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    In the Saturday kitchen style what is your food heaven and hell ? (Ingredients )

    My food heaven would be broccoli cant get enough of it at the moment . My food hell would be rocket ewwww!

    Being fucking used. Again. I just dunno why it comes as such a surprise.

    Same here , people only want me when they want to borrow money or want nights therapy of me listening to their problems patiently !I would like a friend that came round to see me happy lol!

    You have no understanding of the situation and you're judging the insurance question purely on your one cat. Like I said, insurance is a gamble - you're paying for piece of mind ultimately just as with all other insurance.

    no i was justifying my situation , thankyou.


    My misunderstanding. But it still doesn't balance out if your insurance is fairly low each month. My friend paid £108 per year. One blood test alone cost £60 and the dog had to have several. It's not uncommon for blood tests to be taken 'cos, y'know, animals get ill.

    Personal choice isnt it .

    Insurance by its very nature is a gamble but, vet bills can be obscenely high. My friend's dog died yesterday after 9 months of quite a nasty disease. She was paying £9 a month and that covered £7,000 of bills. If I had an animal, I wouldn't want to risk not having insurance.

    And let's not forget that interest rates are almost on the ground so he's really talking out of his arse!

    I think if you are spendidng too much on an animal with a dsease they are probably in pain and prolonging the life for there own benefit. My cat got ill with what they think was a thyroid problem amongst other things when i took her for painkillers it was about 60 quid and when she was put to sleep it was 60 pound . A lot less than if id of paid insurance for 18 years.

    We wasnt talking about making interest on savings just putting the money you would pay for insurance aside.

    I recently spoke to the rspca about insurance and the bloke said with all the small print your better off putting the ammount you would pay for insurance in a separate account and save it up.

    Have to love the you-can't-be-trusted-with-your son comments. :rolleyes:

    There's a hell of a difference between feeling something and acting on something. It's like telling a woman with certain PND symptoms/feelings that it would be better if she only saw her child under supervision.

    If someone said about your child When he's screaming at me I just want to be mean to him and upset him more.Would you let them babysit?

    [quote='Elfie','']I think you've been very brave to be so honest on here :eek:. If you were a woman, I'm sure we'd all be rallying around offering support and labelling you with postnatal depression.

    I disagree with that its not like he has him full time.

    Very honest but I think you just sound selfish tbh. Another guy in the picture might sound like a better option but that will not be the case for your child because your child will always want to know you and be loved by you. Why is it you dont want to spend time with him?

    [quote='Change','']Egg noodles and blue dragon sauce, totally not healthy wholesome, but bloody good eating !:D

    I had that last night but with cheap supermarket noodles 3 packs about 10p each well nice.

    Thanks beachcomber , Too cut a long story short I took her back to the vets yesterday and he advised that if it was his cat he would put her to sleep as at her age it wasnt fair to keep her going , so we did.

    I am finding it hard to cope with grief at the moment.I have had a lot of grief in my life but this just seems so much harder than any grief i have felt before. I dont have any other pets and having her so long the house seems so weird.The smallest things are setting me of crying and it dont seem to stop atm .I know its early days I buried her in my garden ,I hate to think of her under the soil , its so hard to deal with .

    Thanks for the help guys. I have already tried the cats protection league , no joy . I already tried the rspca they said they could help with a 30 pound donation The pdsa i do not qualify for as i pay rent and council tax. I shall look for the links mentioned about tooth decay . The vet said i can pay half now and half later . What worries me more is like i said she is happy and healthy i would feel so much guilt if she died in theatre :(.

    Sorry not been around for a while but I trust your opinions.

    My cat who is 18 has a dental problem and it is preventing her from eating the usual amount. The vet says she needs her back teeth out. He has warned that she is old and may not come out of the anaesthetic and it may not be the only problem she has at her age.

    I feel like im stuck between a rock and a hard place . If i dont go for the treatment she will slowly lose too much weight if I do she could die. What makes it hard is otherwise she is a very happy cat .

    The vet said also i could just have her put down because of the cost which is over 300 pound . I argued with them why should an animal get put down for a bad tooth! This arose because i asked if i could pay in installments and they said no.

    She is on painkillers and antibiotics , I am back at the vets today . I am finding this so hard , mainly that i have to make the choices which could kill an otherwise healthy happy friend :(.