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    At least it is good news :)

    My Cardiologist gave me a lecture about making sure I stay healthy and rambled on about how even more importantly I have to look after my teeth ( did you guys know that if you have a heart condition you have to make sure you have like perfect teeth!?!? as gum disease can kill you!!) Thankfully i have beautiful teeth. xx

    At least you had that lecture in the office. My mum was a cardiac nurse and now works in public health, so I get that lecture all the time :whistle:

    FAT people telling me 'you could do with losing a couple of pounds' wtf?!

    In a situation like that I would be tempted to turn around and tell them, "Using the words pot, kettle and black, make a sentence out of it"

    My guess it is probably somebody who has issues with their own body. They may of been on and probably spent huge amounts of money on fad diets without much success. The only way they can probably deal with their body image issues is to project their own insecurities onto others.

    On the scientific front, there is lots and lots and lots of information to prove the earth's temperatures go in natural fluctuations, earth is a living entity, and therefore can regulate itself (see Gaia Theory). One spec of info from being an archaeologist is that up in york, there is evidence in the medieval times of vineyards being farmed to produce wine, something we couldnt do today!

    There maybe natural fluctuations in temperatures, but the people who use this to say that anthropogenic climate change is a load of bull really have no idea about climate science.

    If you were to rely on the natural cycles alone we would actually be in a cooling phase, not a warming phase. Previous natural warming cycles have been a slow affair taking 1000s years to occur, not 300 years as what we are seeing today.

    Do you think it is any coincidence that the current global warming trend which started at the turn of the industrial revolution seems to follow a hockey stick line which some how matches the industrialisation progress made since then?

    They can find out if the sheep were alive or dead when they were set alight through a post mortem, but still it is an horrific thing to do, worse if the sheep were found to be alive when it happened.

    I also feel sorry for the farmer as this is his or her lively hood that has been ruined. The farmer is probably worried sick at the thought of this happening again.

    Um.. sorry to be so ignorant, but how do I drain/clean the carb?

    There should be a screw on the bottom of the float bowl, just get something like a jam jar (make sure it is glass) and stick it underneath and undo the screw. The petrol held in the carb will drain out into the jam jar. Be sure though to have turned off and disconnected the petrol feed pipe.

    I am sure there are others on here who can give you advice on stripping down the float bowls and cleaning out the carbs, it has been a while since I have done anything like that myself and there are some very delicate parts inside which are fairly easy to bugger up.

    I wonder how many doctors actually read appendix 1 of the BNF? It lists all the drug interactions and tells them what cannot be taken with what. It only takes a couple of seconds to look up the medication they want to prescribe and see if any other medication the patient is on is on the list of known interactions.

    Taking any medication you are at risk of suffering from its side effects. Although with this sort of thing, you need to be wary that there are a lot of factors in play and no one thing can out right cause another. SD, you may of been on your way to having a heart attack before you took the Diclofenac and taking it may of been the straw that broke the camels back.

    If I am honest, there is no such thing as individuality, we may like to thing that we are individuals, however this is only an illusion which if you look at it more critically is broken.

    Humans are biologically programmed to group up, it is because we are a social animal like the rest of the primates. A group will develop a collective identity to mark out the group. They will also develop cliques if the group grows too big, the maximum size for a group to develop before a clique becomes apparent is about 150.

    Examples of what I mean about markers:

    Goth - Black clothes, black make up, etc....
    Chav - Track suit, white trainers, burberry cap, garish jewellery...
    Hippy - Dreads, colourful hotchpodge clothes, lives in a bus.....

    I didn't know about these, do they hold contact details or something?

    They usually have details about the persons medical condition and details of emergency contact info. Some people carry cards with info on how long they will typically come around and contact details of their next of kin. The cards also have info on what to do in the event of a seizure.

    Quote from Kaiya

    The fact that, when the guy sat at the bus stop next to me yesterday had a fit and hit his head on the floor i was the only one that got up and did anything and phoned an ambulance. The other 20 people around just stood and stared...

    :( gah!!

    Did you check to see if he had a medical bracelet?

    Most people with recurring seizures do not need an ambulance, they just need somebody to make sure they are put into the recovery position after there convulsions have finished and for somebody to be with them when they come around. Most of the time when they do they are going to feel really shit for a while. Also during convulsions people tend to loose control of their bowels and or bladder, so would need something to cover to keep their dignity. They would probably have somebody that you can call who will come and collect them.

    You really only need to call an ambulance if it is their first seizure or it goes on for more than 5 minutes or they have repeated seizures.

    Going on the occupancy of most cars I see. 1 Bus = 52 Cars, or 70 cars if it is a double decker. So you are in theory providing a service where people can choose to save the environment.

    Cats mainly get their water intake from their food. They don't need as much water than you probably think. Dexter being a part bengal would be prone to playing with water as that is one of the traits of the breed. Ditto wiggy about the wet food. I would be more concerned if a cat was drinking lots as this is a sign that something is wrong. So long as Dexter is regular with his number 2s then there is no need to worry too much about fluids, he will know what his body needs more than you will know yourself.

    Ditto what Akasha said, the CAB have money advisers who are trained to help deal with peoples debts. By having an organisation like the CAB helping out, creditors are more willing to negotiate on repayments.

    If your outgoings are greater than your income then that is something that you will need to tackle as a priority. It is also a good idea to find out all the benefits you are entitled to and claim them, if you haven't already. Put your outgoings into a list of priority starting with the essential stuff at the top. The essential stuff would be anything that the consequences of non payment would mean you loose your home, liberty or end up having utilities cut off.

    okay, waxed thread.. you got any idea where to get that in the netherlands :p never seen it anywhere in a store before.. hmm maybe I should use google. But thanx :)

    You can get them in most chandlery (Bits and bobs for boats) stores or in hardware shops.

    I am guessing that the tent is canvas. If it is canvas then you can repair it by simply getting some water proof canvas patches and sewing them on with waxed thread. Once you have done treat with fabsil to waterproof.

    My nephew is going through a phase at the moment, where he is head banging.

    He is mainly doing it to get a reaction, my brother is trying to ignore it, but it is one of those things that is difficult to ignore.

    yes absolutely, it sounds anal, i get paid monthly and i do a menu plan for 4 weeks, i bulk cook the staples (bolognese, chilli, casseroles, fish pies, lasagnes etc) and freeze them, and i know we always have enough to last till next pay day.
    then on weekends we wing it according to how much cash we have - today i'm gonna do a roast chicken, but other saturdays it could be indian takeaway or beans on toast!

    +1 on the menu plan. This was one of the things I used to do when I was at uni. I would sit down and just figure out what I was going to eat for the rest of the week and only buy the ingredients to make the menu. I got so good at it I knew how much I was going to spend before I even walked into the shop :eek:

    Also a good tip, get a loyalty card. You can then use the vouchers to save money, but beware of being tempted into offers though.

    A lot of good advice there. Back in my student days I would spend about £30-£40 a week initially with shopping, but you can get that down to around £20 a week. If you put all your shopping on to a spreadsheet you can discover where you can save money. It is usually the little things that add up and can do without that quite often cost you the most.

    Another thing to look at that will save you a packet. If you don't mind the work that is involved instead of buying cheap bread, buy a 3kg bag of strong flour and a packet of doves yeast, then make your own bread. The flour costs only something like £1.50 and the yeast another £1 on that. That amount of flour will give you 6 medium sized loaves and the yeast just seems to last forever.

    Silly MOD vetting procedures where you need to find a reference that has known you for at least 3 years, is not your employer, relative or partner and goes by the name of Bob.

    They give you a questionnaire asking if you or anybody you are closely associated with are a members of any organisation that is involved in espionage, sabotage and terrorism. They will check the records with MI5 to see if you are known to be associated with such organisations.

    Again, not helpful for the many who can't.

    Just to make things clear, the quote you mentioned I was referring to most people as in able bodied people.

    People's lifestyle choices have long term consequences, which at the end of the day the tax payer has to pick up the pieces. Obesity is something that is becoming a major problem, it is also forecast that the parents of the children today will out live them. The more people who get health problems because of their lifestyle choices the more resources it eats into that could go to help people who have health problems through no fault of their own.

    So in short, those that can should and those that can't shouldn't.

    um not everyone CAN walk that far

    But most people can and should be encouraged to walk. 1/2 a mile is only a 10-15 min walk. People who walk or cycle shorter distance trips tend to have fewer health problems and have an increased life expectancy. Ultimately it would be the tax payer who would have to pick up the pieces because somebody chose to live a sedentary lifestyle.

    I haven't been for a while. The last time I went to a dentist was last year to have a filling done, which the dentist did a piss poor job of. I found him to be rude and patronising. The last time I am using him. The only problem is I now need to find an NHS dentist. The best treatment I got was when I was on the NHS and used the universities dental practice.

    I have been recording my riding to and from the place I volunteer at on a spreadsheet.

    My route I take is about 4 miles long with some pretty big hills, it is the hills that kill my average speed as they slow me down to 5mph long enough. Btw these hills are steep enough for most people to consider getting off and walking up! I have brought my average speed going there from just over 9mph to just under 11mph and on the return leg from just over 10mph to just over 13mph. On the flat I can fly along at 20mph with ease and push 25mph with a sprint.

    One of the biggest things I have noticed since I have been regularly cycling is that my recovery times have been dropping and generally I feel much fitter.