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    I hope you've got your laptop on a desk or table, gal. So you can sit up pretty straight when using it.

    I'm told some of my back trouble is due to using a laptop in an easy chair, crouching forward to look at it. So for now it's back to the desktop, and when the laptop gets used, it gets put on the desk.

    It's on a tray on my lap, I don't have a desk or table to work at, I have to sit on my bed, but I have special pillows and stuff so I am sitting straight. :)

    Quote from akasha (freecloud)
    Last night I had some stew with minimal, like 2 tiny pieces, of beef in it - I COULDN'T eat it. It actually repulsed me.

    This is how I ended up going vegan again this time. Overnight, the idea of meat just completely turned my stomach.

    Quote from akasha (freecloud)

    I take iron pills daily as I can't afford a weekly 'shop' so cannot access FRESH fruit and veg often. I can only manage a 'shop', if I'm lucky, once a month.

    Instead of iron pills try adding beans and legumes to your diet. Many of them are high in iron, and it is easily absorbed and digestible. Dried beans are also relatively cheap, now. Check the "World Foods" aisle/section for massive bags that will last you ages.

    Quote from akasha (freecloud)

    Is tinned and/or frozen fruit and veg just as good for you as fresh?

    In many instances canned or frozen is actually better for you, because it has more of the nutrients still contained. With fresh there is no indication of how long it is since the item was picked but with frozen it is usually done within hours of picking.

    Quote from akasha (freecloud)

    Also is it easy to shop online and avoid things containing animal 'stuff''??

    Most supermarket websites now have the option to filter with a vegan tag. But it depends what you are buying. Many of the cheap staples (dried pasta, rice, noodles, etc) are vegan (just watch out for egg in pasta and noodles).

    Feel free to DM me for cheap meal ideas if you want. I have quite a small (sometimes non-existent) budget, so totally understand how it can feel overwhelming. :-)

    Does anyone Bullet Journal?

    I've been doing it for about 8 months now, and I love it. Mine looks a bit different from a lot of the ones I see on Instagram, etc because I am not a brilliant artist, and I like to do a daily journal (at night before bed).

    That being said I am really pleased with my October journal. The cover page, and the one other page I did something arty on came out really well. I think I tried a bit harder because my birthday is Halloween, so October feels like my month. lol.

    Please feel free to share layouts, ideas, etc below if you bullet journal too.

    *I can share a short video flip-through of my October layout if anyone would like to see it. :)

    Bright and sunny but freezing (5º) this morning when I was walking the dog. I'm petsitting, somewhere in Warwickshire (I think). I'm about 30 mins outside Tamworth but definitely crosses a county border, I just can't remember which one.

    Hi Folks

    I think being Veggie or Vegan is such an individual choice, I am an Omnivore, I tried being Veggie back in 1991, for nearly a year, my body DID NOT like it at all, i got major indegestion, and felt weak, and ill. My body tells me it needs the protein, I am naturally a big guy and carry a lot of muscle despite being a slob for 10years (Health Pooh), but I really do need the energy from meat, I have tried other sources of protein but non give me that benefit I get from meat

    Have a look for a guy called Hench Herbivore (instagram and Youtube).

    It can be done, and done well. However, if you really feel it wasn't right for you I totally get it. :peaceman: :)

    It's your wedding day.

    You shouldn't be thinking of things you'll regret. If it's something you know you'll regret change it NOW!!

    You could try calling the humanist society (a google search will bring up their website which has lots of useful info on it) and speaking to them, they might be able to offer suggestions which can help.

    Please remember it is your day, and even if you want to keep the peace you need to make it about you and your hubby, and your baby, NOT about the rest of your family.

    *Cannot believe you've got a child and they still don't allow you to share a bed in their house*


    For what its worth my opinion is that there should be proportional representation, so each vote actually counts. If this were the case, and you could actually see that YOUR vote made a 'difference' more people might vote. I also feel there should be a 'none of the above' vote on every ballot that people who dont have faith in any particular party could say so.
    My biggest concern this time around is that due to the media hype around the MP's expenses story, that it will stop people voting due to a lack of confidence in government, and that this will give space for the far right to gain seats.

    And.. the tossers in government who are fiddling expenses... why are so many people so surprised? Politician=corrupt..
    apart from maybe a few...

    I completely agree with both of the above. But I also think we are a long way from those things happenning.

    What I'd like to see is a 'none of the above' box on ballot papers (yeah I know I'm dreaming), but I would also like to be given an IMPARTIAL leaflet on the parties who are standing in my area (something similar to this BBC webpage but printed) these could be sent out with the voting cards.

    I think lots of people don't vote, do it because they have no idea who the parties are or what they stand for. This idea would also, possibly, help with the people who vote for a party because it's who they've always voted for or it's who they're parents vote for, it might just make them think.

    Maybe I'm wishing for a world that doesn't exist, but it would be nice to actually live in a democracy, rather than something pretending to be a democracy.

    Just an update on the Soya Magic. I finally found it in the fridges at the huge Tesco at the other end of the city, the smaller one near me didn't do it, neither did the one in town.

    My verdict is......I prefer the Cafe' Expert. The soya magic is ok and doesn't curdle but has a strange aftertaste which I'm not keen on. So i'll be buying the Cafe' Expert one.

    starpoi - Might be worth asking your hfs (whichever you use most) if they'd be willing to stock it, let them know they can buy it wholesale from Suma (most HFS, in my experience, use Suma for some products), so they might be willing to stock it.

    Let me know how you get on.

    Owl Knees,

    have you considered investing in a slow cooker? (They're about £20).

    When I lived with a house full of omni's it was my savour, I'd get up 15 mins early prep all the ingredients, throw them in the pot and turn it on low, and when I got home 10hrs later I had a yummy stew/soup/curry/etc waiting all I needed to do was something to go with it (usually pasta or bread....I Love my carbs!!).

    I'd definitely recommend getting one.

    Hope things improve for you.

    What is the shop you get it from? Is it the new one by all the Chinese places across the headrow from Vicar Lane?


    Yeah, that's the one. It's not refrigerated, just on the shelf. Near the back of the shop.

    They have some good stuff in there, although I have to look away from the meat chiller :vomit:.

    You should find the relevant info at :)

    I know this isn't the place for this conversation (there's probably another topic somewhere about it).

    If you look at the sources she quotes and read what is said on their websites you'll find it's not as clear cut as you think.

    I'm not buying into either side of the soy argument, I go on personal experience and what info I have from friends family and aquaintances, as well as reading the results of actual studies (and not just articles quoting them). What I've found is that too much of anything can be a bad thing, even too much fruit can cause stomach problems.

    I've had soy from being a baby (I had a severe dairy and egg allergy when I was a baby and when my mum was weaning me from breast milk they had to get a special soy based formula from the GP) and I've grown up fine, no apparent health problems and I would happily feed my kids soy based formula if I couldn't breast feed.

    The other indicator I use is to look at countries where they consume large amounts of soy, and those countries (with the exception of Indonesia and the whole formaldahyde thing) have citizens who have excellent health and are long lived. Their rates of certain diseases has started to increase only since they have become more 'westernised'.

    Ok I've finished now.

    Starpoi...I still haven't found that soya Magic but as soon as I do I will post a review for you.

    Afraid it does. Soy deserts created by destroying rainforest, throwing indigenous people off their land and in some cases killing them, Indentured slavery, air miles, sea miles. And its not good for you. Oat milk is pretty tasty and home grown.

    Have to disagree with part of this, most of the soya grown on deforested (is that a word) land is used as fodder for cattle. But you're completely right about the air miles.

    Have to say I can't drink oat milk, it just tastes like chalky water to me. Soy milk is definately my favourite.

    Starpoi....i was right it is Cafe Expert, they are part of sunrise which is owned by Soya International (, you can buy the stuff wholesale from Suma (…a-drink-8-x-1l-sy039.html) quite useful if you use any other Suma products.

    Ooh do you have brand name for that milk or is it that shop only?

    I'm not online at home, but I'll make a note of it and post next time I'm online. I think it's called Cafe Expert....or something like that but will double check and let you know.

    There's one called Soya Magic that was advertised in the most recent Tesco magazine too, although I couldn't see it at our little Tesco store. Here's the website: they claim theirs doesn't curdle in coffee either, so when I find that one, if it's cheaper I'll give it a try and let you know about that one too.

    I was an Alpro Organic girl but then a new healthfood shop opened in Leeds and they do a specially formulated one which doesn't curdle in coffee (even when cold), and my friends (omni's, who hate that I don't have 'normal' milk) say it tastes better than the other stuff. It is more expensive though buy about 35p........but it's worth it to have coffee without having to heat the milk.

    was just reminded when I went to make some that some brands of instant coffee arent or didnt used to be vegetarian. I would google it but this computer keeps freezing so if anyone wants to find some facts please go ahead, I was told that they used to use gelatine to keep the granules separate. I just noticed that on the morrisons one it has a vegi symbol, not sure about others. they may have changed it now but vegetarian society stall told me this a couple of years ago.

    Oh Goddess!

    That wouldn't even occur to me. *rushes to kitchen to look at coffee jar* Mine's ok. It's Cafe Direct fairtrade one....and it's decaff.

    When I first went veggie (9 years ago) I was shocked that worcestershire sauce wasn't veggie, it has little fishes in. :vomit: I use Henderson's relish now, it's a locally made stuff tastes similar to WS but is vegan. Yummy.

    A smoothie........sometimes made just with fruit, and sometime I'll throw in some leafy greens.........and it always has either nut butter, flax seeds, or oats in. My nutritionist reccomended it.

    I can't cope with solids on a morning. My stomach protests.