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    I really find it hard to believe that anyone in a supermarket would care what tea you buy. Seriously. And I know many people that drink alcohol and herbal teas!

    If you don't have any issues controlling your drinking, and you drink once a month or less; what are your reasons for giving it up completely? I guess you have to look at how productive each path is, i.e. if you choose to become teetotal then will you struggle with the concept of not allowing yourself to drink? I think you need to be really clear in your mind what you want otherwise it could be counter-productive.

    It was a self portrait,just set the camera on timer and leaped into position!

    That's bloody amazing! The light and shadow are perfect, I seriously thought that you'd been light-adjusted by a photographer :D

    I would assume that they would link your repayments with your income, therefore allowing you to make a small repayment each week/month. It could well be that this is a standard initial letter and it's down to you to sort it out. With regards to demanding the money off you, as long as you're willing to repay it, then they haven't got a leg to stand on, even if it is a fiver a month. Don't let them scare you!

    Have you thought about a cake stall at a market first? It's a great way to learn the basics before committing to bricks and motar.

    Great idea, obviously it would be a good idea to make lots of gluten free cake and I'm sure we could manage to help out in the testing department ;)

    There are some really good business forums out there that would be worth checking out - they'll draw attention to stuff you haven't even thought of and from what I've seen, most people will be very honest with their advice e.g. if you're willing to trade your son for a lease, they're likely to advise against it :D

    I would seriously suggest getting some capital behind you, you'll need it. Banks are pretty tough with lending currently so even if you have a decent business plan; you'll probably need to have some assets as a guarantee.

    If you're buying an existing cafe be completely thorough with the available business accounts, get them checked over by an accountant if you can, look for hidden problems and be careful what you're buying! Try to get them spanning back a few years too so you can look for trends. Look at location, other businesses surrounding the area, who your customer base are and how much room for growth there is.

    Starting from scratch will be expensive. You'll need to make sure a premises has the right planning for a food (can't remember the correct term), and you'll need to know your health and hygiene!

    I've also just discovered a couple of websites that are geared towards starting up a cafe so it looks like there's loads of help out there.

    My 3 tips: Start small; keep staff costs down and be aware of VAT.

    I think to hate someone would mean a lack of forgiveness or letting go.
    some people say they "hate" margaret thatcher or the queen or ian brady or fred west, but they hate the image or the idea of that person, but most likely they dont know very intimately the actual person behind the name.

    I'm curious to know if my idea of hate is somehow different to others definition of the word.

    I think I agree with you, I also think if you can feel so strongly as to hate someone that there are issues there to address. There are certainly people I have strongly disliked, but hatred? No, not even those who have done me wrong. I guess in some ways the word 'hate' can be used in the heat of the moment, but if thought about, the usage is probably incorrect. I certainly don't believe that hate is the opposite of love either.

    I think too many people see having children as a 'right' and it's still very much the expected thing to do. I've seen so many new couples have babies too soon in their relationship and have watched the relationships fall apart leaving the child growing up with one parent. I've seen so many separated couples stuggle over putting the childs needs first, it's disgusting. Too many people just don't think about the long haul. And similar to the chocolate comment, an old neighbour of mine (white English) was married to a Nepalese man, when she had a baby she said to me (a neighbour, not even a friend) "I was hoping he (the baby) would've been darker skinned" :eek: She'd been with her partner for 7 years, but left him when their child was a year old. It really made me think that she'd only been with him so she could have an 'ethnic' child.

    I'm 37 and I'm fed up of being asked if I'm going to have children, and feeling like others might think I'm lying if I say probably not. I love kids but that doesn't mean I should be a parent. I've thought long and hard about it since I was about 20, I know my own mind.

    I wish more people would think about fostering or adopting rather than just popping out kids that carry their genes. There are so many unwanted kids in this world.

    on a field trip last week, we were walking the entire morning, no where to sit down, weren't allowed to take food with us (for health and safety) and no where to go toilet! I was seriously lagging and sat on the floor and someone got pissy with me and said 'you're not disabled, your legs still work' and it upset me a lot, so I don't complain, but then I don't want to harm baby either, or fail my degree!

    Katie you have to start speaking up - there's a difference between complaining for she sake of it and actually having concerns about your welfare and that of your child. You're carrying and nuturing another being inside of you - that takes it's toll. Where's your fire woman?! If you saw someone in your situation being treated that way, would you speak up?

    Now obviously, this shows in my personality. My old friends keep telling me that I've changed for the worse because I don't feel anything.

    I feel its a good thing because I feel happy for a change.

    Right there you've contradicted yourself. Do you really not feel anything? How can you feel happy?

    The thing is, we all have emotions and emotional responses - we are emotional beings. Letting go of 'negative' stuff can be good as long as you really are letting go and not just surpressing the emotion or exploring what's behind it. There's actually not much wrong with the 'negative' emotions as long as you don't dwell on them and can process them. It's ok to feel sad, or to feel angry, or vulnerable or whatever. The important thing is to understand what's underlying those feelings and to work on changing yourself where possible.

    Closing off your emotions will eventually stop you functioning properly and could send you back to a state of depression or lead to illness in other ways. It will prevent you from becoming a whole person and losing yourself.

    What is it about yourself and/or your life that is leading your happiness?

    It would depend on the situation. I'm not around children very much but I've had to give a firm-voiced comment to children is situations such as being in a cafe where a child on another table has reached over to my food/hot drink or even knife and the parents haven't taken any notice. So situations where a child could potentially hurts themselves or cause damage. I've been in situations where I've wanted someone else to say something to someone else! My old neighbour had a few people over one afternoon. A woman was there with her 2 very spoilt girls who were spitting chocolate out of the floor and she did nothing! If that was my house I'd have said something to the kids and then had a few words with the mother! That kind of behaviour is totally unacceptable.

    If it was me, I'd keep focussing on the fact that she's a "big girl" and how positive that is, pushing it in different aspects of her everyday routine (I'm sure you're doing this already).

    I'd add that you could use some kind of reward chart with her - every time she takes a mouthful of food she gets a star, 10 stars gets a treat etc. Kids push boundaries and go through phases, not pandying to her and not making a big deal out of it will help out in other areas too.

    Ok you body experts, can I have some advice? I'm not interested in dieting but I could do with some help re working out. Having just joined the gym, I have a mixed hour-long routine with cardio and resistance work. I struggle with knowing what's best to eat beforehand as my muscles can feel really tired and sometimes I get a bit lightheaded. This is where I find the coeliac disease limiting because I struggle with filling foods unless I'm having a meal (which I don't want if I'm going during the day). My sugar level drops quite quickly so even having a banana half an hour beforehand doesn't seem to help.

    I had stage 2 pre-cancerous cells, had a coloscopy and later had the cells removed. Neither were anything to worry about (although the latter was uncomfortable, but 8 injections soon put a stop to that :p).

    Do you have a family planning or well woman clinic near you? I'd be surprised if you couldn't have a smear done there.

    I am thinking of my self honest it's just I worry about Lee I can't help it


    But I am concentrating on getting myself sorted and happy

    Lee will be fine once you do the latter. Of course it will be hard for him but stability is the key.

    I'm sorry to hear that link was outdated, there must be other support networks out there, that was the first website I found on a Google search.