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    i had to have a dear friend put to sleep yesterday, my lovely birch rabbit.
    he lost the use of his limbs and we suspect some kind of neurological disorder but i wouldnt allow any investigation as there is little hope of treatment for that or the bone damage which was the other possibility. i couldnt let him go through that just so i could have a definate diagnosis.
    aspen and the girls miss you mate, i hope you are enjoying yourself.

    binky freely little man xx

    Quote from phoenix_indigo

    is that what he is? we figured he must have some sort of breed in him, the way he looks, and he does look a bit siamese but i didn't think they had those spots.

    i would say so, siamese's 'points' can be in almost any colour a cat can come in. lynx is basically a posh way of saying tabby point!
    plus tabby comes in both mackeral (stripey) and normal (stripey with spotting).
    gods i am so sad i find cats colouring interesting!

    yes it does make you think a whole lot on the issue doesnt it?
    do you know what i found the scariest though? and maybe you can relate a bit..
    its not that it made me fear death, or my own mortality or anything like that. but I CANT RUN AWAY anymore! if a relationship went tits up, or i was in ANY kind of trouble i could ALWAYS go home. they stressed that my whole life, no matter what i may have done, nor what kind of trouble i may have gotten into i always had somewhere to go.
    but what if it all goes tits up now? i have to admit to myself sometimes that i am actually a grown up.... but i dont want to be :(
    thats the bit that sucks most for me, and to be honest sometimes it scares the crap out of me!

    i have found it much easier to not fear death after losing both parents. with each one i have learned precious things. (why has no one invented words that express what i mean?).
    my mum i lost nearly 12 years ago to her second battle with cancer. well to say 2nd battle isnt really correct, when she found out she had it a second time i am sure she never tried to fight it. she found out she had it again, and carried on (as far as i could see) as normally as she could. she went on holiday in late august, went into hospital a week and a half into september and died on the 11th. i was with her when she went and although this is going to sound really morbid, it was a beautiful thing to watch. it really confirmed to me that there is life after death, because of the distinct change in her body's physical appearance the instant she left. had i not been there i would never have been blessed to realise this. she simply left, one moment she was there, then her breathing became shallow, then she was gone. all that was left was her shell. it was so peacefull (though i know she was up to her eyes on painkillers etc), she didnt fight it, she waited till those of us who where at the hospital to be able to say goodbye, and then went.
    dont get me wrong i was devastated to lose her, and still miss her terribly but i KNOW she is still somewhere!
    i lost my dad nearly 6 years ago, and that was also very profound but in a different way. because my dad was talking right up to a little while before. he KNEW he was going, as did we all. the nurses were having none of it though! but the thing was, my dad was in no way scared at all! he was ready and waiting. he had lived his life as a christian, and though i dont share all of his beliefs i can see how faith truly can help people deal with death. he was simlpy waiting to meet up with my mum again. he spoke for hours with a close family friend the day before and they talked freely of what he thought it would be like, and how he was ready to go as soon as he was called. we had been visiting him the next morning, and he asked us if anyone had told mum yet. that was when i knew he was going. we went home to have some food and collect a few things for him. before we made it back we got the call to say he had gone. i felt bad at the time that we werent with him, but in my heart of hearts i know he didnt want us to see him go, cos the doctors tried to stop him going and to bring him back which wouldnt have been nice to see. especially as we knew he wouldnt be having any of it! if my dad had decided something, that was it! no changing his mind!
    i know they are both nearby, i get signs sometimes if i am feeling vunerable. if its my dad i get a strong feeling that he is there, if it is my mum i get a strong scent of violets (her name was violet).
    when i was in london before christmas, i was getting a little panicy in the crowds and out of no where came the distinct smell of wild violets! my mum was watching me as she had done so when i was little and i was ok after that.
    so i dont really fear death as such, but i do fear losing people from my life, but that is selfishness on my part cos i know they arent going far, but i wont be able to be physically close to them for a while.

    you dont like potatoes:eek:
    how is it possible to function properly without potatoes??
    do you like eggs hun?
    loads of quick simple things you can do with eggs!

    what bit is leaking hun?
    if it is the actual wood itself, could you not bung some roofing felt on it and use batoning round the edges to keep it all nice and tidy?
    or bitumen paint.
    if it is the canvassy part, would a good coat of dubbing re waterproof her.
    also if you go for the re roof, i have 2 8' x 4' sheets of stirling board 18mm thick. they have bee stored outside for a bit so might need the edges tidying up a little, but you are welcome to have it if it can be gotten to you :D

    atomik when you wrote;
    “And how about a fifth choice? Return the land to people so that they don't need jobs or government benefits to survive. Coz while the people have no land, the government really does owe them a living.”

    i think that is possibly one of the best things i have ever seen written in a forum!
    i dont want to work! i want to have a small piece of land and be self sufficient!
    at the moment that isnt possible for me (watch this space)

    i have zero problem with people claiming, cos i'll be damned before i work for tesco or burger king.
    but lets not also forget, there are people who want what some would call dead end jobs.
    i have worked as a fully trained lab tech, and it nearly landed me in an assylum!
    i now work on the recycling lorries, for not alot of money. but money isnt everything for me. TIME is what i want, time to do the stuff i want to do.
    if i work my arse off i can go home when i am finished.
    i was home today by 11.30 after doing a job that envolves zero stress.
    i dont have to deal with many people, i just empty a box-put it back-walk down the road-empty another one etc.
    i get home and can switch off.
    that is what i want out of a job whilst i have to work. its a good laugh and helps the enviroment too!

    so yeah, if you (generic you) can get by on claiming, be my guest! you may as well use my tax money to get something out of life, cos i sure as hell cant see the goverment doing much good with it!
    i would just like to hope that those that do claim cos they dont want a dead end job, are actually getting something out of life too.

    the second half of march is going to be bitterly cold.
    just in time for the 1st outdoor lambs.
    i might try and knit some lamb sweaters (not that i have sheep this year, but i might find some shivering lamblets)

    my point was related to my post a few days ago pointing out that the word faggot didnt mean homosexual. i couldnt find the source of info. i have now.
    i was just trying to put across my point of view that it wasnt meant to be offensive to homosexuals, because to irish people (at least in my circle of friends) it doesnt mean gay, it means lazy.
    it just so happens that the word has been used since to describe something else!
    i'm not arguing the point, i was merely finishing up on a response i made a while ago, and now explaining that that is what i am doing.

    i dunno if this help put it in perspective (is that the right word?)
    but the song wasnt about americans, it was about irish immigrants, and their crushed dreams on getting bogged down by alcoholism and drugs etc;

    'The song takes the form of a drunken man's Christmas Eve reverie about holidays past while sleeping off a binge in a New York City drunk tank. After an inebriated old man also incarcerated in the jail cell sings a passage from the Irish drinking ballad The Rare Old Mountain Dew, the drunken man (MacGowan) begins to dream about a failed relationship. The remainder of the song (which may be an internal monologue) takes the form of a call and response between two Irish immigrants, lovers or ex-lovers, their youthful hopes crushed by alcoholism and drug addiction, reminiscing and bickering on Christmas Eve in New York City. MacColl's melodious singing contrasts with the harsh sound of MacGowan's voice and the lyrics are sometimes bittersweet, sometimes plain bitter: "Happy Christmas your arse/ I pray God it's our last".'

    i cant find the stuff on the origin of the word faggot, but i'm going to keep looking till i do.

    but yes i do get what you mean language affecting prejudice, but i dont agree that that is what this particular song is doing ;)

    if there are restictions that mean you cant keep chickens (like in my deeds it says no pigs or poultry) you can do like i'm going to do in the spring.
    i am going to get half a dozen italian laying quail. quail are classed as game, therefore the no poultry rule doesnt apply!
    however they are smaller than chickens so i would in no way trust a cat with them. on the plus side being small, it is much easier to provide a spacious secure pen for them ;)
    the eggs are smaller, but tasty!

    the only way to rid yourself of mice/rats without poison or hunters (cats etc)
    is to painstakingly remove every source of food and water from them.
    make sure all food is out of reach or in sturdy containers. keep rubbish in a secure container or suspended out of their reach etc.
    water is a little trickier, but generally making sure there are no pots/buckets etc around outside that can collect water will help.
    good luck, hopefully they will bugger off soon ;)

    when i was able to afford to donate monthly, i donated to 'shelter' and 'border collie rescue GB'.
    both are worthwhile causes for me. i bet there are plenty of people who would say that my money would be better spent on kids than sheepdogs. but hey, it's my money and my choice. if they feel that strongly that children need the extra few quid, they can put their hand in there own pocket and stop telling me how my money should be spent.
    dont get me wrong, i KNOW there are plenty of kids in desperate need of help, but i cant support every charity.
    i picked one human, one animal and thats all.
    unless i see a good busker or have change in my pocket when i see a collection pot or summat.

    i havent read the whole thing, but has anyone pointed out that in the context of this song, the use of the word 'faggot' was in the sense of the old irish insult to a lazy person?
    faggot used to mean a lazy person.
    so in reality, the she isnt calling him gay as an insult, she is calling him a lazy sod.

    or maybe, she is calling him a small ball of minced lung and offal served with onion gravy.
    or perhaps she is calling him a small piece of wood, such as you may use on your log fire.

    phoenix indigo, when you are ready for a bun, check out ANY rescue. there will almost definately be a black lop looking for a home :(
    i dont understand why, but black rabbits are notoriously difficult to rehome :(
    people want pretty, so buns in black seem to miss out, closely followed by agouti bunnies (buns with wild colouring).
    i just dont get it.

    fred is actually planning his escape route in that one, i have never ever know a rat jump as far as he can!
    he can clear 5 feet in length and 2 feet high in a single bound! little git that he is. i managed to field him before he managed it though!

    Quote from Sarah

    .cos the council do collect everyone in houses' food waste but we don;t get provided with a brown bin:rolleyes:

    hun, ring up mendip distric council and request a set of food waste caddies, as far as i am aware frome does have a kitchen waste collection, so you should have a set of caddies.

    either that, or pm me your street name and postcode and i will check at work if your area is covered. but i thought we collect from everywhere in mendip and south somerset now...

    i think i am going to have a mass small furry attack after this but, i have a christmas fayre thingy coming up and have to make some xmassy cards.
    enter the not very willing models:D


    baobab and spindle

    monkey puzzle



    birch and aspen (these two are utterly in love with each other, aspen is totally blind and birch rarely moves far from her so he can look after her:wub:)

    collie poopieeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!
    i nearly didnt look cos it said baby pics, but it is in fact a poopy!!!!!
    a very handsome beaster.
    another tikki-alike but with blue eyes!
    here be tikki;

    just to add, its got a really good package deal at the mo too!
    camera + 1GB card + carry case + charger and 4 rechargable batteries all for £132.70!!!!

    right, who want to buy me one??