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    I would also say go for part time work. It helps to give you an edge over other candidates going for full time jobs because you have current experience. If going for similar sorts of jobs you can use your experience working part time as examples of using the skills they are looking for.

    Depending on what computer you have, play some games that use a lot of processing power. This should help to put out a bit of heat. It is what I use to heat my room and it is also what the Met Office use to heat their massive building in Exeter.

    £80 in 3 weeks :eek: Either energy prices have gone up massively, there is something wrong electrically or somehow you are using massive amounts of energy.

    The last time I had to deal with a pre paid meter I was putting on £30 which lasted a couple of weeks. This was for a property with 5 other people with computers running pretty much all the time.

    Business to Business wholesalers who stock the particular brand you want to sell as it suits the target market you want only [STRIKETHROUGH]to be required to perform satanic initiation rituals[/STRIKETHROUGH] to already have a business running, whilst you are just setting up requiring the wholesale prices and price point in the business plan to [STRIKETHROUGH]grovel[/STRIKETHROUGH] ask for money from the bank to make the business a reality.

    People who push their way onto buses or trains without waiting for the other passengers to get off first:curse:

    Ditto, there is a certain station on the way up to London that if I choose to get off at during the week I would almost certainly come across some more important than thou, I am getting on before somebody nicks my seat types.

    I think there is a lot of confusion here. There is a reason those people in Australia were arrested and it had nothing to do with any conspiracy.

    You can put some wire coils around a metal bar if you live near some pylons and have enough electricity to never be plugged into the grid. However, you could have the police knocking on your door and charging you with theft in the same way you would if you had bypassed the meter.

    The tower Tesla built wasn't finished because he basically run out of money. We use the technology that the tower was built for in our day to day lives.

    If the Earth's magnetic field could produce enough energy to power entire cities, do you think the energy companies would be latching onto the idea already?

    When I manage events I have to collect copies of public liability insurance off traders and entertainers etc. My insurance company says I need to keep these for 40 years, in case of a future claim :rolleyes::eek:

    There is actually a good reason for this. Some injuries take a long time to manifest. If somebody decides to sue you in the future because of these injuries then having all the paperwork in order would give you the leg to stand on if you otherwise didn't.

    Just a thought, do you have a diagnosis from a psychiatrist or doctor regarding your BPD? This can be a help when thinking about housing and other benefits.

    I don't know the full picture so can only make a few comments based on a few observations I have made. I think by the sounds of things moving to Cornwall might be a good idea. However, I say this as a big however though, there is a danger you could fall into the same trap you had in Nottingham if you don't admit that you need help and get it. People tend to follow behavioural patterns and given half the chance repeat the same mistakes again and again. The trick is to realise that this happens and to take another path.

    Something also you should really consider when moving to Cornwall, is to go on an assertiveness course, being able to know how to say no might be a life saver and stop you landing back at square one. There maybe some places in Newquay that might do free courses. I certainly know it is something that is available for people in Hastings.

    I don't know if this would be any help to you or if you already have the link, but here is an information page about mental health in Cornwall, including a list of services:

    So what are you supposed to do when the idiots who install them get it wrong and it ends up with both lights on red for half an hour in the middle of the night. And yes, it happened to me in Rugby. I drove through. And I called the cops because I thought they might want to do something about it. The lights I mean, not me...

    If it is a temporary light then get in touch with the contractor. If it is a fixed light then get in touch with the council's highways department.

    I think there is written somewhere, but don't quote me on it, that if the lights are installed incorrectly then they should be treated as if they are broken. It is a particular issue if you are on a bicycle or motorcycle as quite often the sensors are not set sensitive enough to sense anything smaller than a car. In that particular case then the lights can be treated as faulty and reported to the council.

    If you have enough money to see you through at least 6 months, you could probably get away with it if you have a 6 month holiday. If on the other hand you don't you will be buggered when it comes to claiming JSA. Because you have intentionally left your job, when you claim JSA they will more than likely sanction you for 6 months. So when you claim JSA you won't get any money, but you will still have to go down the jobcentre every two weeks. The worst thing is that the sanction would go on your record and if you end up signing off after 3 months because you have found a job and the job goes tits up, then you would find that you will still have 3 months of the sanction previously to serve.

    Personally I would only quit a job if I knew where I was going next and had either a confirmed university place or a job offer.

    They are legally enforcible as the same as normal traffic lights. So if caught jumping a red light then it is the same £60 fine 3 points on your license. If you were to have an accident, I can envisage your insurance company getting really funny about it and more than likely blame you 100%. However, I would guess that this would be the very least of your worries as the police would be asking a lot of questions.

    edit: Some lights have a light sensor on the top, so if you flash the lights as you approach they should in theory change. I had temporary lights on my way to work a long time back, because I was working at a silly hour there were no oncoming traffic, just a quick flash and they would quickly change to green.

    I quite often visit subway. They have a few things that seem to be veggie friendly, I particularly like the veggie patty that they do. But do make sure that you tell them that you are vegetarian at the start. Quite often at that point they will change gloves and if it is one of the bigger outlets will move you on to the salad part and take your cheese from there. Also be wary of what the staff are doing if you order a ft long, most staff are well trained and would use the knife that is kept separate especially for vegetarians (Usually under the counter), but if they do take the knife that is on top of the counter and is used for normal subs, just tell them straight away that you are a vegetarian and to use the knife under the counter.

    The stupid fuckwit guard on the train this morning, who saw Immy coming in the wheelchair, and got really arsey about having to get the ramp out so she could get on the train :curse:

    He *actually* said "This is gonna make us late now" :eek: :finger:

    Where abouts was this? What the driver did was technically illegal and would probably be a good idea to write a letter of complaint to the train company stating the date, time and route of the train. Don't forget to mention about the disability discrimination act as this is treating a disabled person less favourably than an able bodied person for no good reason. The trains are timetabled to give a bit of leeway anyway. Giving details about the date, route and time would be enough for HR to be able to identify the particular individual and take disciplinary action against him.

    cats don't need training! It's instinct for them, not like stinky dogs! My kitties have never peed on anything except their litter trays.

    Get a cat, you know you want to!

    +1 Cats are extremely fastidious. If they are going to toilet everywhere then there is usually something wrong.

    Un-neutered male cats would probably spray around the house, however this can be prevented by taking the cat for the snip before they reach sexual maturity.

    Another point to make, caffeine contained in a lot of these so called 'sports' drinks is a diuretic, which will mean you will dehydrate quicker than if it was plain water.

    Water is only really good up to a point, beyond which your electrolytes will go out of kilter. If you dilute some fruit juice with some water and possibly add a tiny amount of salt to it. Remember when I say tiny you should not be able to taste it. This should give you a drink that will be able to rehydrate you properly and replace any lost electrolytes.

    As for 'energy' drinks, the caffeine is only a drug induced energy boost, with a price to pay at the end of it. Proper energy drinks will have carbohydrates in them as this is what the body will use as energy to keep it going. Sugary drinks will have carbohydrates in a form that would be a bit like kindling on a fire. You need to have carbohydrates in a form that is also a bit like a log on a fire, which would be the starches.

    Just wondering if anybody knows what theirs is?

    Mine is about 60 ish beats a minute. At the moment I have a heart rate monitor that I use for training on and it is hovering around the mid 60s

    It is easy to do if you don't have a heart rate monitor. All you need is a watch and to find your pulse. Usually best if you get a friend to time it. Make sure you are relaxed and then over a minute count how many times your heart beats.

    I tend to avoid drinking soft drinks because of the chemical cocktail that they contain. I cannot touch Irn-Bru, simply because the day after I would have a headache and generally feel really crap. The only soft drink I really touch is Ribena, however it is only once a day that I would have a glass of it. If I was to use a sports drink, I would probably choose a powder that I could mix with water to put in my drinks bottle. These are generally designed so that they have a high carb content and all the necessary salts to keep the body going when doing an intense physical work out.

    Like others said, there can be any number of reasons it could be burning oil. One of the tests a mechanic would do is to check the compression of the engine as a fairly common reason for an engine to be burning oil is the cylinder bore to be worn out. A tell tale sign also that this is happening is that it would feel really underpowered. There is a quick fix for this, there is an additive that you either mix with your fuel or oil, I can't remember which, but it is meant to help with this problem. If it is this problem, long term you will need to either replace the engine or have it rebored. To rebore your engine I am guessing it would cost least £2k and it would probably take a couple of weeks. Having said that, I had a motorbike that was burning oil and needed a rebore. It cost me about £500 (It was a 2cyl 125) and was off the road for a couple of months, much to my annoyance.

    Coyote's advice is spot on. A referral usually can only give you a maximum mark of 40%. Your final mark is based on the average over the whole course and there is usually room to possibly write off a module or two, especially if you have difficulty due to illness.

    If it is likely you are going to be in hospital next year, it might be a good idea to talk to the students with disability advisor and with your tutor to work out ways they can support you.

    I agree with everything , everyones said about doing what you enjoy and thats what i tell my kids.
    But another thing that wasn`t made clear to me when my youngest chose his A levels was that when he chose physics, i wish someone had said , if he was interested in physics he should probably have chosen maths as well.
    it should have been obvious to us but we were thinking of what he enjoyed doing over the bigger plan as he didnt know where he was heading.
    now he has to start uni on a foundation course to do the maths

    There is a bit of a joke about studying the sciences at degree level.

    A biology degree is really chemistry.
    Chemistry is really physics.
    Physics is really maths.