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    we have funding for a youth support worker mentor,im presuming it will be him that will vet the crbs?
    i just hope hes wise enough not to strike off these ladies, who have given there time and effort and will continue to do so for the better good of our community.
    it seems there are many who can talk the talk and say "ohh yes thats just what our young people need" but in practise there are very few who are willing to put the effort in to make it happen.
    in the past 4 months i have had to completely face my fears and feelings of inadequacy and deal with councils,police,social services,the youth offender team and committees (oh my god i never knew so many committees existed), not to mention the courses i and the core group of volunteers have taken in first aid,child protection and domestic abuse in teenagers.
    i am so worried that these ladies wont pass the crb and we will fall flat on our face before we have even opened the doors.

    no adult will be left alone with the kids, part of safeguarding children means we have to have a ratio of 8 kids to one adult, generally we are hoping for a rota of 4 volunteers in any one session, at least of two being part of the core group that have undertaken the training.

    so what you guys are saying is that if a small mark does turn up for something minor it doesnt mean that you cant work with vulnerable people straight away? and that the person checking off the crb's will use that information at there discretion?

    thanks folks

    ok so heres the crack, recently i have been ubber busy trying to shake our local community up a lil bit and do something for the kids.4 months later and incredible amounts of red tape and bureaucracy later our youth club is due to be opened by the end of jan 2012.
    There is a core group of volunteers (about 8 of us) who are undergoing some training atm and waiting for our crb checks to come back.
    off the record last week one of my core volunteers let it slip that she was prosecuted for shoplifting in her early 20's and that another one of the core staff received a caution because five years ago her husband was dealing weed!
    so what i want to know is a crb check at the discretion of the youth worker who is training us? when these ladies pasts turn up on there crb will it automatically mean they cant volunteer?
    i am slightly worried about all this, finding people to man the club and put the work in has been our biggest issue, i know these two women have a lot to offer and they will be more than capable of being great role models, but without them we dont have enough core staff to pull this youth club off!!
    so yeah my question is this, is a crb check wavered at the discretion of the employer? and does it make a difference if they are going to be working for free?
    any adv ice and help would be great

    kezz, i had the same problem with lead aggression with my staffy x a few yrs back, it became an absoloute nightmare everytime we went for a walk, but what you need to remember is that a dogs instinct when feeling threatened is fight or flight, and on the lead theres nowhere to fly to.
    it got so bad for me that i became nervous about walking the dogs and made the whole situation worse.
    i overcame odins lead agression and lead pulling by takeing the 2 dogs out seperatly for a few weeks, and spending time makeing sure odin was focusing on me, for him it was the toy that was of supirior interest, some dogs prefere treats.
    my trick was to maake him sit ever time he pulled on his lead, even if this ment we walkd 3 steps and sit, and when you see another dog the biggest peice of advice i was given was to bloody relax, stop thinking theres gunna be a problem before there is because your dog will sense it. it was a pain in the arse for me walking my dogs seperatly and haveing 2 kids and a home to deal with, but oh my days it was worth every second.odin now walks on the lead loosley, doesnt pull and shows no aggression to other dogs when hes on his lead, my dogs walk time has become the pleasureable experience it always should have been :)

    imho ceaser milan shouldnt call himself a dog whisperer when he blatently kicks the dogs :(

    22 yrs ago today 96 innocent Liverpool fans were killed in the lepping lane end of thehillsborough football disaster, and some fool on face book has decided to anounce that he was there which gives him absoloute authority to say it was the liverpool fans own fault for getting to pissed and ariveing to late because they were busy in the pub. i cant get my head round such an apalling attitude to something so tragic, but i also cant help but wonder if his 'community support officer' tittle has anything to do with the way he still defends the policeing of that match and blames the innocent ppl.

    i managed to get through to my friend today who lives in cairo. shes devestated and cant beleive the brutality she has whitnessed in this ordeal, her words were 'its a blood bath out there, people are dying all over the place and the museum is now on fire'

    all being well she will be leaveing ciaro on a plane to anywhere in the next 48hours.

    my best friend is over in ciaro right now, we cant reach her via phones or internet now.i so hope they get what they want but jebuz im really worried about my friend at the moment :\

    thanks guys, am feeling a bit better this morning, just sad that someone can twist my words and turn em against me and use that to turn my dad against me and my kids.i was supposed to be going out with dad n the kids today but due to the poisoned word twister hes let us down :(

    still am about to take my kids christmas shopping with out him and we are gunna have a great time.

    am also feeling a bit silly coz it would apear i got another flameing abcess in my mouth and my face is starting to resemble that of the elephant man, and i cant get to the docs or dentist to get antibiotics untill monday!

    i feel a bit sad that my words have been taken, twisted and used against me in someone elses fucked up agenda..all i wanted to do was try and perseuade someone not to go and buy a puppy before looking in the rescue centres, has been constrewed as i am a gold digga whos worried about her inheritence :'( i just dont understand peoplee i really dont

    i had my nose repeirced with a stud and needle about 18 months ago, i pulled the bloody thing out and good god i couldnt get it back in.

    eventually with a frozen carrot up my nose and crying like a baby jay managed to get it back in:)

    never had a single problem with it since :D

    i have signed the petiton, joined the fb groups and posted the video and petiton address to my face book profile.

    stories like this scare the begebuz out of me because i have a staff x that could easily be mistaken for a pit :(

    Just to play devils advocate here, but what does him being a police officer have to do with the act itself? (I'm aware it may have an effect on his punishment).

    actually i dont think its that he is a policeman really, although notts police did let a teenager die last month in custody because they didnt beleive him when he told them he was ill :mad:

    the point to me is this man is supposed to be an educated dog handler, setting an example to the ppl who really *dont know any better*


    THE RSPCA is investigating after two police dogs died when they were left in a dog handler's car during the heatwave.
    The German shepherds were found in the car at Notts Police's HQ in Arnold yesterday.
    The Post understands the police dog handler was off duty but had called into the headquarters at Sherwood Lodge, Arnold.
    It is unclear how long the dogs had been left in the car on what was the hottest day in Notts for three years – with temperatures rising to 29.3 degrees celsius.
    The RSPCA has launched an investigation into the incident.…28150-detail/article.html

    how very very sad, i personally dont see any viable excuse for this to happen, if the officer is working with dogs then the dogs welfare should have been his priority..

    bwahahahaah i remember that oh so well, i take it back it does go wrong sometimes ;) but i just tell ppl its apple biscuit lmao

    i think that thing was supposed to be a dutch apple cake if i remember ...

    hehehe ive never tried ure crumble sarah, maybe we should have a crumble competition, i reckon im in with a chance on makeing the top ten in this one ;)

    again for me its real butter, and cinamon in the apple stew stuff, but also i like to sprinkle cinamon on the top of my crumble all mixed in with the sprinkley sugar, my biggest trick is that i only ever make an apple crumble with the fruit from my own trees so is brambley apples and if im to use a non cooker its cox's.

    i have no idea about weight or quantity though coz its all done by eye, but has never turned out bad yet :)

    well i have kids and i have mutts :) one of my mutts was a rescue dog, just i stated at the time i wanted a puppy because i had a 6 week old baby at the time, shes 8 now and if you ever ask my son who his best friend is he will always reply annie :)

    my other dog wasnt a rescue but was given to me as a puppy hes half staff and half lurcher and when he was 16 months old i dropped me another sprog, hes a fabulous asset to my family and my 2 yr old daughter will always reply odin when asked who her best friend is :)

    i think the thing that puts me off the whole pedigree dog breeding buisness is 1) i dont like the idea of breeding a dog to look perfect in the eye of a judge in a show ring but more importantly 2) i personally dont see how a life can have a price on its head, i feel the same about small animals being sold to anyone who might fancy one when they pass the petshop with a spare tenner in there pocket.

    after having my two mutts i can hand on heart say i will never have a pedigree dog again.

    but yeah there are rescue centres that are espcially for specific breeds and i see no harm in ppl going to get a dog from there if they decide that is what they really want.

    tbh i think its relly very unlikley that i will ever receive csa, hes done everything possible to avoid it up till now and i cant see that changing really, all that keeps happening is they find him tell me i am going to get x amount of pennies from him, yet when the date the payments is due hes usually left his job again..i think it would be easier all round if we didnt have the csa involved because all it manages to do is royally fekk up my finances and leave us disapointed over and over when we are told that we will be getting a cheque for hundreds of pounds each month, yet the cheque never materialises.


    How to apply
    1. Ask the absent parent their views on the adoption if possible
    2. Write to Bournemouth Social Services as a social worker needs to compile a report about the situation. This will involve several visits to various family members and statutory checks including police, probation, NSPCC, education etc. You need to provide full details of both applicants and the date of your marriage. You should have been married for at least one year. Also we'll need to have details of the absent parent and the child's full name and date of birth. A member of Social Services staff will be happy to meet with you to discuss the process.
    3. You can then apply to the court. If the child has already been the subject of a court order, apply to the same court. If not, you can apply to your local family proceedings court (Magistrates Court) or any combined court (County Court) with divorce jurisdiction. Locally this is Bournemouth combined court. A standard fee will be charged. You may need a solicitor if the absent birth parent is contesting your action or cannot be found.

    well acording to that we cant do it because we havent been legally married for a year(infact were not legally married at all) :(

    yes that is also what i was lead to beleive regarding biologicals permission, but i also read that the courts can override that permission in some curcumstances, which im hopeing will be possible for us because i have nabsolutly no idea where or how to find the biological, hes also jacked his job in and moved on every single time the csa have caught up with him.
    i personally cant really see what grounds a man who has had no contact(although was offered it legally) and hadnt shown any interest in the welfare of his child, has to refuse permission.

    does anyone have any experience with adopting a child from a partners previous relationship?

    my son calls the man he lives with dad, and has done for over 3 years, hes had no contact with his biological father for over 4 years and for peace of mind i would really like both my kids to be legally parented by the same man.
    his biological fathers name is on his birth certificate but we were never married and i am also not married to the man that is his dad and his sisters dad.

    so its ll a bit complicated really, i have looked online a bit and although it states tht we ned permision from the named man on the birth certificate, it also says that the permission can be overuled by a judge if they feel its nesecerry or if they cant trace the biological.

    i am going to see about makeing an appointmnt with a solicitor, but was just wondering if theres anyone here who has any experience on the matter, and the other thing i need to look at is how much the legal procerdings are going to cost, coz sadly money will be an issue ,unless by some force of a miracle i start to receive the csa payments that i havent seen yet in 4 years..

    right a bit rambley i know, so any ideas or input would b greatly appreciated.
    thanks x

    the bloody ppl in my neighbourhood.
    yesterday one of my neighbours had a house fire, she got her 2 kids out and called the took over 2 hours when she was in the school yard for one of the other neighbours to aproach the young lass all jovial saying 'ohh youve really brightened up my afternoon, 2 fire engines outside whilst im doing my upstairs dusting,,hahaha oh and by the way are you and the kids ok? is there anything i can do?'

    ffs the girls house has just burnt down and it took you 2 hours to aproach her and ask if you could help?and your so fucking jovial that she thinks your having a laugh at her misfourtune!!


    least i can start the iron...
    the flippin petrol mower is another story, after 4 hours yesterday pulling the stoopid cord and checking the choke(which tbh is completly beyond me) my garden is still a jungle and i have to go through it all over again today...oh the joy

    least ironing is all done in the sanctuary of my bedroom, it smells nice , i dont get covered in dirt and i dont have to fuck about with petrol engines that are totally beyond me.