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    I seem to remember there was a thread at one point. I shall try and get some new pics up at some point.

    You say mountain bikes are not renowned for speed?! You haven't seen what you can do with a bit of tweaking. My "mountain bike" is capable of keeping up with most road bikes.

    You will find that these days. There are so many people chasing so few job vacancies that you need to be able to stand out like a sore thumb (In a good way) to have any chance of getting a job. As you have found out, this particular sector is extremely competitive. Don't be too disheartened by it though, there are plenty of other applicants who are more than likely feeling the same way as you.

    I recently missed out on a job which I was absolutely perfect for to somebody who had more experience and also more passion for the job than I did. In some ways I am glad that things turned out the way they did, I am still volunteering at the place doing the same role as before. The reason I am glad is that being a volunteer I am able to keep out of the politics that goes on in the organisation and leaving is a lot easier if I feel it is too much.

    All you can do is to chalk it all up to experience and keep looking for your dream job. Every interview you don't get the job is practice for the one that you do. Just telling you that there were loads of applicants tbh is not much in the way of feedback, I would probably ask for more as it is rather unhelpful. A good feed back will tell you which points they thought let you down and even things you can do to improve your chances if you go for a similar role again.

    Did you get any feedback as to why you didn't get it? When I have found out I have been rejected, the first thing I do is get in contact to see if I can get some feedback as to why I was unsuccessful. A lot of the time it is usually because there was somebody who has more experience than me going for the job, in which case I just chalk it up to experience and try again.

    People being ambiguous about the location of important items before they go away. Items such as keys, about an hour before these keys were needed, the whole office was in a panic because we couldn't find them. Eventually we managed to find the keys and the day was saved.

    GNAS rule 103 and fair weather fairy archers, both responsible for many a wasted journey. Rule 103, states that an archer cannot shoot alone, so in order to shoot there needs to be another person present. I have come across a situation where the weather has been horrible near the coast, but up at the range it has been really nice. This means I have been up to the range only to find that there is nobody there and then have to turn back. If I was able to shoot alone, I probably would.

    With regards to spray, make sure it is suitable for cats as there is one particular type of insecticide that is used for flea treatment that is dangerous to cats. The insecticide is known as Permethrin and unfortunately cat's livers don't produce the enzyme that is needed to break it down, so is therefore toxic.

    We had these butterflies ruin a complete crop of Romanesco broccoli once. They were coming along nicely until we started getting white butterflies visiting the garden and laying their eggs. It would have been nice to have had some chickens to let loose around the beds to get rid of the caterpillars.

    If you want to look at the gradients, your best bet is to use a cycling route planner such as:

    You will have to plot out the route yourself, but it has a facility which shows an OS map for the area, plus also can show the vertical profile of the route.

    As for a route suggestion, I would probably say go there following the course of the river seven to Telford, then head to Chester and along the north coast of Wales. Would be a rather convoluted 300 mile journey, but it would mean you would avoid the Brecon Beacons and the worst of Snowdonia.

    Show us some pictures of something that you have achieved.

    Here is mine, 53 points out of 60 with 6 arrows shooting at an 80cm at a distance of 30m.

    To give an idea of size, all of the arrows I have shot there you could fit into the area of an A4 sheet of paper, all from a distance the equivalent to a standard sized swimming pool. In terms of difficulty, the sort of people I see getting these kind of groupings are the ones who have difficulty finding room in their trophy cabinet.

    Scoring a personal best. Got 295 points out of a possible total of 780 by shooting at a 40cm target from about 18m. Might not sound a lot, but I have only been doing archery properly since the beginning of this year and to score a maximum of 780 you need to hit an area no bigger than a 2p piece every time. Getting the score I did certainly put a smile on my face.

    There should of been a leaflet that came with the letter which says something like, "Disagreeing with a decision".

    You will need to fill out an appeal form. Which is a form GL24 which you can download and print here:

    The form might look lengthy, but it is in fact just a couple of pages and the rest is info on the appeals process.

    Also you need to remember that appealing against a decision is time limited, about 2 weeks I think, so need to really get cracking on with it ASAP.

    PS. I just had a look at the information about time limits on the GL24 form, it is one month from the date of the letter.

    I would add anything that has complex carbohydrates such as anything in the starch group or whole grains. This would give you energy over a longer period of time than with simple carbohydrates. The best way to think about balancing the types of carbohydrates is to think about how you would manage a fire. Simple carbohydrates can be thought of as your kindling and complex carbohydrates can be thought of as your logs.

    For the time being don't worry about the major changes that are proposed in the welfare reform bill. The second reading of the bill is not scheduled till the beginning of march and then has a long way to go till it gets royal accent and will probably have some changes to it when it reaches that stage.

    DLA is non-means tested, which means your income will not affect how much DLA you will get.

    This is where things get slightly complicated, there are two types of ESA. There is contribution type ESA which is non-means tested and is related to the amount of national insurance credits you have. The second type of ESA is income based, which is means tested and would be affected by any income made through self-employment. You will need to check which type of ESA you are getting.

    Like other people have said, it is best to talk to either the Jobcentre or CAB.

    I find going for a long ride on my bike helps to lift my mood, although I am exhausted afterwards, I just feel so good.

    If there is something on my mind that is worrying me, then shooting 30in pointy sticks at a target puts things out of my mind. It is also good if you are angry with something or someone. Just imagining that the person that has just pissed you off is the target which you are pummeling with arrows is rather satisfying.

    I tend to overestimate my abilities sometimes resulting in disappointment when I don't do as well as I thought.

    I sometimes finding myself questioning peoples motives when they are trying to be nice to me. However, that mainly happens with strangers rather than people I know, which is probably fairly normal

    I do a nice Pizza, which I make from scratch.

    I am currently working on trying to perfect a recipe for a curry, the last time I made it I nearly got there, however there was one part of it that was missing. The is a Dansak, so should be hot, sweet and sour. The sweetness comes from the root veg, such as carrots and parsnips. Sour comes from Tamarind and the heat from the chillies. The next time I make it I would be adding cayenne pepper to give it more heat. It is quite a complex dish that needs to be cooked really slowly and has a vast amount of individual components that need to come together at the right time. The balance of sweet and sour is really difficult to get straight away, because when you taste as soon as you mixed the curry sauce it will be incredibly tart, but you need to leave it cooking with your vegetables for a while for the sweetness to come through.

    I also do mean stir frys, I am sure some people here have seen me knock some up at gatherings.

    Drivers who think they have the ability to multi task and use their mobile phone to text people whilst endangering everybody else on the road.

    Sitting at a bus stop for 10 mins I saw at least 2 or 3 blatantly fiddle with their phone, one was so engrossed that they nearly missed a change in the lights.

    My advice would be to look at the subject you are going to do the interview for and really swot up on it. Dig up as much information as you can and read read read. You are most certainly going to be asked about how much you know already and are probably going to be grilled at some length about it, however don't let this put you off. Showing that you have done some background research is likely to impress the interviewer and score you brownie points.

    I would say that he was extremely lucky to get away with the sentencing that he did. If the Judge really wanted to make an example of him, he would have been put away for 5 years. It was a moment of stupidity, but he now has to live to regret this for the rest of his life.

    Quote from Section 2 POA

    Violent disorder.
    — (1) Where 3 or more persons who are present together use or threaten unlawful violence and the conduct of them (taken together) is such as would cause a person of reasonable firmness present at the scene to fear for his personal safety, each of the persons using or threatening unlawful violence is guilty of violent disorder.
    (2) It is immaterial whether or not the 3 or more use or threaten unlawful violence simultaneously.
    (3) No person of reasonable firmness need actually be, or be likely to be, present at the scene.
    (4) Violent disorder may be committed in private as well as in public places.
    (5) A person guilty of violent disorder is liable on conviction on indictment to imprisonment for a term not exceeding 5 years or a fine or both, or on summary conviction to imprisonment for a term not exceeding 6 months or a fine not exceeding the statutory maximum or both.

    I do wonder what happened to the others he was with?