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    It shouldn't be too difficult to make the jump from veggie to vegan especially with the amount of alternatives on the market. Obviously there are the milk alternatives:soya,rice etc and apparently some of the new cheeses are really nice.

    You will be lacking in the B vitamins though as animal products have the majority. For example, B12 is from bacteria so cheese is quite a biggy in that department. Your best bet is to have fortified foods like marmite or brewers yeast which have other b vits. added.

    This is basically what you need to be eating (sorry for the obvious!):
    Shit loads of fresh fruit,
    shit loads of fresh/lightly cooked veg,
    nuts & seeds,
    sprouts, sprouts, sprouts! (as in sprouted seeds not brussels although they're good too!)
    Bean Curd (contains iron hurray!)

    A really good way to get all ya amino acids each day is to have a mixture of seeds like sunflower, pumpkin, sesame,linseed,hempseed etc and to crush them up. 1-2 teaspoons a day is enough, chuck 'em in smoothies, cereals etc. I have an addiction currently to rice cakes with tahini, pumpkin seeds and alfalfa sprouts.

    Check out the Vegan Society website, I always find it much more helpful than the Vegetarian Soc's site for nutrition and such.

    Hope that helps a bit! :)

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    Hey, I've posted more in one day than I did in a whole year on HF!!


    so who are the moderators on this?

    *bounce bounce bounce* me me me!!! In a veggie kinda way....shame really 'cos I'm not a forum virgin and I was kinda looking forward to having some kind of virginal status....:cry:

    Oh okay, I see everyone's had their virgin status removed!!! I guess admin know us all too well ;)

    Seeing as every other veg*n forum I've been to have zillions of threads asking for recipes I figured it would make sense to have a static one, our very own UK Hippy cookbook!

    For a quickie then (oo-er!) I'll start with a very basic spinach & mozzarella salad I made this evening:
    Disclaimer: I never use measurements just my judgement!

    Fresh Spinach
    Tomatoes (vine work best)
    Pine kernals
    Fresh Basil
    Olive Oil
    Pine Kernals

    What to do!
    Make the pesto by crushing up the garlic with a pestle & mortar, add the basil and oil, keep pounding until a paste forms then add cheese and pine kernals, pound some more. That's basically it. I also add a splash of lemon juice and black pepper, plus more olive oil!
    Chuck the spinach on a plate, slice the tomatoes and arrange in a stylish fashion (!) on top of the spinach, then add slices of mozzarella and sprinkle with pine kernals. Drizzle with the pesto (or pour in my case!) et voila!

    The pesto can be made in a blender but actually, there's something really nice about making it the ole' fashioned way, Basil is such a gorgeous smelling herb. It's also really nice using home-made pesto to chuck in with some pasta......

    For those vegans out there - does vegan mozzarella taste as good as I've heard it does?

    This is a weird one. Personally I'd rather not take them but then I've never had anything serious enough to worry about. Saying that, I got prescribed Iron tablets by a doctor earlier this year for anaemia that I'd had for about a year and I got about 8 boxes of pills and they bloody had gelatine in them!! It did really piss me off 'cos all doctors involved knew I was veggie, I guess it's not something they think about.

    On the other hand - what if you're veggie for religious reasons? There must be alternatives surely, I may speak to a doctor about it next time I see one (iron tabs still sat in my cupboard....)

    LOL!! Apparently if you're extremely healthy your poo and farts don't smell bad at all! I read it somewhere..........I guess some people are naturally smellier than others too (maybe not quite as scientific as you wanted?!) :insane:

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    anyone else want to join in?

    Oui! Oui! Veggie for 16 years and proud.......I think for me it's the most important issue in my life yet it's so much a part of my life that I forget that people still eat meat!

    I don't get that whole anti-meat substitute thing, the bottom line is; you're not eating meat! Flavourings and texture doesn't mean shit, infact, most of the time meat dishes are flavoured with herbs and sauces anyway so what's the problem?

    I used to really like quorn but now it disturbs me, in a gm kinda Linda Mac sausages though! I'm trying to move away from processed foods so I don't eat too much in the way of meat alternatives and such like, but for the occasional treat - why not? Dok makes a mean veggie burger.....

    Wow, it's quite miraculous to have a decent (relatively ;)) photo of oneself at 14! You would've made my heart flutter then I'd have run away every time I saw you! The joys of youth......