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    look for a low volume office printer, the inks will be cheaper, it will be more reliable and probably get hundreds of pages per cartridge instead of under a hundred, I have an hp officejet pro 8100, which fits this bill, but thats probably a few years behind current printers. mine is supposed to get 800 pages from an xl cartridge.

    In the future though there is a possibility that electricity companies might start taking into consideration power factor and with smart meters this is perfectly possible and all they will need to do is just make a small change in a database somewhere.

    They already do take power factor into consideration, a bad power factor will increase your consumption, plus it is only possible to spot that a power factor is the cause when you have a three phase supply, and can compare the loading and phase rotation caused by the inductive and capacative loads, along with the mismatch of the floating neutral, caused by the power factor, out of interest an inductive phase shift is cancelled out by an equivalent capacative load.

    last weekend 90 swimmers swam from the waveny river centre to beccles as part of an organised event, so the water quality is good as it was tested as part of the conditions, in places on the broads the water is crystal clear, though I would avoid the more tidal areas.

    if you get an old internet router you can use it as a network hub to connect computers, it might even do it wirelessly, it doesnt need to be connected to the internet to work.

    amongst other things I have had 3 cars off freecycle - recycled 1 car back onto freecycle plus lots of other things. round our way a lot of the groups have changed over to freegle

    I was going to suggest Salhouse Broad as there is a nice spot to paddle from there, but since you cant walk far that is out as its about a mile walk from the car park.

    well there was 1 piece of software I couldnt get to run, so I went to the microsoft site and downloaded win 10 to a usb stick, plugged it into the laptop and reloaded win 10 onto the new hard drive. clicked the I dont have a product key button and loaded it up, a few hours later several reboots and its loaded and running, a quick check to see if I need to recover the product key, and lo and behold its there, windows 10 recognised the mother board - even with a new hard drive.

    We have someone comes into work one lunchtime a week, we get 2 45 minute sessions, a relaxing one and a more adventurous one for those who want to push themselves a bit harder, all paid for by work.

    It has great benefits from de-stressing those who are a bit stressed out, or for myself it has greatly helped to reduce my back problems. we use one of the meeting rooms so 6 people a session is about as much as we can do, but most sessions are full.

    Its also good for bringing the team together as a shared experience.

    I still have the old drive, so it could be rebuilt I guess, but since it was a free windows 10 upgrade I dont have the serial number recorded, that and no restore points and a dislike of windows 10 led me to installing a linux os.

    an unannounced windows 10 update trashed my hard drive, lost the c partition, mainly because I did a reboot - no messages, so after 2 hours I shut it down and rebooted again - must have been doing an update as it then went into scanning and repairing - so bad that in the end I bought a new hard drive and loaded a linux os on the machine - all happy now.

    I always carry a swiss army knife, it gets used daily at work, (mainly the tin opener for shucking the shells off pistachios).

    I did nearly come a cropper when getting the ferry to spain, there was a big bin as you exited the terminal for knives - it was full of swiss army knives, and right on top was a huge bowie knife. managed to save mine by popping it back to my car.

    every week for me, mostly looking for old tools for my workshop, last week I picked up a planer / thicknesser missing the planing bed, £85 - checked out online and 20 year old versions on ebay were still fetching £500, today was 3 stanley hand planes

    The other way is to get the company to force you to leave immediately, this is a normal procedure if you are leaving to work for a rival company, then to stop you harvesting data and jobs and customers to take with you they enforce termination immediately, you still have to take the month before you are eligible to start with the new company, but you are out of there.

    I had that when I started with my current employer, I phoned up my old company who I worked for from home on a zero hours contract, and within 10 minutes all my access had been removed.

    I have to say my mechanic is fair, today was mot time, and my 18 year old car just failed on one split steering gaiter, I have until wednesday to get and fit it, and it will pass, no further charges- £50 plus £12 for the new gaiter.

    to be fair I replace my tyres every year, at 33000 miles a year they wear the tread out. the only way tyres should show cracks at that age mileage is if the tyre pressures had been way too low nearly all that time. I use a garage local to work, - on the same estate, most of their work is for the companies on the estate. they know I do a lot of my own work, last mot I needed a new suspension arm, this was ordered, delivered to work the next morning, fitted in my lunch hour and back for retest just after, a quick glance at the new part on the car and the certificate was issued. I quite often get them to do a minor -easy job like an oil change or new hydraulic fluid, that needs doing as then they dont need to find extra work to do.

    -14 on the drive to work this morning. arrived to find the office shut, only when I had got the spare key and logged on I found the email saying the office was shut, worked anyway as 4 of us made it in.

    you need a threaded rod arrangement, when you tighten the thread it raises the panel back, then you could use a long rod with a hook as a winder - similar to a car scissor jack