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    I just had the thought when I posted this in Sunnys flyology. Why don't I post it so everybody has a chance to reply.
    So if you had to lose your sight or your hearing which would it be?
    I will reveal my choice when a few people have replied. It maybe obvious to a few of you but I will reveal all.

    I wasn't saying introduce the falcon. They are already established but their numbers are low. They just need a bit of encouragement to breed. As for Gulls they are plain evil. If you ever been to a town where Gulls nick peoples dinners you will know they will have no problem with predetors. The birds of prey are more likely to steer clear. I love watching Gulls bully the pigeons though. They are twice the size but 10 times the attitude.

    The biggest problem with pigeons is the fact that they have addapted to our lifestyle. They are scavengers so they live off our scraps. The biggest problem with them is the fact that their population grows at the expense of other bird species. Which is detremental to biodiversity. In a time where common garden birds are becoming scarce less common you can see the problems pigeons pose. What we really need it to introduce predetory birds into the urban enviroment to keep a check on the pigeon population. There is a bird that can cut the mustard but needs a chance to breed in the urban enviroment. That bird is the Peregine Falcon. It has the same enviromental preference as Pigeons as well as having them on their menu.

    Don't worry about it. I have a bit of a distaste for pigeons infact. I have had to clear up after they had invaded a place. You wouldn't believe the amount of destruction they cause. The reason for the netting and the spikes you see every where is to discourage pigeons from roosting, building nests and breeding. Pigeons are vermin pure and simple. It really peeves me to see people feeding them. They are a really aggressive species of bird and have a detremental effect on the population of other bird species. Pigeons mate for life. They lay 2 eggs per clutch but don't let this fool you though. When the eggs are hatched the parents will lay another clutch in an assembly line fasion. They do this 6 times a season. So in a season they will produce a dozen offspring. In a life time that would be about 160 birds from a couple. By feeding them scraps you increase the chance of all 160 surviving. These birds will then mate and have offspring. Before you know it you have a major pigeon problem. Unfortunatly pigeons seem to be resistant to bird flu. If they weren't then it would keep the population in check because those ne... I mean pigeon factories are quite crowded and the virus would spread like wildfire.
    Sorry if I am a bit mean to pigeons but I see them as flying rats. Actually I don't mind pigeon fanciers keeping fancy pigeons. It is a bit like people who keep a pet rat.

    This is just a little thought exersise really. The prospects of me having kids in the very near future is very remote. Maybe in a few years time perhaps when the right person comes along. I was thinking what names would I give my children. Have any of you used the names of your ancestors to name your children? And what about double barreled names?
    I have thought of a few names I could give my future children.

    Molly Anne
    Patricia Jane
    Dorothy Pamela

    Henry Michael
    Toby Robert
    Edward James
    Thomas Matthew

    These are very traditional names I know. But quite a few of them are names used by my ancestors. There are other more non traditional names I would like to use such as gaelic names which sound really beautiful.

    That is nothing I tell ya!! Try being the only deaf kid in school made obvious by the fact that you wear hearing aids which sometimes like to feedback when the earwax builds up in the molds. Just imagine the stupid antics they like to play which are really very annoying. There were two things that they liked to do.
    1. Impersonate the sound the feedback made.
    2. Pretend that my batteries were dead and just mouth what they were saying.

    Dreams are usually something to do with our subconscience trying to rectify emotional loops set up through the periods where we are awake. They do this by setting up situations that would bring about the emotions that are needed to rectify the loop. Usually if there is a recurrent theme you got to ask yourself what in your waking state is the same that is causing your dreams to be like that. By what you have written about there being a barbed wire fence there seems to be a barrier. Your brain is simulating that barrier that you need to cross as it needs to be emotionally filled in that way. You may have issues in real life that is happening over and over which leave you emotionally unforfilled. It may require a bit of introspection do discover what it is.