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    Slow is good at the moment :-) Take things too fast and your brain will be even more jumbled. I'm glad there is some progress with you and your wife. It won't happen overnight but hopefully in time, you can sort things out and be happy again x

    I'm so sorry you're going through this. Obviously you realise whatever you did was a big mistake and regret it.

    If I were you, I would give your wife some time to digest what has happened. If you keep pushing her, she may be forced to make a decision and it may not be the one you want.

    Maybe send a message to your wife explaining that you made a huge mistake and understand you have hurt her badly. Tell her you will give her time to think about what she wants and hope that together you can work through it and remind her you love her

    Sending hugs and hope it works out for you x

    The mama at the black country museum today to her girl playing up,totaly know what you mean. ..are you going to give up and behave,or do i take you home and beat you where no one can see me do it! i could see she didnt mean it,but total sympathy lol x

    Whether she meant it or not, that is a horrible and inappropriate thing to say to a child :-(

    Hello Hippyvik : It wasnt an attack on Paul... if youve been following the entire threads regarding this whole circus you will get the picture that I was merely adding to the banter. Is banter banned from ukhippy too ?

    Anyone on here that actually knows me, knows that to me, life isn't always to be taken seruously so please don't patronise me with that line, its insulting!

    And I have read all the threads and you seem to be doing exactly what Paul says is happening in his original thread. I hope that Paul doesn't get so pissed off with all this bollocks that he just decides to call it a day but to be honest, I wouldn't blame him if he did...

    well basicall yeah you missed heaps. where were ya? I will give you the low down.
    Paul - the moderator is boredd so he has decided to become Stellacruosex and stir things up a bit.
    Angio doesnt need nivea...
    We Hippies are all being told to improve our spelling and grammar.
    and there is a conspiracy within UKHIPPY forum

    A bit unfair wouldn't you say?? Paul isn't just 'bored', he puts a lot of work into this site, not for any other reason than for our enjoyment, he doesn't get paid to do it! I personally think threads like this are the reason some people are so annoyed. Why would you slag off the moderators who are giving you a platform to meet like minded people?

    I must admit that I'm a bit sad at how this thread has turned out. I think this just proves the point Paul was trying to make :-(

    I have no issue with people's spelling and grammar, it doesn't bother me at all. And I never have an issue understanding a point anyone is trying to put across.

    What upsets me is the random crap on every thread which I think is what Paul is trying to say, not to spoil people's fun and silliness. I like reading some random threads, such as Mas first date protocol', it makes me chuckle but where people are asking for serious advice, I think people need to leave it to people who want to offer advice.

    This is not quite right. If you have been having a problem that you have been asking for your landlord to deal with for 3 months and they haven't, you CAN NOT withold rent or you will be evicted. What you can do is write to your landlord telling them that if the problem isn't fixed within 28 days, you will be finding your own workmen to do it and deducting it from the rent. Keep a copy of this letter and send it recorded delivery. If it isn't dealt with, you have to get 3 quotes and use the cheapest. Send all 3 quotes to your landlord and get the work done and take the amount paid from the rent

    We are easy to understand. We are just like your favorite old vibrator, when we have new batteries, we are buzzing, at other times we are just stiff, dirty and not really worth the effort. There's always a newer model on the high street that you would love to try out. :D But you continue to chase the same high you got when your old vibrator came out the box for the first time. :)

    Steve, that is the best description of men I have tead for a very long time, it made me spit my tea out! :-D

    I don't have any helpful suggestions except you know where we are if you need a break, we can talk politics :-) Actually, you don't know where we are as we have moved but if you're down this way, I can send you our address x

    Congratulations mate. I can hardly believe it's been more than eight years for me. I've tasted things but they all taste dreadful. Whatever flavour they make it, it's still the same shit and I can always taste background flavour of anti-freeze. Bleurgh. It's also come in really handy on countless occasions when one or other of the kids has an emergency and needs a lift, or someone needs to gt to hospital and I don't have to think about driving. I also don't miss getting sucked into arguments or posting bollocks on the net when I'm pissed, or making plans for a Saturday then staying up way too late and waking up too hung over to actually get out and do them. I sometimes miss the thought of a pint and a laugh down the pub but very rarely, the pleasures of being sober are not so immediate, but they are very real, just more slow fused and slower to dawn on you, as you may have realised.
    Keep it up and enjoy it mate.:D

    What he also means is, he doesn't need alcohol to turn him into a complete fruit loop, you can do that sober too :-p

    Well done Steve x

    Twister, you said it in a much more dignified way than I did, well done. Having worked with damaged children, I fimd Amans mentality very hard to understand and even harder to put up with!

    How would you be reacting if it had been a childrens home or a home for people with learning difficulties. He would be facing a very long time in jail for mass murder. To me this is no different. If it was a prank that had gone wrong then that makes no difference in fact it is worse. If is was a prank then it could well have been humans that have been burned alive with molten plastic dripping on them from the roof.

    I for one hope his name is leaked to the press


    Oh my god, I swear half, if not more of what you write on here, apart from being complete bollocks, is said to stir a reaction!

    What would his name being leaked achieve? So people can go om a man hunt? So the rest of his life can be ruined? So his family will also suffer? FFS, get a grip, you obviously have no compassion or understanding for a child is, for some reaaon, quite severely damaged. To be making comments like you do, you must be whiter than white.

    I so wish there was a block button on here so I wouldn't have to read the utter tripe you write! *rant over!*