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    thats good to know hotrod, think I need to see what problem is with laptop battery, maybe I need a new power pack, and then can just charge via the cig lighter as suggested, 6 hours on internet pretty ample for me, then saves expense of power packs etc. cheers

    Thanks everyone, some really useful top tips. My caravan is old - 1985, market value £800, my van is small (width same as average car) so given the advice probably would need some big mirrors. I looked into towing/breaking weight stuff caravan/van and was told would be fine, but that's not with stuff in caravan. Very nervous about towing it but guess I just have to give it a go. If I leave caravan I will take valuables with me in van, but will look into floor safes for leaving stuff in van and look at hitch lock. Will also have a practise run of taking tyre off

    Wonderland - whats the extra door security comprise of? K*

    many thanks for that...a problem I have with laptop is that it doesnt hold charge for very long (15mins max), so need to have continous power supply whilst using it. Could try and find out what the problem is there, but even when fixed I dont think can use lap top for very long before it would need recharging, so still think I need some power x

    HI there again,

    100 and 1 questions from me today. Just wondering what the essentials are to pull caravan safely. My van - fiat scudo 1.9d, caravan less than 1110kg. I know I need a tow bar but wondering if I need:

    1) stabliser?
    2) do you need big mirrors? Does it make that much difference? Is it law?
    3) Is it law to have caravan insured?
    4) Locking caravan up to prevent theft if I leave it for a while (not sure anyone would want to steal but you never know) Is there a way I can do this cheaply....things round wheels look expensive

    Again thanks for any advice


    Hi everyone,

    Im looking at various power supply options for going away this summer in my van (fiat scud0 1.9d). I may at some point come and collect my caravan if I find a suitable safe park up for it. I mention this as I may be needing off grid power supply in caravan aswell at some point. I'm wanting to aviod buying lots of different stuff only to later find its not that suitable and I should have brought x, y, z in the first place. I will be mainly wanting to run my lap top. Any folks expereinced wisdom will be greatfully received :) . So I started to look at various options and I'm wondering few things about these.

    a) Power pack all in one, I'm not sure how many hours these things provide? General pro's and cons?

    B) Leisure battery + inverter + (already have battery charger). What watt do I need?

    Maybe there's other options I've not thought about also

    If anyone has a standard tow bar (twin) for fiat scudo (pulling 1985 Elldis Tornardo) or either of the above for sale I would be interested

    Cheers K*:pp
    Cheers K*

    Hi there, Im going to be living in my caravan in my garden this winter and worrying about keeping warm. The caravan has a gas heater but was thinking not great for conensation and doesnt kick much heat out. I have the caravan plugged into the mains, anyone know what types of electric heater will do the job? I was thinking of an oil radiator... any advice will be great cheers K*

    My colleague Jayne Anderson works not to far away, in Richmond Yorks. I really recommend her. You can check out her info at
    You can also explore the site to see more about the kind of shammanism that she (and I) do. Hope this helps!

    thanks for that paul K*

    hi there,

    How did your workshop go....havent done any shamanic stuff but have meet some people who have and have been inspired to do some shamanic healing /thearapy work. If you have any contacts would love it if your could forward to me Tar karen*

    hiya, ive been using a mooncup fpr bout a year. THere's two sizes i wish i got the bigger one cos I leak the first few days. dont let this put u off though as several friends have started using and there absolutley fine. i am heavy. feels strange at first but u get the hang of it K*:hippy: give it a go