different people. Best thing to do is take a day at a time, don't give up if you have a moment of weakness, and don't be shy to be proud of yourself - it's no little achievement. A good thing is you'll start feeling better for it quite quickly - less vague, more motivated. It's not going to be easy, but very few things worth having are. Good luck :thumbup:

    Don't know what the fuss is about - I saw lettuce on one of those burgers :rolleyes:,

    Anyone who orders one of them should be sprayed in dripping and have hungry dogs sent after them - earn the calories fat boy :spank:!

    Have you got any other source of heat - like a gas ring or something? If so, get the jug on and sort yourself out a hot water bottle - keep your mits warm while you work and take the edge off the urgency. Desperate fire lighting often results in rage :curse: - in my case anyway - if it doesn't work perfectly instantly.

    Then I'd try to dry out some paper and kindling over your gas - obviously avoiding burning it :whistle:. Then stack it with fire lighters broken into little bits tucked in throughout the paper and kindling. If you can, split the logs down again - they should be dry inside. Put the coal on once it's rocking.

    If you've not got any gas - maybe try paper in loose balls over bits of fire lighter, with the thinnest, dryest bits of kindling on top. Might take a few attempts - or a few more, sorry. Put your paper on top of the burner while your faffing to dry it out for next time - hopefully another day once you're successful today ;).

    Good luck, hope you're warm soon :thumbup:

    An overall figure of £200,000 or whatever is kind of irrelevant anyway I'd of thought. It's not like the mid wife demands a down payment before you can take your child home. And if it's a major concern to people about having to make sacrifices to raise a child - whether financial, emotional or in time, maybe they need to have a rethink about whether parenting is for them.

    It's just scare mongering and creating headlines cos everyone's shitting themselves about money at the moment.

    £200,000? Doubt if my folks ever earnt near that, or the equivalent back then - and they raised 3 of us without us feeling hard done by.

    Could you build a temporary cupboard around your burner to hide it? Haven't seen your bus to know what your flu situation is, but if you took off the stack could it be made inconspicuous? Might be a shit idea - just thought it could be worth a go.

    Good luck with it all, and good call on buying yourself some time :thumbup:. They're slippery fuckers and you don't want rail-roading into a decision you'll regret later on.

    Trouble is the BBC are influenced by the government, and the government are up America's arse, and America supports Israel. Don't know what Obama is going to be like, but is it a coincidence that Israel ceased fire as soon as Bush was out of office? Very suspect if you ask me, but then again I don't trust any of them so I'm probably biased.

    Hey Pachamama :waves:,

    Looks like a lovely truck - and a park up too :long:. Not wanting to be pain in the arse or a know all, but it seems like your truck might be a bit hard to get legal. If it weighs 7,486 kg and is plated as a 7 1/2 tonner, then it can only take 14 kg before it's up to weight - and I definitely weigh more than that :whistle:. Assuming it's going over that weight, it'll need replating as an 8 tonner - and a class 2 HGV will be needed to drive it :(. Don't know if you can shed some weight off it or what?

    Guess it's less of an issue if it's got a permenant park up cos it can sit there not upsetting anyone :thumbup:.

    Whatever the situation - and obviously I'm more than capable of being fully wrong anyway - it's a lovely looking motor :D.

    Good luck with the move to Wales and baby-growing :).

    Trouble with cooking on a burner is you need it really hot to be any use - and that'll get your van unbearable . You can do stews if you can keep your burner in all day - stick it on with the burner just ticking over - use loads of water, and it should be done when you get in :). You will have some cremated nightmares and undercooked disappointments til you get used to it :(.

    If you really want to use wood you'd be better of sorting out a bit of a shelter, doing your prep inside then going outside to a fire with a grill over it. Nowhere near as predictable as gas but it gets it done. Not something you'll want to do unless you're parking up in a place for a while. If you get friendly with a charcoal burner, try and blag some brown ends. These are partly converted logs that will burn easier and smoke much less. Nice in summer - gets double hot cooking in a vehicle.

    Whatever you choose, I'd recommend keeping a little gas stove - even if it's just for emergencies. I guarantee there will be times when you need hot water immediately and won't have time to start a fire first.

    Anyway, good luck :thumbup:

    I had the same opinion as you til then, but I did have some of that lot stop and talk to me and they were good blokes actually. Spotted the lack of tax and number plate and just said "You'd probably better get that sorted pretty soon." And left it at that. Reckon I was being kept an eye on cos I was right near a bridge with cameras on it, but no unwanted attention - proper lucky escape :D.

    This is where looking like a proper Did helps. Coppers are terrified of them. I once broke down at the side of the M25 and was stranded for 5 hours before being recovered and they didn't bother me once. Just as well - no tax, no trailer lights, over loaded, no number plate, tank of red. Reckon I'd of got in a spot of bother over that lot :p.

    It's a shame, but loads of people do still have massive prejudices. Reckon someone should do a traveller "fly-on-the-wall" documentary to make straighties realise we're not all brew crew.

    I have learnt my lesson by the way - no more crazy illegal rigs for me :angel:

    Well once you're mobile you can go where the work is :). Not that it's a great time for anyone anywhere to be out of work, but it sounds like you've got a few skills under your belt. Keep your chin up mate, and keep knocking doors - sooner or later one will open for you :thumbup:.

    Kind of between builds at the moment, but thanks a lot for the offer and I'll keep you posted :thumbup:. Worked on a few timber framed buildings last year - round wood cruck frame stylee. Might have more on this year but it's all vague as fuck at the moment, which is why I'm back out doing tree work :( - and taking my HGV test tomorrow :panic:!